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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Linder's Strategy: Attack the Conservatives

[The following is from a different thread. It presents the case for treating conservatives as the other liberals - attacking them as our enemies since they have all, down to the last one, sold out or truckled under to the dominant jew.]

Originally Posted by Mark View Post
Not that I care if you attack him or not, but other than the racialism aspect, I don't see Pat and David being that different.
Other than balls, a gelding's not that different from a stallion.

Pat is pro-white in every way that I can tell except he's not explicitly racialist,
Slow your roll, nigger, and just think about how stupid the above statement is.

and I think that is because of our current state of affairs and wanting to keep his job rather than him being fundamentally anti-white.
So, to you, cowardice is acceptable in your political analyst or representative. Do you feel that way about your doctor, too? Do you go to a doctor who knows the disease you're suffering from, but withholds the diagnosis and cure from you?
I could see your point to attack him, Alex, if that attack led to something positive. If you could get him fired, is David Duke going to take his place? Is the decline of conservatism related to the rise of white nationalism?
I would think you were baiting me if I didn't know that dimness is about 95% likelier. I just got done writing the answer to that question. Ok, let me give it to you in the simplest words I can, Special Ed.

Yes. The rise of nationalism is almost a mathematical function of the decline of conservatism.

I'll now slightly expand that answer.

Ordinary people, not all that different from you, are not real swift. They can barely distinguish the ground from the sky. Pat Buchanan is enough like us that it confuses people. The same can be said for all conservatives: they favor some of the same things we do (basically, acting normally - respect for the respectable in everyday life), which makes them, the conservatives, a plausible opponent to the weirdos of the left. Do you understand the implications that flow, for our position, from the fact that tens of millions of people believe that by supporting 'the right' they can effect the kind of political change we need to get back to Normal White America? If they think the solution lies within the system, i.e., through supporting one or other of the people/parties they see on tv/in the papers, then why the heck would they ever bother about us? I want you to take ten or fifteen days, however much time you need, to digest this point:


Now, if the public doesn't need Buchanan, because he can't get the job done...then the next epiphany is that Buchanan is an obstacle to the public seeing us, and pondering our case, and realizing that we alone, we White Nationalists, have what is needed to get the job done. Buchanan and his ilk the way. He is on tv and in the papers daily. Our people are not. He's close enough to our position, plausible enough a representative of normal-white interests, that masses of people, dim by nature, tired by overwork, just might be fooled by him. God knows they always have been. And that's how we've ended up where we are. Now, Buchanan has no reason to change: his shtik and spiel have made him rich. WE ARE THE ONES WHO MUST CHANGE. So I don't want to hear any shit about how I'm wrong in attacking little Catholic Patsy. Attacking conservatives as cowards and weaklings is precisely what we need. It is tactically even more important than attacking liberals, because the people we want already hate them, and their power is merely a function of their support for the jews' agenda. We can't polarize the public between Whites and jews until conservatives, the have-it-both-ways people, are roadkilled and dragged off on the shoulder. Only then does the political Chicken, begin...

Knocking Pat off the air is like knocking the flowers off a Pasadena New Year's float. It shows the ugly chicken wire cage of jewish totalitarianism beneath the pretty colors and designs and smiling waving chesties. It reveals to the public what's actually going on: naked jewish tyranny. No one who disagrees with the jews in any way is allowed face or sheet time in AmeriKwa. That awakening is good for our side. It is necessary. Pat Buchanan and other seemingly rational conservative geldings on tv and in the papers hurts our side, because they make it look like the system is open. For the mass of people, none to bright to begin with, and tired from work, can't make out the difference. They don't spend all day on the Internet studying politics. They're working. They need things gross and crude, otherwise they're going to be fooled by polished professionals like Pat. But if he doesn't have the answers we need as a race, then it is in our interest that he be knocked off tv, because he can only mislead people as to the cause of our decline.

I'm pleonasming my ass off, but I really don't think you dimwits won't benefit from overbludgeoning. So just read more and think a little, or wave your feelers, or whatever you do to receive sensory input.

To repeat:

Ordinary dimwits cannot distinguish the White Nationalist position from the conservative position, since our side is kept off tv by the jews.

