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Alex Linder
Default Birdman Bryant's Ideas

Let’s Have a Party — A White Liberationist Libertarian Political Party!
By John ‘Birdman’ Bryant

Note: Most claims made here are thoroughly documented at, particularly the Articles of Others section and the Jewish Question section.

Introduction: I have composed the document below with the hope that those interested in practical politics and the difficult task of educating our race might use it as a basis for their activities. The wonderful thing about politics is that it allows one to make noise and attract attention, and even to obtain coverage in the mainstream media. This is not to say that those same media will not try to smear us, but all publicity can be beneficial by making people ask themselves, What makes these individuals go up against accepted norms? Yes, some will think us fools, but there will always be others who are not fooled. Beyond this, there is nothing like free publicity for the poverty-stricken, as most of those in the Movement seem to be. I cannot myself participate in such a political party because of several factors: I am an ‘idea man’ not a political type; I am not nearly as young as I once was; and I do not wish to become a victim of the Peter Principle, which dictates that every man rises to his own level of incompetence. For these reasons, I shall continue to do what I have been doing successfully for the past several years, and leave the triumph and tragedy of politics to others.


The present document sets forth the philosophy of a proposed political party whose purpose is to shape and/or maintain American society based upon the following concerns:

* First, libertarian ideals — the ideals of democracy (government by the consent of the governed) and individual liberty (limited government bound down by the chains of the Constitution) which were the central focus of the Founders of the American nation;

* Second, the knowledge of racial, ethnic, sexual and other group facts, many of which have become known or properly understood only within the last few decades; and

* Third, a desire for the preservation and prosperity of the white race similar to the concern which blacks, hispanics, Jews, Muslims and other races and ethnicities freely and unashamedly profess for their own groups, and out of which concern have created such well-known organizations as the ADL and AIPAC (for Jews), the NAACP (for blacks), MECHA and LULAC (for hispanics), and the National Socialist party (for whites). In this context it may be noted that we call ourselves ‘white liberationists’ because we are struggling against the oppression of the widely-held but deeply wrong notion that whites are uniquely evil among all the races because they have supposedly ‘oppressed’ other races and ethnicities, and therefore possess no moral justification for having an organization which will speak for their interests.

In the following paragraphs we state the principles and policies which are intended to support and elaborate the above concerns.

** General racial principles and policies

* The white race is the creator of what is generally called Western civilization. This civilization, which traces its roots to ancient Greece and Rome, and which has dominated the Western world for more than 20 centuries, has produced a flowering of human achievement which is unmatched by the achievements of any other race or culture, ancient or modern. These achievements especially include individual freedom in the political, economic and personal spheres, and limited government vested in the people, to say nothing of the white race’s intellectual and physical accomplishments, its cultural institutions, and particularly its genome. We therefore regard it of primary importance — both for whites themselves and for the other races and ethnicities of the world, most of which have benefitted from Western civilization — to preserve the white race, whose biological and cultural development has taken such a long period, yet which could be largely lost in just a generation.

* We are not white ’supremacists’, but rather believe that each race is unique, and — other things being equal — deserves to enjoy its own culture, to preserve its unique genetic heritage, and to follow its own destiny. For this to be accomplished, however, each race requires a territory or living space over which it has sole control. Toward that end, it is our policy that America should be a predominantly white nation, since it was explicitly founded as a white nation, and has an overwhelming majority population and culture which is white; and that in keeping with this policy, foreign elements should be induced or required to return to their own homelands, or, should this prove impractical, ought to be removed to segregated enclaves within the 50 states. We have no animus for other races — we just do not wish to mix with them or have them in our living space.

* The white race, and thus Western civilization, is in a life-and-death struggle for survival with the other races and ethnicities of the world, particularly Blacks, Jews, Muslims and Latinos. More particularly, in the present day, whites constitute no more than 18 percent of the world population, but that percentage is diminishing rapidly. While the struggle with Muslims and Latinos is currently more of a breeding competition which whites are losing badly, it is daily becoming a political struggle in which the culture of Muslims (in Europe) and Latinos (in America) are gradually taking over the territory of whites and replacing white culture with their own. The problem for whites posed by Jews — or at least the Jewish establishment — is that Jews have effectively taken over the government, the media and the financial system of the entire Western world, with the evident view of completely dominating the peoples of the West in what is often referred to as a world government, global plantation or New World Order (NWO). More particularly, the Jews have put into practice numerous social, political and financial programs which have had the effect of undermining Western civilization and encouraging the white population to breed itself out of existence, presumably because of Jewish animus for perceived persecution by Christian whites of past generations, and the belief that whites are the only race with the capacity to challenge Jewish power.

** Specific racial/ethnic policies:

* Discrimination: We are opposed to affirmative action and all other forms of government-sponsored anti-white discrimination. We do, however, believe that racial discrimination by individual whites is justified in many cases, eg, in hiring practices (few blacks are qualified for anything beyond garbage collectors and basketball players), in ‘redlining’ by banks or in pizza deliveries, and in the police policy of stopping black drivers more often than whites — a practice whose supposed offense is derisively described as ‘driving while black’ — since blacks have significantly lower IQs and substantially higher crime rates than whites.

