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This is nothing compared to what happens when Christian missionaries try to set up public schools in Africa. The teachers almost always rape every single student. This is the primary reason these Muslims are so opposed to such things, as girls going to public schools.

After the kids all get AIDS, they come back to America and tell the congregation that 60% of the people there have AIDS, and they need to give more money, to help them.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out the same thing happens in US schools when you got black teachers, but everyone acts like they don't suspect a thing, because that would be racist and you would be forming stereotypes.

Jewish Comedy shows like Strangers with Candy make fun of their black principle whoring out all the high school girls. It's just a common knowledge joke amongst jews.

Even the name of the show 'strangers with candy' implies luring children into sex with candy. In this case, the 'candy' being TV programming.
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Originally Posted by ChuckUSA View Post

Jewish Comedy shows like Strangers with Candy make fun of their black principle whoring out all the high school girls. It's just a common knowledge joke amongst jews.

Even the name of the show 'strangers with candy' implies luring children into sex with candy. In this case, the 'candy' being TV programming.
If Whites produced a show like that ....... OH, how racist , how evil. They'd be shut down in a day .

Just like the Weinstein Bros, making sterotyped jokes on blacks, just so funny.
If a White comedian tried that , he'd never work again.

jew privilege, isn't it just great.
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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Public schools are a meat market for a certain type of woman
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Leonard Rouse
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Leonard Rouse

Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
Public schools are a meat market for a certain type of woman
(Not exactly the same, but close enough.)

Not a good day for Braves fans in the Daily Mail.
Old March 25th, 2014 #25
Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

[im not sure this is a public school, it might be private; also, this woman is some sort of latin i guess, and the victim is a nigger]

School security officer, 24, who had sex with a 15-year-old student she tried to enlist in a plot to murder her 'abusive' husband ESCAPES jail

The judge told the 24-year-old, Patience Perez, she can remain free as long as she undergoes counseling and meets other conditions

The victim's mother discovered the affair after coming across naked photos of Patience
Court documents revealed that Perez had told her teen lover her husband was abusing her and they plotted to have him killed

Police in Norfolk dropped the charges

24 March 2014

A school security officer who had sex with a 15-year-old student has escaped jail - much to anger of the teen victim's mother.

Patience Perez of Norfolk,Virginia was sentenced to two years in jail with all but seven months suspended.

The judge told the 24-year-old she can remain free as long as she undergoes counseling and meets other conditions.

Read more:
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Old March 25th, 2014 #26
Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Teacher, 43, 'gave her 8th grade student oral sex in her classroom'

Authorities started investigating math teacher Corrie Long when a student reported seeing his 15-year-old classmate spanking her in a classroom

The student also said he saw Long sitting in the boy's lap

The alleged victim told authorities that Long performed oral sex on him in her classroom in November

Read more:
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Old March 29th, 2014 #27
Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Parents anger as female teacher, 27, is spared jail despite being busted in motel room having sex with 17-year-old student who still called her 'Miss'

Erin Kathleen Queen, 27 at the time of the crime, was arrested on March 17 2012 after she raped her 17-year-old student

Queen's charges were dismissed last week when she pleaded guilty to a new case contributing to the delinquency of a minor

The boy's parents Adam and Shasta Belty are outraged and want to fight the Oklahoma state ruling
Old April 3rd, 2014 #28
Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Texas teen’s sexual affair with married science teacher ruined his future as a Marine: suit

Rachelle Heenan was 34 when she seduced the 17-year-old senior in February 2012. The former student filed a lawsuit against Heenan for ruining his prospects as a Marine, and the school district for allowing the affair to happen.

A Texas teen boy’s sexual relationship with his married high school science teacher caused him such emotional distress that it ruined his planned career in the Marines and forced him to wreck thousands of dollars of school equipment because of ongoing stress and confusion, a new lawsuit claims.

Rachelle Heenan, 34 at the time the February 2012 affair began, eventually lost her job, her teaching certificate and was sentenced to five years of deferred probation.

But Mark Smith — a pseudonym used by the former student, 17 at the time of the affair — alleges the affair still haunts him to this day because “the notoriety and embarrassment associated with the unwanted sexual contact” ruined his future career as a diesel mechanic in the Marines Corps.

