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Old October 9th, 2007 #61
William Robert
Join Date: Dec 2003
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Default White Freedom Party

A group of people who yearn for freedom.

White People who yearn for freedom.

We are out-numbered.

We are out-financed.

and we are out-jewed.

But we yearn for freedom.

Will we lay down?

Will we give up?

Will we dissolve into the Jewish Race mixing brown Sludge?

Or will we do something entirely different?

Will we revolt?

Will we destroy?

and will we Conquer?

The White Freedom Party means many things to many people.

It means Freedom for many people.

If we don't have our freedom,

You can be sure, you will not have yours.

We demand our freedom.

If we are not free,

the World will burn.

Simple Deal.

Free us,

or Burn.

The Kikes have been threatening whites with Nuclear Blackmail for Decades.

It's time those Filthy Lying Blackmailing whores pay the Ultimate price.

They need to experience what they have been threatening to the rest of us.

Perhaps Russia and Iran could provide a Remedy.

White Freedom or Else.
Old October 9th, 2007 #62
Join Date: Feb 2005
Location: Somewhere between lost & found traveling @ a high rate of speed.
Posts: 1,256
Default Christian Identity, White Nationalism and Racial Realpolitic

Christian Identity, White Nationalism and Racial Realpolitic


Part One

Perhaps I should take credit for Patricia Neill’s interest in Christian Identity.

This May and June I was locked in a propaganda war with Red Mike Vanderboegh and a group of criminal regimeist fascistfeebs known as the Tri-States Militia/Coalition. At that time I was interested in blunting and turning the struggles of the militia-general infilltraitors who infest the movement engaged in a propaganda war against both the New and Old Resistance which has is overwhelmingly White Nationalist in politics and Christian Identity in religious doxology. It is both these enemies and supporters of the Resistance who understand the implications of Christian Identity as a theology underpinning what is the political and racial movement of White Nationalism. This religion and this political movement dedicate themselves to the death and destruction of the current criminal regime known as the "Zionist Occupational Government."

Now this struggle between Revolutionaries and regimeists was decidedly not a pretty one. In short order I was kicked off a militia mail-list run by one of a nest of infilltraitors for the purpose of defending Red Mike, and upon further engagement of hostilities uncovered a whole swarm of criminal regimeist infilltraitors known as the Tri- States Coalition which contained sizable elements of the infamous Tri-States Militia (which had set up one Crazy Willie Lampley). I gave rather colorful nicknames to this nest of infilltraitors such as "Ed-the-FiBbIe-Dog" or the "AwfulBitchHyena" or "Obergruppenshiessenkopfenfascistfeebfuhrer Johnstone." But some of their under-lying sympathizers were unearthed and pelted with dung as well: i.e., Capt’n CONstitution Roland and Mild Bill Uttercrock. For which I make no apologies.

You see, Red Mike’s regimeist propaganda offensive was inevitable: The open militia movement which Red Mike infiltrated was now a stagnant pool gone dry, with nothing but carp such as the militia generals and their infilltraitors flopping and gasping for air. The former militia troops had gone underground in cells of Leaderless Resistance. Resistance agitators and writers were aboveground, forming lines of communication, intelligence networks, and propaganda mills, the better to discomfit a hypocritical criminal regime which pretends to be a free- speech republic. So Red Mike found it necessary as a criminal regimeist infilltraitor who was fast becoming irrelevant to try to make the Resistance look like a "right- wing socialist" conspiracy against an admittedly foundering corrupt criminal regime. After all, since Resistance is no longer futile -- why, it must be Nazi!