In order to make our presence known, we have to KNOCK THE CONSERVATIVES OUT OF THE WAY. The fact that they somewhat look like us, and that some of our policies overlap (anti-queer, anti-feminist, pro-borders, etc.) does not mean they are on our side. They are in fact spittingly hostile to us. They call us kooks, loons, crazies, basement dwellers - in short, there is no term of abuse used by the commie-jew-left against us that is not also used by the commie-jew-controlled-right. That ought to be a lesson to you dimwits, but, being tepid namby-pambies like 99% of white males, you just smooth over the differences like a wife who doesn't want to make trouble. We'll find a way to muddle through somehow, just pretend that we all get along, that we're all on the same side. Even though we're not, and it only helps the already rich and cowardly pretenders called conservatives who look down on us and do all they can to destroy our school and reputations to preserve their status as the real outsiders and alternative to the judeo-System. Nah, just pretend. "It's better that way," as the wigger in the Offspring song sings. Better to be a big fat stupid undiscriminating barren pussy like Starr or her cat than to stand up for yourself, your school, your leaders, your principles, your race. If you think Pat Buchanan is a good guy, and helping our cause, you are not a White Nationalist.

White nationalists have nearly as much difficulty as the average joe in understanding what's going on in politics because:

a) they are nearly as dim-witted as pro wrestling fans;

b) they have never seen professional conservatism from the inside, so they think it is something other than "a game; a way of making a living," as Joe Sobran called it.

Wise up, idiots. Pat Buchanan is not interested in standing up for you, he's interested in getting into your wallet. WN Buchanan fans are the exact equivalent of a chick who thinks a guy really likes her when in fact he just wants sex. Pat's interested in you watching him on tv and thinking he stands for the change you want. He isn't, but if he can put on a good enough show to fool you, he's got your money. And he knows you're stupid. He knows, as he would put it, hard-core WN have "nowhere else to go." No one else on tv even pretends to be right wing. That makes him the it girl. And until WN scorn him and demand better, he's right. Again, if you support Buchanan, you are a conservative, not a White nationalist.

Fuck the Kwanservatives, we're the Sex Pistols

What our White Nationalist cause needs to do to succeed is to polarize the nation between jews and White Nationalists. That means, in tardspeak, that the average dolt, let's call him Special Mark, the guy who reads the paper for twenty minutes before dinner, must perceive that there are two competing visions out there, between which he can choose:

1) the judeo-System - the debt-sex-vice-sports-multicult vision

2) the White Nationalist system - a White nation without jews, muds or neo-morals

Polarizing the public between these positions is a tall order. It means destroying the dominant conceptual framework as it exists now: with false option A (liberals/Democrats) and false option B (conservatives/Republicans). Ordinary people cannot make out, without help, that there is not a dime's worth of difference between right and left, they are two puppets pulled over the filthy claws of the eagle-nosed kike who actually runs things and makes all the decisions. It is our job to expose, reveal, destroy. Part of that revelation is beating the living hell out of the conservatives until ordinary people perceive them as the weaklings, laughingstocks, and System tools they are.

In practical terms, polarization entails demonizing and attacking the RIGHT, THE CONSERVATIVES, the PALEOCONSERVATIVES even more than the left-liberal-PC-communists. We should not only attack the fake right, the false opposition, we should attack them with joy and relish. Laughter indicates the laugher is or feels superior to the target. That's exactly the meta-message the winning politician must communicate - that he is stronger than his opponent. That he is the bull goose in the pen. That is a lesson the conservative never understands, which is why he is always fighting uphill. Footnoting is for cowards and folks who don't get it. At best it's fill-in stuff. No footnote ever won a political battle. A political battle is just the human version of that nature channel perennial: the battle between bulls for mating rights. Bluffing is involved, and laughing is essential to bluffing, as ridicule can destroy anything. Anyone preferring reasoned discourse over laughter, if not an actual academic, to whom foonoting is proper, is very likely a coward or a dullard. We beat the jews by laughing at them and fighting them. Laughter is the proper means of verbal warfare. Not "proving" things. Not footnoting. Not remonstrating. Not being polite and respectful. Not playing along with appearances. Not not doubting motives. All those are for weaklings, for losers, for conservatives. We are not they. "I'm not like you [Kwanservative] Charlie Brown [with your fulsome MLKommie praise, your love of diversity, your pathetic and ineffectual puling], I have to win sometimes." We White Nationalists are lions. Well, we're cubs who might become lions if we act right. The conservatives are dung beetles. After the jews have eaten the wildebeest and pooped out the remains, the Pat Buchanans of "It's Pat" fame crinkle by on their six little feet, and roll up the salubrious balls of dung on which they subsist. Do you want to be a lion or a dung beetle, White man?