“He was mentally impacted by what happened,” the former student’s attorney, Bobbie Edmonds, told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “He was impressionable, and there was the age difference and the fact that she was a teacher.”
Old May 15th, 2014 #30
News Bot
Post Flunking student gets A+ after sex with teacher

by: Joe Kovacs

With the large number of teachers having sex with their students across America, it was virtually inevitable a case would arise where a student’s grades might be affected.

Now an Oklahoma English teacher is in hot water for giving a failing student an A+ after allegedly having sex with the male teenager multiple times.

Kalyn Darby Thompson, 25, of Glenpool, Oklahoma, had not even completed a full year of instruction at Kellyville High School when she turned herself in to authorities in mid-April.

She’s now facing a charge of second-degree rape.

“This will follow her for the rest of her career,” Creek County Detective Chrissie Underwood told KOTV. “She probably will not have a career in teaching after this.”

See KOTV’s report on Thompson’s arrest:

Police say the relationship may have started through text messages in December, and pictures taken from a cell phone are reportedly what exposed the shenanigans.

The high-school principal told Underwood the teacher and student had been exchanging texts “of a sexual nature.”

Thompson allegedly started texting with her student when he was 17.

Read the WND story that started it all! The big list: Female teachers with students

“There was talk about getting high, grades, that sort of things,” Underwood told KOTV.

Then the relationship turned sexual in March of this year, when the boy turned 18.

The student’s mother reportedly told police the teen admitted to having sex with his teacher at Heyburn Lake in Creek County and again at the Renaissance Hotel in Tulsa.

“She [Thompson] was asked not to contact him, not to have any contact with him outside of school, and she still did,” Underwood said.

The detective indicated two Kellyville students saw and photographed Thompson sitting in the teenager’s truck off campus, and notified school officials.

“Which is mandatory in their position, they have to contact us, so they did everything they were supposed to do,” Underwood told the station.

See KJRH-TV’s report on Thompson’s arrest:

She said despite the fact the student had reached the typical age of consent of 18, the teacher is in a position of authority, thus making it illegal to have sex with a student. State law says teacher-student relationships are not considered consensual unless the student is at least 20 years old.

“It’s sad because they’re vulnerable to it and obviously he’s getting a good grade from it,” said Underwood.

According to the arrest report, the teen had been failing English last semester, but his current grade-point-average was 98 percent.

Text messages between the two have also been recovered by police, with some not only sexual, but mentioning “getting high” and school grades.

“You send your kids to small-town schools thinking they’re going to get a better education because there’s more one-on-one,” parent Michael Sullivan told KJRH-TV. “You don’t expect to hear about a teacher messing with a student.”

Thompson is now out jail, after her bail was set at $35,000.

read full article at source:
Old June 5th, 2014 #31
News Bot
Post Married teacher Joy Morsi charged with having sex with SECOND teen

Joy Morsi is a gym teacher at Grover Cleveland High School in Queens, New York

She allegedly began a 'sexual relationship' with a student wrestler in June last year when she offered to help him lose weight

Prosecutors say she exposed herself to him in a closet, sent him sexual emails and had sex with him for a year

Their affair was only exposed after she flew into a jealous rage because he was taking another girl to prom

Morsi, a mom of four from Long Island, was charged with third-degree rape and third-degree criminal sex act

On Wednesday she was arrested again and accused of having sex with another 16-year-old student on Saturday

Prosecutor believe she hooked up with the second student, because her relationship with the first student had ended over his prom date

She was held on $50,000 bail and is to return to court on June 23

Published: 14:56 EST, 4 June 2014 | Updated: 17:05 EST, 4 June 2014

A high school gym teacher in Queens has been arrested for the second time in three days, after being accused of having a sexual relationship with a second student on the rebound after falling out with her first student lover over his prom date.

Joy Morsi, a 39-year-old teacher at Grover Cleveland High School in Queens, New York, was taken into custody on Wednesday morning on the latest charge just hours after she had pleaded not guilty to raping a student when he was 16.

Prosecutors say she hooked up with the second 16-year-old student on Saturday morning shortly after her relationship with the student wrestler fell apart because he asked a girl to prom.

Joy Morsi, center, a 39-year-old teacher at Grover Cleveland High School in Queens, New York, was taken into custody on Wednesday morning on the latest charge just hours after she had pleaded not guilty to raping a student when he was 16

'Two weeks after the alleged relationship with that student ended, she enticed a student and engaged in sexual activity with this 16-year-old again on school property just over this past weekend,' said prosecutor Melissa Kelly.