( On both religious and political grounds the Resistance, both Old and New abominates socialism. Socialism is a political movement grounded on the political belief that it requires a fascist state to take from each according to his ability to give to each according to his need. A Resistance organization is based upon "Resistance" to any form of government which proposes to take from the productive to give to the pro-regimeist parasitic. A Christian Identity believer finds socialism abhorrent because it (1) sets up a criminal regime as the state-god, as opposed to worship of both the LORD and Christ; (2) the criminal regime’s edicts are almost always ungodly; and (3) the implementers of this form of government are usually ‘Jews’ a.k.a. Satan-spawn Khazars, such as Marx, and Bolshevik Jews such as Lenin, Trotsky, Zinovev, etc. who usually put into practice genocide of White Christians faster than such can say, "Crucify HIM! Crucify HIM! We have no god but Caesar!" )

Now in this necessary struggle, I found support for what had to be done only from the White Nationalist and Christian Identity Resistance elements and from Mr. Mike Kemp and Patricia Neill (who are not White Nationalist or CI -- at this time). Mr. Kemp alerted me to one of the Tri- Stater hangers-on, one Ken-the-Snitch McWilliams, as failing his Kemp’s Voice Stress Analysis test and having subsequently confessed to being a fedrule informant.

Now of course I was dismissed as a lunatic by the CONstitutionalidolators, which was to be expected, since they spend their days bewailing the death of their Tammuz -- the lead-calf of CONstitutionalism -- the worship of politicians absolutely beyond any accountability for their actions because of their election by the practice of anonymously counting a majority of human herd animals’ snouts corralled forward on certain Tiws’days.

Even more disgusting were the outraged bellows from the outraged professional LibberToon Writer’s Guild, who could not stomach REAL revolutionary activity. While they may write all manner of blood-thirsty shit supporting Revolution, when it comes down to it they think revolutions should not be made by revolutionaries who are not ‘nice guys.’ Thus the Resistance should be excluded because it is full of Christian Identity and White Nationalists because "Nice guys are not ‘anti-semites’ or ‘racists.’"

Nice guys not only finish last, dead, and dead-last, but they make piss-pore revolutionists. Somehow I just simply cannot imagine those who hate ZOG and the ZOG-Hogs putting up another penny of tax-tribute to aid the further dispossession of Palestinians from their own country, re- ratifying NAFTA nor encouraging mass immigration to further swamp White America.

So I trashed out these Establishment ’Toon Writers who refused to ratify that which they had formerly preached, the talkers of talk but non-walkers of the walk, and proceeded onwards.


So what is the basis for Christian Identity? Very simply it is the racial identity of White Christians. And getting beyond the squabbles over which tribe is which modern nationality, it is the identification of the White Nationalities as being one of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. Another name for these nationalities is Christian Israel.

Thus this belief that they are the Children of Israel displaces the usurped claims of those who say they are Jews -- but are not -- as which exact race is indeed of the seed of Abraham, and thus the just beneficiaries to be the LORD’s Chosen People. Thus this belief is religiously explosive, which means it is politically explosive as well.

Christian Identity is further split into two differing beliefs as well. One, the more moderate, is the "Covenant" belief, which believes that the LORD has a covenant with Abraham’s seed through Israel as being the Chosen People. Those who say they are ‘Jews’ but are not are just parasitic hangers-on who have infested Israel since the days of Israel’s son Judah, who took a Canaanite wife who bore the odious Er, Onan (from which comes onanism as a term for masturbation), and Shelah. Since the LORD slew Er and Onan, the mongrel get of Shelah became the first ‘Jews.’ Judah’s daughter-in-law, Tamar, through a process of harlotry became Judah’s wife and bore twin sons named Pharez and Zerah (and for those of Irish descent, the start of the famous ‘Red Hand of Ulster’). However, upon the deportation of the Israelites by the Assyrians, the Assyrians imported the Samaritans, who claimed to be Jews whenever convenient, but were despised by those Jews of pure lineage. (Hence the parable of the ‘Good Samaritan’ who nursed back to health a Judean whom his brother Saducees and Pharisees left to die by the side of the ditch.) And after the scattering of the Judeans and Samaritans by the Roman Empire in AD 70, a new thirteenth tribe of Turkic-Mongolians known as the Khazars converted to the Pharisaic ‘traditions of men’ in the 8th Century A.D. The father of the Khazars was Chazar, grandson of Gog and grand-nephew of Magog. Thus Covenant CI doxology says that those who call themselves Jews are the descendants of both Ham through Canaan (who was cursed for homosexually raping Noah while he was drunk after the flood) and Japheth, who took black and yellow wives respectively, while Shem the eldest son of Noah and beneficiary of the birthright was married to a white woman. Noah was of pure generation from the line of Seth from Adam, and thus a world-wide flood finished off all humans except eight people; Noah, his three sons, and their wives.

