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Default Rally by an anti-Islam far-right group in Sweden.

Really? I wonder if this is sincere or troublemaking by various untrustworthy parties.

Unrest broke out in southern Sweden late Saturday despite police moving a rally by an anti-Islam far-right group, which was planning to burn a Quran among other things, to a new location as a preventive measure.

Scuffles and unrest were reported in the southern town of Landskrona after a demonstration scheduled there by the Danish right-wing party Stram Kurs party was moved to the nearby city of Malmo, some 45 kilometers (27 miles) south.

Up to 100 mostly young people threw stones, set cars, tires and dustbins on fire, and put up a barrier fence that obstructed traffic, Swedish police said. The situation had calmed down in Landskrona by late Saturday but remains tense, police said, adding no injuries were reported in the action.

Al Jazeera claims that a Koran WAS burned. See what I mean?
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Religious "wars" are not my thing and have nothing to do with them.

Provocations go back and forth, and don't serve our cause, as long as it's not about racial issues that predominate in battle (so one group of idiots attacking another, their problem).

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