Prosecutors cited text messages as evidence of the sexual encounter.

Morsi was charged with two-counts of third-degree criminal sexual act and one-count of endangering the welfare of a child.

She was ordered held on an additional $25,000 bail and has to return to court on June 23, reports ABC7.

‘These are serious accusations in which a school teacher - who should serve as a role model to students - is instead accused of using her position to gain access to children for her own gratification,’ said Queens District Attorney Richard Brown.

Morsi cannot be fired or stripped of her pay without due process, officials said. The second student told authorities that he had sex twice with the teacher in the school on Saturday.

On Tuesday Morsi had been charged with third-degree rape and third-degree criminal sex act after being accused of a year-long sexual affair with a 16-year-old student wrestler.

Morsi is alleged to have sent the wrestler raunchy selfies and emails. Their affair was only exposed after she flew into a jealous rage because he was taking another girl to prom.

The Long Island mother, whose husband Hany Morsi, also teaches at the school, was first arrested on Monday.

The illegal relationship with the wrestler began last June when Morsi offered to help the student lose weight, prosecutors said in court.

On June 10, Morsi allegedly lured the unidentified student into a 'secluded closet' where she exposed herself to him.

She also allegedly sent the student emails asking if he was a virgin, along with saucy text messages. The court heard the pair had sex all over the school from June to July last year, and continued to meet for sex outside of school.

Authorities were apparently tipped off after one of the victim's female friends told her parents.

That girl's mother, who also works in the school system, informed another education department employee.

In court on Tuesday, Morsi pleaded not guilty to numerous counts of third-degree rape, a criminal sexual act in the third degree and one count of endangering the welfare of a child.The stone-faced teacher did not comment after being ordered held on $25,000 bail.

As the student turned 17 during the nearly year-long dalliance, subsequent alleged encounters are considered legal.

Morsi, described by some students as 'a hard-working teacher' did not comment as she left court. If convicted, she faces four years behind bars.

City Department of Education officials said Morsi was 'immediately removed' from the classroom when she was reported.

'We find these claims disturbing and reprehensible and she will remain reassigned - far from any student and the school - pending a criminal investigation,' deputy press secretary Marcus Liem said.

'We will work closely with the school to ensure they are given any needed support.'

Morsi, who has four children, had nothing to say as she left court on Tuesday, but attorney, Virginia Lopreto, signaled she would fight the case.

'My client’s ties to the community have been verified,' Lopreto said. 'Her husband is here. She has a family and children. She’s very likely to see this through.'

Morsi started working as a gym teacher in 1999, has a clean discipline record and earns $79,531 a year, according to records.

Meanwhile students at the school said rumors had long circulated about the alleged affair.

'We had a feeling that something was going on,' ninth-grader Josie Gonzalez told New York Daily News. 'They would always be together around the school.'

read full article at source:
Old June 5th, 2014 #32
News Bot
Post Special-education teacher accused of having sex with student

Stephanie Amato in a photo from her Facebook page.

A special-education teacher in Mayfair has been accused of having a sexual relationship with one of her students, a 14-year-old boy.

Stephanie Amato, a teacher at Ethan Allen Elementary, surrendered to authorities in the Special Victims Unit on Wednesday, a police spokeswoman said.

After a months-long investigation, Amato, 30, was charged with statutory sexual assault, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, unlawful contact with a minor, interference with custody of children, endangering the welfare of a child, corruption of a minor, indecent assault and indecent exposure.

The 14-year-old boy, who received special-education services from the school, reported having sex with his teacher on "several occasions," said police spokeswoman Officer Jillian Russell.

When the boy's father discovered the relationship, a school source said, he pulled the boy from Ethan Allen.

Amato, who was awaiting arraignment Wednesday night, could not be reached for comment, and it wasn't immediately clear whether she had a lawyer.

She has been a teacher for six years.

Amato can be seen on her Facebook page mugging with young men.

"My fav students!!" a picture she posted on Tuesday reads.

"Fun with these kids!" appears with another photo posted on Tuesday. In that photo, she appears to be in a car with several young men, some of whom are extending their middle fingers.