It is thus White Israel who thus have the Covenant, the Birthright, and are the true Chosen People of the LORD. Most certainly not impostors and usurpers of mongrel ancestry who claim to be Jews -- but are NOT!

There is a second doxology of Christian Identity known as Dual-Seedline. Seedline CI believes that there were humanoid animals before the creation of Adam who became the blacks, and the other races. Adam, then Eve were created, and the illicit union of Satan and Eve’s beguiling became Cain, who was the literal son of Satan. Thus a Dual- Seedline of the Sons of Man and the sons of Satan came into being. Since the Flood was but a local occurrence, the seedline of Satan as well as the ‘beasts of the field’ survived. Thus Jews are the literal seed of Satan, and it has been a literal war-to-the-death between the sons of Satan and the sons of God ever since.

The Covenant CI believers tend to be more ‘moderate’ than the Dual-Seedline CI believers, believing that the purpose of the devout is to bear witness and be martyrs to Christ. The Seedline CI adherents wish to carry on the armed struggle which they believe has been going on since the days of Adam and Eve.

( I myself am by religious teaching a Covenant CI believer, having undergone said instruction from 12 to 21 years of age in Herbert Armstrong’s Worldwide Church of God. This religious organization is now split up into six or more factions all embracing a different degree of fundamentalism from the Church’s heyday in the late ’50’s to the mid-70’s. The parent faction now practices a watered-down secularized version as revealed by the son of a church bureaucrat who took over upon Herbert Armstrong’s death in the mid-80’s.)

It is the Seedline doctrine which is the paramount doxology in the Resistance, because carrying on an armed struggle against the seedline of Satan is far more of a typical Resistance activity than is mere praying for Christ’s Second Coming. Therefore they are utterly unreconcilable to a criminal regime associated with the anti- Christ, equating surrender as equivalent to support of Satan. Resistance activity is akin to godliness. Seedline Christian Identity thus cannot be anything other than hostile to a criminal regime which is regarded as a Zionist/Jew Occupational Government. There is a basis in Seedline CI doxology advancing religious civil warfare against the Babylonian Mystery Religion and Satans-spawn which might well make the Protestant Reformation look like an Easter Sunday picnic.

So having indentified the religious combatantants, let us now look at the interacting secular doxology of the Resistance -- White Nationalism.

Old December 3rd, 2007 #63
William Robert
Join Date: Dec 2003
Posts: 1,911
Blog Entries: 3
Default Apparantly, the Obvious Solution is this!

Our dedicated people need to start paying Big Jew

a Big dedicated Personal Visit.

We know where,


and why

they live.

Every single one of them.

They think they are protected,


and invulnerable.

We know better.

Because of the havoc they have wreaked on our people,

they need to feel our pain.

They will feel our pain.

The pain that they have caused

through their greedy, selfish, and unjust usury,

political corruption,

and Sexual Immorality.

Deep inside,

They know the punishment they deserve.

They fear us.

They know they are within our reach,

and they know they are in our sight.

How much longer will they wait

for their frightening night of atonement?

For us,

With a police state encroaching near

There is no time for fear.

We have nothing to lose,

(except our misery),

and Everything to gain.

They will lose everything,

They will lose the power and control

they wield through their worthless jewish money,

and they will lose the negative and Damning influence

their FRNs have had over our lives.

Jewish bankers,

their collaborators,

and their supporters

need to be held accountable!

The price to be paid is high,

and the debt is long overdue.

Our people have had enough.

The solution is...

Justice to the Jew!

Justice to the Jew!

Justice to the Jew!
Old December 5th, 2007 #64
Ty Grant
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Ty Grant
Default Ron Paul Video

This is a video by I think ron paul supporters if not the Ron Paul People them selves... very neat..

