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Default Gibanica fests in Serbia and Republika Srbska

Do you feel like you tired of the noise of the big cities?

Modern Western decaying world only brings you destruction and perversions?

You feel nostalgia for the time of true spirituality, honesty and granfathers?

Never give up!

Remember, you have always the way to escape!

Fortunately there is always Serb brother ready to call you and to save away from the captivity of modern decadent world!

Remember, in Srbija you're never alone, there is always a brother ready to save your soul in the time of troubles.

Gibanica fests are waiting for you!

Its an area for the whole family. Restaurants, playground, dancelane (in the summer), fights, do ur own barbique.

It's a great place to go to escape the buzz of the city and to just relax. Great place for picknicks and friendly get-togethers! I go rollerblading there quite a lot too. Ace!

This is not a land where women govern, feminism has been dumped long ago:

and all women here preserved their natural roles in society:

but children are raised up properly, like the future warriors:

They won't act like ladyboys, they're ready to fight!



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