The school source, who asked not to be identified because staff were asked not to talk to reporters, said that Amato would often spend time out of school with groups of her students.

Fernando Gallard, a spokesman for the Philadelphia School District, said that allegations were first made to the school in April.

School officials then notified city and school police, and removed her from the classroom pending an investigation.

She was also barred from having contact with students.

She is currently suspended with pay, Gallard said, but after an administrative hearing next week could lose her pay.

Ethan Allen parents were informed of Amato's arrest through a letter sent home Wednesday.

Principal Cassandra Houston said that the district is "working closely with the Philadelphia Police Department's Special Victims Unit to ensure that a thorough investigation is conducted."

read full article at source:
Old June 6th, 2014 #33
News Bot
Post Utah teacher Brianne Altice claims SHE is the victim after teen boy "wore down her defenses"

Brianne Altice, 34, was a teacher at Davis High School in Kaysville, Utah

She has been charged with rape after police investigated three counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor

The teen was able to accurately describe her tattoos to police and layout of her home

16-year-old boy admitted to investigators he had sex with Altice at least three times in 2013

Published: 01:33 EST, 4 June 2014 |

A 34-year-old Utah high school teacher accused of having sex with a 16-year-old student claims she is the victim because the boy 'wore down her defenses.'

Lawyers for Brianne Altice asked a judge to throw out three counts of first-degree felony rape and one count of first-degree felony forcible sodomy against the teacher on Tuesday.

They say the boy admitted he set out to have sex with Altice and that it was therefore legally consensual. It is illegal in Utah for a teacher or anyone in a position of power to have sex with a person under 18.

'She repeatedly refused and declined his advances until he ultimately broke down her resistance,' defense lawyer Edward Brass claimed, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

Scroll down for video...

Brianne Altice, 34, says she is the victim and was seduced by a 16-year-old student. She has pleaded not guilty to rape charges

'The state failed to establish probable cause to believe that the intercourse that occurred was without consent.'

However, Judge John R. Morris threw out the motion - saying that there was probably cause the try Altice. He set a September trial date.

The statuesque blonde former English teacher at Davis High School in heavily Mormon Kaysville, Utah, sobbed as she left court on Tuesday with her family.

The 16-year-old boy told investigators in last November that he had had sex with Altice on three occasions in 2013 and testified to that fact at a preliminary hearing in February.

According to the Standard-Examiner the teen said in the preliminary hearing that he was upset because his family had moved to Utah from another state.

He said he was having problems and home and doing drugs and that he would skip class to hang out with Altice.

Soon a sexual relationship began after an initial encounter in a church parking lot, he said.

The teen was allegedly able to accurately describe the layout of Altice's home to detectives as well as tattoos on her body.

Altice's husband filed for divorce shortly after his wife's arrest. It was finalized in December.

'The defendant occupied a position of special trust in relation' to the juvenile, prosecutors wrote.

Altice was originally arrested in October. Altice was believed to have had sex with a 16-year-old on many occasions, including at her South Weber home and at a park in addition to the church parking lot, a Davis County Jail report states.

Police have said there may be other potential victims.

Altice was only hired by the high school last August, but had previously worked for other schools in the district since 2004.

‘Anytime a story surfaces like this ... I think it all causes us concern because these are members of the community that are held to a higher standard,’ district spokesman Chris Williams told Deseret News.

Altice is the fourth Utah teacher currently facing charges of sexually abusing children.

read full article at source:
Old June 24th, 2014 #34
Alex Linder
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Alex Linder


A high school teacher has been sentenced to 30 months probation after having sex with a student.

Amber Kraus, 30, worked at Grant Community High School near Fox Lake, Chicago, until last October, when allegations of the sexual assault began to surface.

She pleaded guilty to aggravated criminal sexual abuse but could have faced a sentence of three to seven years in prison if convicted at trial.

She had taught at the school for eight years.
Old June 29th, 2014 #35
News Bot
Post Band teacher, 23, charged for 'having sex with 18-year-old student in school storage room'

Michelle Strickland charged with having an improper relationship

She allegedly had sex with the teen at Stratford High School in Texas and at his home during spring semester this year

She has been fired

Published: 12:56 EST, 29 June 2014 |

A Texas band teacher has been accused of having sex with one of her students in a storage room at their school.