All this information submitted here is so unique and valuable, I thank all who know this and take the time to empower me and Whites...
Old December 6th, 2007 #65
Ty Grant
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Ty Grant
Default Great music

sorry bout posting this here, but.....

oh the hate, hate, the hate
Old February 12th, 2008 #66
William Robert
Join Date: Dec 2003
Posts: 1,911
Blog Entries: 3
Default A Step in the Right Direction: Time is of the Essence

Old March 15th, 2008 #67
William Robert
Join Date: Dec 2003
Posts: 1,911
Blog Entries: 3
Default Top economist Jim Rogers says "Abolish the FED"
Old March 23rd, 2008 #68
William Robert
Join Date: Dec 2003
Posts: 1,911
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Default "Abolish the Fed" is getting more and more attention.

March 20th Mainstream Television Discusses Abolishing the Fed

Old September 12th, 2008 #69
William Robert
Join Date: Dec 2003
Posts: 1,911
Blog Entries: 3
Default THe Only Real solution is to hold the guilty criminals accountable.

The Hammer of Thor needs to be wielded by the children of the Earth once again. When this happens the world will change. We need to bring the murderers to justice and enforce the will of the people. The slave-masters of the so-called "new world order" must die.

Someone around these parts once said,

"Nothing will change until we start killing Jews."

Perhaps that is where it starts.

The jews have been murdering us morning, noon, and night. Is it time the jews get a taste of their own medicine? Is what's good for the goose, truly good for the gander? Time will tell.

When Mc-Jew-Cain drafts your sons and daughters to be slaughtered in the coming Jew wars, will you decide enough is enough?

When will enough be enough?

When will you decide?

When will you say, "NO MORE"?
Old September 24th, 2008 #70
William Robert
Join Date: Dec 2003
Posts: 1,911
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Default Thanks Billy!!

Death to the Bankers
by Banjo_Billy

There are all kinds of political slogans. All of them are designed to put a message into the empty noggins of as many people as possible. And when the message is received and the People become enlightened, then action is taken and political change occurs. Small wonder that the Enemies of Mankind always try to monopolize the Media so that these slogans are muffled and their own slogans and messages go out to deceive the world and to betray the People.

In modern times, these Deceivers have promoted their own slogans such as "Free Trade" or "Normal Business Cycle" or "We are all Immigrants" in order to put false ideas into the empty noggins of the people who trust them and believe their words.

For example, in 1914, the bankers promised that if we gave them the authority to loan us back our own money at interest, that they would make sure that there would never be any bank failures or inflations or depressions. After all, they assured us, politicians cannot be trusted with printing money but only bankers who understand how to filch the smallest farthing should have such power. And so, the empty noggins on Capital Hill believed that the world's greediest and most ruthless people could be entrusted with our wealth and gave to the bankers the Federal Reserve Banking Swindle, the world's biggest cash cow, for their very own.

It took only fifteen years for the bankers to get all of the kinks ironed out and the Federal Reserve Banking System working smoothly. Then, once they were confident that all was in place, they and their relatives on Wall Street engineered the Stock Market Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression. During the Great Depression, as millions of people starved and were thrown into poverty, the bankers grew fat and were able to buy cheap factories and businesses so that their extended families could also make a lot of money once they had brought them all over as "oppressed immigrants" from Eastern Europe. Once the factories were safely in the hands of their relatives, the bankers put those factories to work making their relatives rich with war material for World War Two.

After all, nothing makes money for a banker better than a war. Unless, of course, it's two wars, or three or more than three. Korea, Vietnam, and the present, unending war against the enemies of Israel do nothing but makes money. Yes, wars kill and maim millions of people and cause unimaginable suffering, but they are really wonderful money-makers for the bankers and their relatives in manufacturing and retail. Oy, such profits, you wouldn't believe!

Such wars were never designed to be won and an end put to the alleged "causes" for such wars because wars that are never won must forever be fought. And unending wars create unending profits for those greedy and ruthless monsters on Wall Street and the bloated creatures counting their profits in the banks.

