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Old December 28th, 2021 #1
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Default Washed up ex-Baywatch skank goes full mask Karen and allegedly assaults 80-year old

Footage appears to show Cornwall, also known as Patty Breton, arguing with an elderly man on the jet, TMZ reports.

The actress allegedly hit the passenger during their spat.

In the footage, the woman identified by police as Cornwall orders the man to put his mask on.

The passenger, who is only identified in the criminal complaint as RSM, responded: “I’m eating and I can do it with my mask off.”

He adds: “Do you want me to pour this over your head Goddammit.”

Both Cornwall and the 80-year-old appear to have their masks below their mouths, according to the footage.
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covidiot, mask retard, patricia cornwall, used up skank


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