Michelle Strickland, 23, has been charged with having an improper relationship with the 18-year-old student.

According to a police investigation, the assistant band director and the teen would disappear into a room in the band hall of Houston's Stratford High School where they would have oral sex.

They also had sex at the student's home over the spring break and sent each other explicit text messages.

Police began investigating the improper relationship in April after receiving an anonymous tip off, according to KTRK TV in Houston.

The principal told investigators he reviewed the student's phone communication between the teen and the teacher that suggested an ongoing sexual relationship.

Strickland, who joined the school in the 2013-2014 year, was removed from the classroom. She was later dismissed.

Spring Branch Police Chief Chuck Brawner said the student involved had admitted to having a sexual relationship with the teacher.

'The student admitted to it. She denied it,' he said.

Scroll down for video

Charged: Stratford High School band teacher Michelle Strickland, 23, has been accused of having sex with her 18-year-old student

Sacked: Michelle Strickland (pictured left and right) has been fired from Houston's Stratford High School

Chief Brawner also said they had obtained explicit text messages sent between the pair during the course of the affair.

Parents of other students at the school were sent a detailed message by the principal outlining the details of Strickland's arrest.

The statement said: 'Spring Branch ISD's number one priority will always be the safety of our students. We will take swift and decisive action against any employee who ever endangers a student.

'This type of behavior will never be tolerated in Spring Branch ISD. The bond of trust between our parents and students and the employees of the school district is critically important.

'We have worked closely with law enforcement officials on this case, and if these allegations are proven true, we urge the justice system to take the strongest possible action against this former employee.

'Our thoughts and prayers are with the student who is alleged to have been the victim in this case, and with his family.'

Strickland was released from jail on a $10,000 bond after being charged.

read full article at source:
Old July 11th, 2014 #36
News Bot
Post Florida twerking teacher Courtney Spruill suspended for "giving students alcohol and lap dances"

School officials are investigating allegations teacher Courtney Spruill danced and drank with soccer team players at a house party

Video of the event allegedly shows her also receiving a lap dance

Published: 15:36 EST, 10 July 2014 | Updated: 20:53 EST, 10 July 2014

After displaying what school administrators are calling a 'gross exercise of poor judgement,' Florida teacher Courtney Spruill has been suspended without pay for 15 days after evidence surfaced of her having a wild party with members of the school soccer team.

Spruill works at Kernan Middle School as a soccer team coach and PE/Health teacher.

She was suspended effective immediately following a July 1 vote by the Duval County School Board.

Scroll down for video

Florida teacher Courtney Spruill has been suspended without pay after evidence surfaced of her having a wild party with members of the school soccer team

Action News Jax reports an investigation into the alleged incident came to light after a student approached a softball coach about throwing a party for the soccer team.

The event eventually happened in May at the house of a player's parents.

A student later accused Spruill of drinking alcohol and twerking on the students.

Twerking was defined by the school district investigation as dirty dancing.

The district also allegedly viewed a cell phone video of Spruill receiving a lap dance from a student.

The homeowner, who has not been identified, said Spruill brought vodka to the party as a gift, but only drank soda herself.

read full article at source:
Old August 19th, 2014 #37
News Bot
Post Teacher Jennifer Sexton 'had sex with student, 15, in hotel room'

English teacher Jennifer Sexton quit her job at Hollis Middle School just days after allegedly having sex with the boy for the first time in April

Police say in June they discovered Sexton with the boy in a Mississippi motel room

The arrest on suspicion of statutory rape led police to re-evaluate the community's suspicions in Oklahoma, where she's now been charged

Prosecutors in Oklahoma previously had only suspicions and the boy had been uncooperative when questioned

Published: 16:11 EST, 18 August 2014 | Updated: 10:12 EST, 19 August 2014

Charged: Oklahoma English teacher Jennifer Sexton is charged with following her 15-year-old English student 650 miles to Mississippi, where she allegedly had sex with him in a hotel room

An Oklahoma middle school English teacher allegedly followed a 15-year-old student on his summer vacation 650 miles away to a Mississippi hotel room, where police say she had sex the the boy in June.

Jennifer Sexton had quit her job at Hollis Middle School just two months before amid suspicions in the community that something inappropriate was going on between her and the student.