Presently, the bankers have been able to blackmail and bribe the treasonous Congressmen into allowing them to rape and pillage the People and to destroy our country. After all, when the People realize that we are being defrauded, we tend to become agitated towards those who defraud us. So, to make sure that the bankers are safe, the bribed politicians promote the immigration of foreigners to dispossess us of our country just as the bankers have dispossessed us of our wealth. After the bankers have shipped our manufacturing overseas at great profit to themselves, and after they have foreclosed our homes since we no longer have jobs to pay the mortgage, the next step is to sell the foreclosed homes to the foreigners whom the bankers have made wealthy by giving them our jobs.

But these schemes become unraveled because the huge amounts of money that the bankers claim exist in the country, in fact, are merely delusions of a banker's account ledger. If you charge fifty percent interest on a dollar, that makes a dollar fifty. Even though the dollar exists, the interest does not exist. It is nothing but a banker's creation through accounting trickery. The same is true with the trillions of dollars allegedly in circulation today. Most of this money does not, in fact, exist because it is only an entry in an account book but not real money.

And so, how can a banker sell the empty houses that he has swindled from the People if there is not enough money to buy them? The People can't buy them because we have no jobs. Our jobs were sent off to India and China and Mexico and every other place where the bankers and their relatives could profit from cheap labor. And so, our houses are sold to the fully-employed foreigners and immigrants who can afford to buy them, at interest, from the bankers because the bankers gave them our jobs.

But even so, the account books claim that the country owes the bankers a lot more money than really exists because interest-on-a-loan always creates the impression that more money is owed than was borrowed. And when that interest is compounded, the mere numbers exponentially make the false claim that everything in the world is owed to the bankers and that we are in debt to them. Like a magic-wand that gives its possessor the whole world, interest-on-a-loan gives the bankers (in theory and on paper) all of our wealth for free. And for the bankers to get our wealth, all we have to do is agree that his swindles are honest and that we are in his debt.

So, what is a poor, starving banker to do when he "owns" more houses than he can sell to foreigners? What is he to do as these homes are quickly being destroyed as the dispossessed, homeless and starving street people squat in them and tear them apart? The quick solution to this emergency of the bankers not having enough money, is to have the tax payers whom the banker has betrayed, buy them.

And so you see, our present "credit crises" can very easily be solved by giving our tax money to the bankers so that they can fill their vaults with the real dollars that their ledger books say should actually be there. Make no mistake; this is not "creative book keeping" at all. This is out-and-out larceny. The Congress-critters know it but their own mortgages are owned by the bankers so they are all in favor of offering us up to Molach to save themselves.

Those grinning, smiling politicans know that they are going to give the bankers and the Wall Street swindlers 700 billion of our dollars just so that these rich thieves can continue to fly their Leer jets and vacation in their Swiss chalets and Riviera resorts. But to make us all agree to the swindle and to not vote the politicians out for treason or to shoot them, they are pretending to wring their hands and beat their breasts over "how" to give the bankers our money. The question is not "should" they betray us to the swindling bankers and Wall Street vampires but "how" can they betray us. And once our money is given to those vultures, we are assured that it will be "business as usual" and that the "crises has passed" and that a "new business cycle" will begin as the bankers continue to defraud us of our property, betray us to our enemies and dispossess us of our lands.

Do the bankers sit by and let the politicians decide their fate? Do they let the wheels of politics and democracy turn with solid verity? Of course not! They are bankers and thieves. They are not about to let a politician decide the fate of the People when they can add a bit of blackmail to the mix. And so, to make sure that the politicians hurry up and give them 700 billion dollars with no strings attached, the bankers make their great threat. They play their ace-in-the-hole. They up the ante and tell you they aren't bluffing.

Remember when the bankers promised that there would never be a depression if we gave them the power to loan us back our own money at interest? Remember that almost as soon as they got the Federal Reserve Banking Act approved, they threw us into the Great Depression? So, are the bankers today nicer than the ones who controlled the FED in 1929? No, because this time they are threatening the politicans with this ace-in-the-hole: "Give us 700 billion dollars for free or we will cause another Great Depression."

