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alex revision
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alex revision
Default No One From On High Is Going to Save Us

No One From On High Is Going to Save Us

April 12, 2019

One of the biggest problems I have seen within the racially awakened community is how many people are waiting for someone or something to come in and do all the hard work for us. I understand the desire. The problems we face are manifold, our enemies are numerous and well-funded, our movement is a mess, and we have no real leadership laying out a plan for success. This is why people are waiting for Ragnarok, economic collapse, Jesus, Trump, Putin, or some other figure or event to set into motion the salvation of our beleaguered race. We must break our people out of this way of thinking. There will be no racial rapture!

We must realize that our only success lies in our people speaking up, speaking out, and taking action, without waiting for direction from on high.

We must stop fleeing from danger, burying our heads in the sand, waiting for someone else to do it for us. We must be the resistance, even if it means we must be lonely warriors for the time being. You never know what your individual actions could cause within your community, what they could inspire on the internet across the world, and what the ripple effect through time might be. The butterfly effect is very real, and our small actions should not be underestimated.

This is why are our enemies are so adamant about shutting us out from online discourse. It is the power of individuals freely speaking their minds, speaking truth to power, that truly terrifies the kosher controllers. They know the influence we have been exerting is quite real, and they have been kvetching about it endlessly for years now. They control the top of the power pyramid ruling over humanity, and while they have lots of money and influence up there, they do not have the same kind of numbers that we do. Our movement of pro-Whites has many, many millions across the world, and then when you consider the non-White sympathizers we have, many of whom consider themselves National Socialists, you realize this is a real force to be reckoned with.

Our enemies cannot openly debate us. They are carrying out genocidal policies, and this can easily be pointed out with simple logic, so they must keep up the illusion that they are promoting love, while we are the haters. We must flip this whole paradigm upside-down and take the moral high ground. We must cast these hateful liars down from their positions and become the ones who are speaking from on high, with moral authority in our righteous rhetoric. Do not embrace the enemy’s image that has been crafted for us. Do not become the “neo-Nazis,” Klansmen and “White supremacists” they are able to easily demonized and dismiss.

Do not become despondent and feel all hope is lost, as this will make you complacent. Have heart! Our enemies have failed time and again in their quests to dominate and destroy us. Just look at how many times our people have risen in rebellion to them, expelling them from our lands. What makes them think that this time will be anything different? Their technocratic control system of Big Brother surveillance? Our people created this technology and can easily subvert it; we can turn the tables on our oppressors, bringing their crimes to the light of day. Whatever they throw at us, we must continue struggling until we achieve victory.

We can win. We must win!


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