'People seeing a teacher alone with a child may or may not be anything. It could just be innocent contact,' Harmon County Assistant District Attorney Eric Yarborough told the Oklahoman.

Until the June arrest, those hunches were all authorities had to go on and the boy was uncooperative.

'The child said nothing’s going on, she’s just a nice teacher,' said Yarborough.

Now the unnamed victim has revealed several sexual encounters with Sexton.

In fact, in Oklahoma in the months before they were caught together in a Best Western, he said they had sex several times.

He told police they had sex in Sexton's classroom for the first time just days before she resigned.

They also allegedly had sex in her SUV and in her home.

The boy even said they had sex in the home of Sexton's pastor father.

Scene of the crime? Sexton and her middle school student were allegedly caught together in this Mississippi Best Western, where police say the 28-year-old had sex with the boy in June

A month before Sexton drove her SUV to Olive Branch, Mississippi and allegedly picked up the victim from a church, she won a divorce from her husband and took back her maiden name, Caswell.

Whether she's going by Sexton or Caswell, she's now an accused sex offender.

She turned herself in this past Friday and faces three counts of second-degree rape, two counts of enticing a child, a one forcible sodomy count.

read full article at source:
Old August 30th, 2014 #38
News Bot
Post Former Lincoln High teacher who had sex with students gets 6 months in jail

Former Lincoln High School teacher Meredith Powell, 25, cries in court as she's sentenced Friday to serve six months in jail for having had sex with students. (Photo: KCPQ-TV)

TACOMA — Former Lincoln High School teacher Meredith Powell was sentenced Friday to six months in jail for having sex with two of her underage students and sexting a third.

Powell, 25, who pleaded guilty in July to on two counts of child rape and one count of communicating with a minor for immoral purposes, sobbed in Pierce County Superior Court as she apologized for her actions before her sentencing.

The judge actually sentenced her to 5 years in prison, but granted her a Special Sex Offender Sentencing Alternative, or SSOSA.

Under the SSOSA, Powell will serve six months in the Pierce County Jail with 54 months suspended on the condition that she comply with court-ordered sex offender treatment, register as a sex offender, have law abiding behavior and have no contact with the minor victims.

Failure to comply with any of the court ordered conditions can result in revocation of the SSOSA and Powell could serve the full 60 months.

The Tacoma News Tribune said that after hearing Powell will spend only six months in jail, several friends of the victims cursed and one family member stormed out of the courtroom.

Powell was arrested in February, shortly after the Tacoma School District got an anonymous tip that she was engaging in sexual contact with at least two students between the ages of 14 and 16. She resigned shortly after her arrest.

Prosecutors said that on Jan. 17, one of the boys went to Powell’s classroom instead of attending the school’s Martin Luther King Day assembly. The two kissed and engaged in sexual activity, prosecutors said.

A few days after the assembly, Powell engaged in sexual activity in her classroom with a second boy. They kissed and she performed oral sex on him, prosecutors said.

Also, she exchanged explicit text messages with a third victim in January.

On Feb. 3, Powell wrote a letter to the angry girlfriend of one of the boys in which she apologized for her “promiscuous” and “unprofessional” comments and texts. The girlfriend showed the letter to school administrators and Powell was placed on administrative leave.

Detectives arrested her on Feb. 6.

read full article at source:
Old September 20th, 2014 #39
News Bot
Post Mother of two, 34, is arrested for "sexually assaulting" three 15-year-old male students at the high school where she taught

Nicole Dufault, 34, is charged with aggravated sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child

The mother of two is accused of assaulting three 15-year-old boys at Columbia HS in Maplewood, New Jersey

Dufault, a mother of two, allegedly assaulted the boys at her car and on school property

| Updated: 08:20 EST, 19 September 2014

Nicole Dufault, 34, is charged with the sexual of three male students

A New Jersey high school teacher has been arrested on accusations of sexually assaulting three 15-year-old boys in her car and at the school where she taught.

Mother-of-two Nicole Dufault, 34, is charged with several counts of aggravated sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child, reported.

Prosecutors in Essex County say that Dufault, who taught language arts at Columbia High School for nine years, assaulted the boys during the regular academic year and summer school between 2013-2014.

The encounters allegedly took place in the teacher's car and the school's campus in Maplewood, New Jersey, and included oral sex and intercourse, authorities charge.