And so, we are back at full circle with our money teetering on the brink of total loss on one side and another Great Depression on the other side. Only this time, there is one difference that the bankers did not foresee. In 1929, they enjoyed the fruits of their swindles with their Rolls-Royces, mansions, Charleston-dancing flappers, bootleg liquor, European vacations and Cuban cigars. But now in 2008, there is a slogan than will stop them just like a steel trap stops a rat.


Grafitti this on the walls of every bank. Slap this on bumper stickers on every car. Tattoo this on the forehead of every politician you can tie-up and torture. Brand this in fear over the heart of every banker in the land. A slogan is just some empty words that put ideas into the minds of empty noggins. But once a few empty noggins are filled with illuminating light, actions occur and the world is changed. It doesn't take much to make the world a better place. Anyone can do it. It may be a long road that a banker walks on his way to the scaffold, but every road starts with just one step. And you, yes YOU! You can help a banker on his way. Start with just one slogan spray-painted today.

Old November 16th, 2008 #72
William Robert
Join Date: Dec 2003
Posts: 1,911
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Default Here's a solution. Tell the I.R.S. to go to hell.

Zionist Extortion


The income tax is a Zionist extortion racket.

The "Internal Revenue Service" is a collection agency for the private, profit-making corporation that calls itself the Federal Reserve System. The fools who still send money to this private company can prove this by examining the backs of their cancelled checks to the IRS. It will say "Pay to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York." It doesn't say, "Pay to the US Treasury Department." Why do you suppose that is? Your hard-earned money goes to a private company that has never been audited, that was created by foreigners for their own gain.

Naturally, awareness of the nature of this extortion has increased and millions of Americans don't bother to file the fake paperwork demanded by these creatures and their running dogs in the IRS. So the Zionist Jews are getting mad, as we see in this official document from the "Department of Justice" an official statement in the name of a Nathan J. Hochman, the Tax Division's assistant attorney general. Hochman is, of course, a Jew. The tone of this official document borders on hysteria:


...the tax defier is someone who rejects the legal foundation of the tax system, despite decades of legal precedent upholding the system's constitutional and statutory validity, and who takes specific and concrete action to violate the law.

"Tax Defier." Sound familiar? Rhymes with "Holocaust Denier." Tax Defier makes tax rebellion a hate crime with special circumstances. They hate defiance against their demands.

Tax Defier. That's me, except I'm not selling anything other than revolution, so maybe I don't actually qualify as the sort of con-man Hochman wants you to associate with his smear job. No * I'm something totally different. I think we need to take the IRS on.

And they've threatened each and every one of us. The IRS is the terror arm of the government. It's time to face this ugly fact and deal with it.

I've been preaching revolution for a long time. A real revolution * not the sort that replaces the British royal tyranny with an American Masonic tyranny, nor the sort that replaces a Czar with a Zionist tyranny, nor the sort that replaces a harmless king with a "Committee of Public Safety" that cut off everyone's head.

I'm talking about a revolution against the rulers of this country, represented by the Zionist organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Federal Reserve, the Anti-Defamation League and the Department of Justice, to name a few.

Organizations too powerful for the ordinary course of judicial proceedings, as I have written over and over. They have to be destroyed before we can ever gain control of our lives, our savings, our future and our dignity.

Not regain * gain. We've never had any control of any aspect of our lives as long as we've been alive. And we never will unless we do this. Another organization that we should destroy is the Internal Revenue Service.

What will a real revolution produce for us? It will remove the scum who have sucked us dry for as long as we've been alive. Imagine a country with no such Zionist Jewish influence, no obscene poison in our entertainment, no more countless billions in "foreign aid" to Israel and all the other countries, no more kosher food tax, no more illegal Mexicans plaguing us and consuming our savings, no more Chinese junk products made by slaves, no more jobs sent overseas, no more Federal Reserve Notes and paying interest to the Jewish Federal Reserve to borrow our OWN currency. And of course, no more Zionist income tax. The government at all levels will have to shrink drastically to the point where it hardly exists and where it must exist it will live in fear of us, the opposite of what we have now, thanks almost entirely to these people.

