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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Interesting New Words for Potential Use

[list of animal adjectives - you know some of these - ursine, porcine, asinine, but there are plenty of others that, while uncommon, can be used to good comic effect. I believe one of our number has already gainfully employed struthious. Note that I am NOT sure all the below are spelled properly, as originally strutious was listed; says strutHious. Pronounced, stroo-the-uhs, accent on first syllable, referring to those of the Swayzean ilk. Note too that this thread is stickied, meaning it is archival, so your post may be edited for clarity, stupidity, and irrelevance. Not that you would ever post such a post, being a clear, intelligent, relevant carer and all. But if you know a good word, or can think of a good use of one of these, by all means have at it. Not looking for lengthy lists like this one, just for words that are uncommon yet potentially useful.]

Animal Name Animal Adjective

alligator eusuchian
ant formicine, myrmecine
anteater myrmecophagine
antelope alcelaphine, bubaline, antilopine
ape simian
armadillo tolypeutine
ass asinine
badger musteline
barracuda percesocine
bat pteropine, noctilionine
bear ursine
bee apiarian
bird avian, muscicapine, oscine (song)
passerine (perching), penduline, volucrine
bison bisontine
buffalo bubaline
bull taurine
butterfly pieridine, pierine
calf vituline
camel cameline
cat feline
chamois rupicaprine
chicken galline
civet viverrine
cobra elapine
coral coralline
cow bovine
crab cancrine
crocodile crocodilian
deer cervine, elaphine
dodo didine
dog canine
dolphin delphine
dormouse myoxine
dragon draconine
earthworm lumbricine
elephant elephantine
elk cervine
ermine musteline
ferret musteline
fish piscine
flea pulicine
flying fox pteropine
fox vulpine
frog ranine
gazelle gazelline
gerbil cricetine
gibbon hylobatine
giraffe giraffine
goat caprine, hircine (smelly)
hamster cricetine
hare leporine
hippopotamus hippopotamine
hog suilline
hornet vespine
horse equine
human hominine
hyena hyenine
kangaroo macropodine
leech hirudine
lemming microtine
lemur lemurine
leopard pardine
limpet patelline
lion leonine
lizard lacertilian, saurian
lobster homarine
louse pediculine
manatee manatine
marten musteline
mink musteline
mite acarine
mole talpine
mongoose viverrine, herpestine
moose cervine
mosquito aedine, anopheline
moth arctian
mouse murine
octopus octopine
opposum didelphine
oryx orygine
otter lutrine
ox bovine
oyster ostracine
panther pantherine
pig porcine, suilline
polecat musteline
porcupine hystricine
porpoise phocaenine
python pythonine
rabbit lapine
raccoon procyonine
ram arietine
rat murine
rattlesnake crotaline
reptile reptilian, serpentine
reindeer rangiferine
rhinoceros ceratorhine
rodent glirine
roebuck capreoline
sable zibeline
salamander salamandrine
sea horse hippocampine
sea lion otarine
seal phocine, otarine
serpent serpentine
sheep ovine
shrew soricine
silkworm bombycine
skunk musteline
slug limacine
smelt atherine
snake anguine, elapine, colubrine (garter,king)
ophidian, reptilian, serpentine, viperine
squirrel sciurine
stag cervine, elaphine
stoat musteline
sturgeon acipenserine
termite termitine
tick acarine
tiger tigrine
toad batrachian
tortoise chelonian, testudine
turtle chelonian
vole microtine
wasp vespine
weasel musteline
wolf lupine
wombat phascolomian
worm vermian
zebra zebrine, hippotigrine

Specific Bird Adjectives

Animal Name Animal Adjective

blackbird icterine
bluebird turdine
bullfinch pyrrhuline
bunting emberizine, pyrrhuloxine
buzzard buteonine, cathartine
cardinal pyrrhuloxine
cormorant phalacrocoracine
crane alectorine
crow corvine
cuckoo cuculine
dove columbine
duck anatine, fuliguline
eagle aquiline
falcon accipitrine
finch fringilline
goose anserine
gull larine
hawk accipitrine, falconine
hummingbird trochiline
jay garruline
kestrel falconine
kingfisher halcyonine
kite milvine
macaw psittacine
magpie garruline
mallard anatine
martin hirundine
meadowlark icterine
mockingbird mimine
nightingale philomelian
oriole icterine
ostrich/emu/rhea struthious
parrot psittacine
partridge perdicine
peacock pavonine
pheasant alectorine, phasianine
pigeon pullastrine
plover charadrine
quail coturnine
raven corvine
robin turdine
skylark alaudine
snipe charadrine
songbird oscine
sparrow passerine
stork ciconine
swallow hirundine
swan cygnine
swift cypseline
turkey meleagrine
vulture vulturine
woodcock charadrine, scolopacine
wren troglodytine


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