Dufault's two minor children have been removed from her custody.

'I don't understand how someone can't pick up the clues for something like that or how any one of those kids would not have said something before now,' parent Jennifer Berkeley told WABC. 'It's really surprising to me.'

'They do background checks on the teachers, so I don’t understand,' another Columbia HS parent told CBS New York.

Dufault was arrested at her home on Wedneday. One neighbor, who's known the teacher for six years, was shocked to hear about the allegations.

'Seemed like a, you know, just an average mom going to work,' Maureen Messina told CBS New York.

'Not only did she destroy her life and her children, but the boys who are involved as well,' the neighbor added.

Dufault is being held at the Essex County Jail in lieu of $500,000 bail.

read full article at source:
Old October 16th, 2014 #40
News Bot
Post Debra Lafave who had sex with 14-year-old boy wins her appeal

Debra Lafave won the appeal against her sex offender probation in Florida on Thursday

Lafave, 34, drew national headlines in 2004 when she abused a 14-year-old boy while teaching at Greco Middle School in Temple Terrace

In 2005, pleaded guilty and put on house arrest for three years; probation for seven years

In 2011, she had probation quashed by retiring judge to allow her to care for newborn twins and cancer-stricken mother

In 2013, she was placed back on probation after 2011 decision was called 'abuse of judicial power'

Victim's sister said at time her brother had never recovered from the assaults and was under psychiatric care

| Updated: 15:18 EST, 16 October 2014

A teacher who had sex with a 14-year-old boy on multiple occasions ten years ago has won her appeal to cut her probation short.

In a ruling from the Supreme Court of Florida on Thursday, Debra Lafave had the 2013 ruling to reinstate her sex offender probation quashed.

She remains on probation until her case can be heard by a trial judge.

Lafave, 34, pleaded guilty in 2005 to a string of sexual encounters with the teenage boy who was a student where she taught English at Greco Middle School in Temple Terrace, Florida.

Scroll down for video

She was put on house arrest for three years and then placed on probation for seven years.

But the punishment was frozen by a retiring judge to allow her to help care for her newborn twin sons as well as her cancer-stricken mother in 2011.

Lafave said at the time: 'My mom was diagnosed with cancer for the second time, and I spent my year off probation taking care of her and I'm so fortunate that I was able to take her to chemo treatments and spend the nights with her when she needed me the most.

In 2013, Lafave was officially back on probation after protests from the victim's family. She was put back under federal supervision to see out the remaining four years and two months of her sentence.

In 2005, Lafave, then 25, was convicted of two counts of lewd and lascivious battery, barely more than a year after she married.

Lafave, pictured left at court in 2005 with an unidentified woman. Right, pictured with her ex-husband Owen Lafave in 2004 before they divorced

The story took a bizarre twist after John Gillespie, the lead detective in her case, was arrested before the trial in an unrelated prostitution sting, while Tampa Bay Police officers were probed when it was revealed they took graphic nude photos of Lafave while she was in stirrups in a jail cell.

In 2009, once she completed sex offender therapy, a judge allowed her to have contact with her relative's children, though she was still banned from living within 1,000 feet of where children congregate.

Lafave later went on national television to explain her actions, attributing her indiscretions to bipolar disorder, hyper-sexuality and poor judgement during manic episodes.

Her ex-husband, Owen Lafave, left her and also appeared on a number of chat shows, before she remarried and gave birth to twins.

Three years ago, a retiring judge offered leniency to Lafave - who now uses her maiden name Beasley - but in a move an appellate court later ruled to have been an 'abuse of judicial power'.

But before the judge made that ruling, a sister of Lafave's victim - who is now in his twenties - said her brother's mental health has been devastated. Her voice shaking, the sister was allowed to testify after giving only her initials.

'This is something that has consumed his life,' she said, adding that her brother remained under psychiatric care and was himself opposed to an early end to her probation.

Lafave was reported by the boy's mother in May of 2004 and was immediately arrested.

She was charged with two counts of felonies after pleading guilty to having sexual intercourse and oral sex on four different occasions with the boy - one of which was at the school.

The disgraced teacher avoided jail entirely, despite facing up to 30 years behind bars if convicted. She was then sentenced to only seven years probation and three years house arrest.

She is banned from teaching in Florida for life.

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