The key is to tie the IRS and the income tax to the big-timers who gave it to us and to the little ones - such as Cohen and Hochman - who threaten us with being gang-raped and maimed and murdered in prison. That's how they run the IRS racket, with our fear of their prisons. So, let's not be afraid and let's get with a new program: Connect the hated income tax to its operators. This will eventually do two things: it will destroy the IRS and it will create hatred of illicit Zionist, Dual-Citizen Power. Hatred of evil is a good thing. Destroying evil is even better.
Old November 20th, 2008 #73
William Robert
Join Date: Dec 2003
Posts: 1,911
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Default Will we end the Fed?

End The Fed--End Wall St Bankster Rule--End The Derivatives Depression

The November 22 End the Fed rallies raise a vital issue: it is past time to abolish the unconstitutional, illegal, and failed institution known as the Federal Reserve System, the privately owned central bank which has been looting and wrecking the US economy for almost a hundred years. We must end a system where unelected, unaccountable cliques of bankers and financiers loyal to names like Morgan, Rockefeller, and Mellon set interest rates and money supply behind closed doors, leading to de-industrialization, mass impoverishment, and a world economic and financial depression of incalculable severity. The Fed helped cause the crash of 1929, did nothing to stop the banking panic of 1932-33, and is the main cause of the $1.5 QUADRILLION derivatives crisis which is devastating the world. The Federal Reserve System is Wall Street's murder weapon against the United States, and the Fed must be stopped.

The purpose of abolishing the Fed is to get re-industrialization, economic modernization, full employment, and rising standards of living for all the people. Contrary to monetarist fetishes, the value and soundness of currency in the modern world are determined by the ability of a national economy to produce physical commodities that the rest of the world wants to buy. The decline of the dollar has its roots in the wanton destruction of the US industrial base initiated by the Trilateral administration of Jimmy Carter and Feds boss Paul Adolph Volcker with his 22% prime rate. Over the past forty years, the US standard of living has declined by two thirds, and the country has become a post-industrial rubble field, a moonscape monument to the folly of a post-industrial service economy. If you want to go back to sound money, you must gear up modern industrial production so that the world will need dollars to buy goods manufactured in this country. No amount of gold will do the trick.

Gold has a critical role to play in a new international currency system, but returning to a gold coin standard would create the most ferocious deflation of all time. Got any credit card debt? If you do, a gold coin standard would make it infinitely harder to ever pay it off. You would be slaving for the rest of your life to pay off a $5,000 credit card balance, or less.

The United States is blessed by the world's greatest tradition of economics, the American System of political and national economy. Contrary to monetarist mythology, the American System never had anything to do with free trade or "free markets." It is a tradition of protectionism, mercantilism, and dirigism. It starts with Governor Winthrop of Massachusetts Bay in the 1600s, who promoted industry and launched a sovereign currency. Benjamin Franklin, the founder of the post office, was another dirigist. George Washington was always devoted to infrastructure projects, and Alexander Hamilton created the First Bank of the United States, without which the new nation would have collapsed into poverty, chaos, and a return of British monetarist rule. The Second BUS was created by James Madison, again to ward off chaos. Henry Clay coined the term of The American System, and it meant a national bank, a protective tariff, and national infrastructure financed by the federal government. Daniel Webster tried to create a third BUS, and when he fell short the slide into slave power and civil war resulted. Friedrich List, Matthew Carey, Henry Carey, and Justin Morrill were American System economists who influenced or advised Lincoln. The rise of the US as the world's greatest industrial power came thanks to a protective tariff and a controlled currency, the greenbacks. When Wall Street imposed the Cross of Gold, the American System tradition was continued by the Populist Party. The New Deal, the fruit of mass struggles and the rise of the labor movement, provided a way out of the Herbert Hoover depression by forcing the Morgan-controlled Fed to knuckle under to the FDR presidency. JFK tried to revive the New Deal and break the power of the Fed, and was assassinated by the financiers with the help of the CIA.

