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alex revision
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alex revision

Hanukkah Holocaust Miracle — ‘Nazis’ Ran Out Of Zyklon-B Just As Naomi Yakobovich Was About To Be ‘Gassed’

December 2, 2021

Naomi grew up in an affluent family in Transylvania, along the border between Romania and Hungary. Her father was a law professor and her mother took care of Naomi and her two siblings. When the war broke out, the Hungarians took the family’s property and four years later, the Yakobovichs were sent to a concentration camp.

After a few months in the camp and despite efforts by Naomi’s older sister to make her look taller, older and healthier, the two sisters were sent on the Death March to Auschwitz where they were placed in line for the gas chambers.

About 20 people were in line before them and then Naomi’s Hanukkah miracle happened – the chamber ran out of Zyklon B – the cyanide-based pesticide used in death camps during the Holocaust – at that moment. Naomi and her sister were sent back to the work camp where they survived through the rest of the war.

A few years later, Naomi and her husband Meir immigrated to Israel where they raised two children and four grandchildren, including Doron, currently an officer who specializes in physical fitness for soldiers going through basic training. “My grandmother always said that our state is important and we need to guard it. For me, it’s a given that in my service I wanted and needed to have a meaningful service and to continue my grandmother’s legacy,” said Doron. “Three of my grandmother’s grandchildren became officers and just two days ago her second granddaughter was born — Our light during Hanukkah. An additional Hanukkah miracle.”

“My biggest dream and that of my grandmother is that we’ll be able to fly in uniform and salute at the block that my great-grandfather and great-grandmother lived, at the place that my family was captured, while my grandmother is alive.”
Old April 13th, 2022 #463
alex revision
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alex revision

Senile Holocaust Survivor Who Claimed He Saw His Mother ‘Coming Out Of The Chimney’ At Auschwitz Dies At 94

April 12, 2022

Other ‘witnesses’ also saw ‘flames’ coming out of chimneys and ‘geysers’ of blood coming out of the ground.

(JTA) — Andor Stern, who is recognized by the Brazilian Holocaust Memorial as the only Brazilian-born Holocaust survivor, died in Sao Paulo on Thursday at 94.

Stern was born in Sao Paulo to Hungarian Jewish parents in 1928 but his family moved back to Hungary before the war. Stern was eventually imprisoned in six concentration camps, including Auschwitz, where he spent 13 months starting in 1944. His mother and grandparents were killed in the camp’s gas chambers.

“I saw my mother coming out of the chimney. I remember everything,” Stern said in an interview with Folha de S.Paulo newspaper. “I was out of the world until May 1, 1945, when we were released by the American soldiers. I was 17 and weighed 60 pounds.”

Stern returned to Brazil in 1948, got married and had five daughters.

In 2019, Stern celebrated his bar mitzvah 78 years late, at the age of 91. Full of symbolism, the ceremony was held at Sao Paulo’s oldest synagogue, Kehilat Israel, on the 81st anniversary of Kristallnacht, the 1938 Nazi pogrom in Germany and Austria that most mark as the beginning of the Holocaust.

He is survived by nine grandchildren and several great-grandchildren.

“Even after everything he went through, he continued his life inspiring everyone with his positive words and a lot of faith and optimism. He fought and did his best to perpetuate the memory of the Holocaust for future generations,” Rabbi Toive Weitman, the head of the Sao Paulo Holocaust memorial, told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.
All his life he will have perpetuated this enormity of the holocaust.



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