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jewsign Meet the gentleman who invented the term 'racist'

. . . .

Who do you think might have been that ?

The word 'racist' only became prominent in the 20th century. .

What kind of agenda do you think could be behind the coining of such a word ?

My personal definition of the word 'racist' . . Somebody who puts race before everything else , i. e. is aware that race matters and recognizes it as real . . . .

Pretty much like the word 'classicist' , i. e. someone who studies classics . .

Now , who do you think could have an agenda in having the idea put down of mankind thinking in racial classifications ?

It sure would be an internationalist . .

Someone who supposedly seeks 'world peace' . .

The 'Pax Judaica' . .

Leon Trotsky alias Lev Davidovich Bronstein

Fine gentleman , aye ? ?

So . .

Of course you won't find this fact in history books but . .

What does it tell you that a word coined by a jewish Bolshevik is used in the West today ?

Except that the same people have the power right now ?

( this caricature is not meant in an anti-Americanist way , it is merely supposed to demonstrate the decadence the world has allowed itself to be driven into . . .) .

People should be aware of the fact that a huge part of today's supposed (((humanist))) society is rooted in Red thinking . .

That should demonstrate people how close the New World Order is ( or rather , how close to their goals they think themselves . . .)

To the lurkers : did you know that ?

When you use the word 'racist' you're quoting a Communist . .



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