If you agree there are things a grown man, a political analyst, can't say, you are giving your seal of approval to the cowardice that is putting our race in the ground. You hurt our cause and you are not welcome at VNNForum. White nationalism has a higher standard than you are able to meet.

The conservatives, including Pat Buchanan, must be destroyed, run off, hounded into irrelevancy, so that the people can see that we, not he and his febrile faileocons, are the REAL alternative to the evil jews producing The System Show.

I really have been impressed these last few months at the childlike cluelessness of so many who think they are WN. The typical WN thinks he is displaying his sophistication when he makes excuses for why this or that kahnster dung beetle can't say this or that.

Let me tell you, men of gerbil: You're not sophisticated. You're stupid dupes and dullards. You think Buchanan is really putting one over on the dominant kikes, and you're right. He is putting one over. Not on the kikes. On you.

I have worked in these offices. I have taken the calls from liberal talking head A asking if conservative talkie B wants to go out for drinks after work. These guys are all buddies. They live the good life by putting on a Punch and Judy show for the mass morons like you. Some of the leftists might be honest about what they believe, since they can say EVERYTHING they want, qualified only by tactical advisability. But none of the rightists are anything but tools, except for the jewish neocons, who root and jew about with freedom, as they are kikes. As John Derbyshire at least had the courage to admit, everything he writes is conditioned by his fear of jews. If he displeases them, he has no job. Men who accept employment as political writers/analysts on terms that require them to relinquish their manhood and their independent judgment are unworthy of respect or subsidy. They are, rather, to be despised and spit on as weaklings. If you don't agree with this statement, you are not a white nationalist. You are a conservative. Cowardice at no time in White history has been acceptable in a political leader. That is a horrid and disgusting innovation of the 20th century. Reject it.

Now is the first time in history that White men, almost across the board, willingly agreed to sacrifice their honor and their independence for a paycheck. Pat Buchanan and the rest of the paleocons are house eunuchs waving palm fronds for the Pet pashas who employ them. A white nationalist who praises Pat Buchanan and makes excuses for him is seen by me, and by Pat himself, as a fool. A man with no self respect has no respect for others too stupid to see him for what he is. Pat Buchanan knows how to wink and nod at WN in order to suck our money. And too many of you idiots think he's helping us rather than helping himself by using us.

Pat Buchanan is dangerous to our cause because of his virtues - his learning and his political knowledge. He knows precisely how to affect that he is one of us. He know that hinting that he stands for all that is white and good is the way to fill his coffers. He also knows that that is his role within the jewish system. You have to give a little to get a little, the jewish tyrant knows. Pat is that giving a little. To maintain the fiction of an open system, there have to be at least a few people who appear, and appear plausibly, to oppose the powers that be. Pat Buchanan is precisely that man. As a good little Irish Catholic, PB always runs cringing and whimpering back to Authority, because that is his nature, and that is how he was raised and trained. Religious folks like PB have no problem with shitty, self-interested behavior as long as the dirt is done in private, and the facade kept up in public. The idea of saying the same thing in private as you do in public is foreign to the Christian, as is any ideal of manliness. Christianity is a shabby thing.

The White fool imagines that Buchanan aids our cause. The reality is that our cause aids Buchanan. Buchanan never says a word about White dispossession. He never says a word about jews controlling our government. He openly advised the Republicans to undercut the most successful White political candidate of the last 25 years, David Duke. Buchanan is a team player, and a System dolly all the way to the bank. WN is a cause that he can watch and steal the best arguments from, without crediting the men who thought them up - the revisionists now languishing in jail, for example. That way he can maximize his support base and shine up his radical veneer while staying safe with the jews. Most people, as I started and will end with, can't make out a clever, well written conservative position coming from the pen of someone like Buchanan from a genuine white nationalist position. It is in our interest that we do everything possible to help them, and that surely and necessarily entails attacking and destroying Pat Buchanan. If you don't agree with that position, you are not one of us. You are a conservative. Anything that obscures the difference between White nationalism and conservatism is detrimental to our cause.

Politics is a zero-sum game. Money and time that go to Pat Buchanan and the faileocons are money and attention that do not go to White nationalists. Any so-called WN who praises Buchanan and encourages us to support him is objectively damaging our cause - by aiding men who already possess tremendous material (money and tv access) advantages over us. Not to mention men who, whenver the question is put to them directly, denounce us.

Accept nothing but the real thing, White men.

Raise your standards.

Pat Buchanan is our competitor.

Pat Buchanan is our enemy.

Last edited by Alex Linder; August 10th, 2009 at 01:51 PM.

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