Monetarists pretend that this history does not exist. Their hero is Andrew Jackson, whose hare-brained meddling caused the Panic of 1837 and shut down US economic development, putting the country firmly on course for the Civil War two decades later. When they talk about the constitution, monetarists seem to be working off the Confederate constitution of 1861, which eliminated the General Welfare clause, and ruled out a protective tariff. During the 19th century, the free trade party was the pro-British slavery party. Monetarist dogma is a mix of Herbert Hoover, Robert Taft (of the Skull & Bones family), Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, and other reactionary Republicans. Monetarism is based on the von Hayek-von Mises Austrian school, which started when a bunch of rent-gouging Viennese landlords wanted to abolish rent control and hired some scribblers to prove that "the market" was always infallible and government is always the enemy. Von Hayek got his chance under the reactionary old battle axe Margaret Thatcher, who brought back rickets, scurvy and pellagra for British working people. The dumbed-down US version of the same doctrine is Milton Friedman and his Rockefeller-funded Chicago School, which got its big road test under the fascist Pinochet regime in Chile.


Today's depression has been caused by 40 years of monetarist-inspired deregulation. Derivatives were illegal from 1936 until Reagan legalized them in 1982. Then Wendy Gramm, Greenspan, Bob Rubin, and Larry Summers teamed up to start the derivatives bubble during the Clinton years. Now there are $1.5 quadrillion of derivatives strangling the world economy. Derivatives, not subprime mortgages, are the reason for today's crisis. Today's depression also comes from privatization * like the privatization of Fannie Mae, which worked fine for thirty years as a government agency, but was then privatized, opening the door to the looting excesses which are now well known. The oil market is deregulated, and Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley were quick to exploit this situation. This past summer, when you were paying over $4 a gallon for gas, more than half of that was going directly to Wall Street hedge fund hyenas, with a full $1 per gallon for Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley alone, the backers of the deregulated offshore ICE exchange.

The real enemies of economic progress are the Wall Street bankers, financiers, and finance oligarchs. If you let them control the government, the results are catastrophic. We must therefore fight to take government out of the hands of the bankers. Any other strategy amounts to surrender to Obama and his fascist corporate state.


1. Wipe out derivatives, destroying the largest mass of fictitious capital the world has ever known. This includes credit default swaps, mortgage backed securities, structured investment vehicles, collateralized debt obligations, repo agreements, and other toxic paper. Outlaw hedge funds. Outlaw adjustable rate mortgages. Stop all foreclosures. Seize bankrupt banks, brokerages, and insurance companies and put them through debt triage under Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. Re-establish the uptick rule against short sellers. Stop speculators with position limits and margin requirements for oil and other energy markets. Stop exporting jobs to third world sweatshops under NAFTA , CAFTA, and WTO.

2. Seize control of the Federal Reserve System and nationalize it as a bureau of the US Treasury. Decisions about money supply and interest rates must be made by public laws, passed by the House and the Senate and signed by the President. Re-start the US economy by issuing an initial tranche of $1 trillion in cheap 0.5% to 1% federal credit * federal lending, not spending * to state and local governments as well as to private companies engaged physical production. Production means infrastructure, manufacturing, mining, construction, farming, forestry, transportation, and commerce in tangible goods. Productive activities qualify for 1% or less federal credit. Gambling, narcotics, prostitution, financial speculation, speculation, and money laundering are not productive, so they must take their chances in the free market they claim to admire so much. A centerpiece of a recovery program would be the rebuilding of rail systems, water systems, electrical grids, and the interstate highways, all of which are approaching the point of physical breakdown. Nationalize the Big Three auto companies and reconvert them for mass transit.

3. We must keep Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment insurance, food stamps, Head Start, WIC, and the remaining parts of the social safety net fully funded, since IRA/401k accounts and private insurance will increasingly be wiped out. Federal emergency relief on the model of FERA, CWA, and WPA will soon be needed. Any cuts in these programs will lead to death on a vast scale, especially among the old, the sick, and the very young. Monetarist ideologues who sneer at the nanny state should tell us where they stand when it comes to the very real threat of genocide against the American people.

4. Abolish the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, and set up a new world monetary system based on full employment through the revival of industrial production.
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