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Old 1 Week Ago #41
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2018
Posts: 120

Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
destruction of USA is likelier to be financial more than anything, i mean what ultimately brings it down. listen and read the more intelligent financial people, they pretty much say the same thing. it's one thing to lie in media and schools, you can keep that up indefinitely. but when you fake money, eventually it's going to crash. they've now quantitatively eased so many trillions, they owe so much, that they've put themselves in a corner. something has to give. it may take another 20 or 50 years but the reckoning is coming - financially.

it's interesting - for people who have money, i would have to think the US is becoming an increasingly unattractive place to live

you can see the future in cortez - deeply stupid and greedy. you cant make a first world, serious country out of alleged people like cortez
that's why they need to control the oil.

petro dollar. if the rest of the world needs dollars to buy oil , then they will always have a place to sell their dollars.

if it hadn't been for niggers bankrupting and destroying everything, we wouldn't need to fight these wars for oil, because our currency would still be solid. our manufacturing wouldn't have ever left.

it was well intentioned benevolence for niggers. as Freud said, it was noble. I agree. but is it noble to watch them exterminate us?

give them tens of millions of jobs and their gratitude is ruining white people's lives
Old 1 Week Ago #42
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2018
Posts: 120

the money and wealth niggers have actually destroyed isn't ever actually really calculated.

the depreciation of all those neighborhoods, plus the bailout of their defaulted mortages.

and the banks try to recoup the investments by sucking whites dry. blacks declare bankruptcy, while whites get foreclosed on.

white males are committing suicide by the hundreds of thousands, if you count those fentanyl /heroin 'overdoses'. how many of those were really suicides?

and it's because these fucking corporations are under orders not to hire whites, and hire all blacks. it's a fact jack, it's really happening.

how many factories in inner cities?

study Walmart, Walmart became greatest store in history by avoiding nigger areas.

Sam Walton did this on purpose , because he knew the #1profit destroyer was employee theft.

Niggers loot any company they can, they are like dumber versions of the jew, who steal 'legally' everything from the corporations.

but jews like this because it means nobody can really ever have a successful business. Unless they actually massively cleverly subsidized by the masonic banks.

it's evil yes, but it's so mindblowingly stupid. it's illogical, our whole system is completely irrational, it is all driven by malevolent jealousy of whites. and despisement of their weakness and kindness and docility,

they hate that Smirk on Nick Sandman's face. that's why they hate you. because your'e smiling. because you're happy, and they're not.

they want to see fear on your faces,they want to see submission. they want to feel dominant.
Old 1 Week Ago #43
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2018
Posts: 120

it is definitely a horrible thing to realize, that we have to exterminate most of the black race worldwide. it is not something anyone wants to think about. or accept.

no decent person wants to. but niggers are not decent people, and obviously have no problem doing it to us. with their raping cocks or however it comes about, what difference does it make.

but for women, and most men they will side with whoever is winning the war at the moment.

you know if Trump nuked millions of niggers , 90% of whites would be naming their kids 'Trump, Trumpetta, etc' but as long as niggers are the biggest baddest guy in the room, they will literally suck them off til reinforcements arrive.


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