* Blacks: By virtually all measures, blacks are a drain on white society: Their low intelligence (15 IQ points lower than whites) makes them unfit for most jobs in modern white society beyond the menial, and their crime rate (nine times that of whites) makes them a virtual criminal class. Thus we propose to offer each black a substantial sum of cash (say, $100,000) to permanently leave the United States (With an average IQ of 85, it would be a breeze for American blacks to dominate Africa, where the average IQ is only 70.) As to those unwilling to leave, they might be allowed to stay if they had a high IQ or history of substantial achievement; otherwise the price of their remaining should be sterilization and cessation of welfare, and possibly relocation to a black area within the US, with expulsion or execution if they are found to be involved in crime.

* Latinos/Hispanics/Mexicans: We propose to deport all such persons immediately if they cannot speak English fluently or if they are involved in crime. Borders should be sealed, and bounties should be given to marksmen who shoot any person crossing the border illegally.

* Jews: The Jewish Question is a very difficult one for whites. On the one hand, Jews are generally law-abiding and productive citizens, and, on average, are both more intelligent and wealthier than whites. On the other hand, however, they have come to dominate politics and finance, which is not necessarily bad in itself, but is bad rather because their influence is used contrary to the best interests of white Americans, not the least of which is getting the country into costly and pointless (for Americans) Mideast wars, causing financial abuse and chaos with their domination of the banking system (viz, depressions and inflation via the Federal Reserve), seeing that zillions of taxpayer dollars are made available to “that shitty little country” Israel, and using their media control to condition the population to accept doctrines like multiculturalism and political correctness which are both contrary to American interests and the exact opposite of the policies of Israel. Beyond this, the history of the 20th century leaves no doubt that Jewish leadership — sometimes referred to as Organized Jewry or the Jewish Establishment — has an enormous animus for whites, and in pursuit of this animus, has brought Western civilization to the brink of collapse and the white race to the brink of extinction. It is possible that Jews could be allowed to stay in a white America, tho this might require certain restrictions on their behavior, such as being barred from politics or the media; and it is even possible that the Jewish problem may eventually disappear once ordinary Jews are thoroughly educated in the evil which the Jewish establishment has brought upon the West. Accordingly, it is our proposal that every citizen be required to master the details of this abuse, which will help to deconstruct the pride of being Jewish and the myth that Jews are ‘a light unto the nations’, and will help gentiles to be on their guard against the predations of Jewry.

** Population generally:

* Immigration – We are in favor of immigration, as long as the immigrants are white, self-supporting, and those who will bring resources to America such as work skills, education and capital. We recognize that America will probably have to serve as a refuge for European whites as they are run out of Europe by the Muslims, and we are willing and indeed eager to see these people occupy the vast unsettled territories that make up America where they will serve to strengthen the country against potentially-invasive Third World hordes.

* Breeding – One of the white man’s major problems is that his low birth rate is driving him to extinction, a state that has been deliberately encouraged by Jews who created and supported feminism for just this purpose. We therefore wish to encourage young white people to have as many children as they reasonably can, and for this reason we support government subsidies to couples with children, with the largest subsidies going to couples with high intelligence or other indications of potential social worth. In contrast, the birth rate of the Third World is burgeoning, and we believe it is contrary to our national interest to send doctors, medicine and food to Third World countries where such gifts will only cause the population to grow and make the original problem worse.

* Dual citizenship – We do not want anyone as a citizen who cannot make up his mind where his loyalty lies.

** The scope of government

In general, the government should not be involved in any activity beyond national defense, law enforcement and the construction of necessary public works and facilities such as roads, sewers, power plants and the like. All other things should be left to private enterprise, including education, welfare, the setting of professional standards (adhered to voluntarily because they generate customer trust), and the testing and regulation of food and drugs (In accord with this latter, we would insist on the cessation of government efforts to medicate the population (as it does by adding the dangerous chemical fluoride to the water) and to manipulate the natural environment (as it does in dispersing dangerous chemicals in the atmosphere via ‘chemtrails’).

** Politics

Our present political system is corrupt, and even if it were not, the people are poorly represented by it. Our proposal for a new system is as follows: The country is to be divided into small geographic areas (Tier 1 areas), each of which contains (say) 3-5000 people, and each of which is responsible for electing a Tier 1 representative. The representatives of contiguous Tier 1 areas are then responsible for electing a representative from THEIR group to become a Tier 2 representative. The Tier 2 representatives then elect Tier 3 representatives, and so on, till the entire country is represented by a small number of Tier N representatives (It should only take about 3 tiers to get a small number of ‘ultimate rulers’.) The small group of Tier N representatives will then be made millionaires, in order to keep them from being ‘bought’ by rich outsiders. Any representative can be removed at any time by a majority petition of those who elected him. The point of this system is (a) to exclude money and large media influence from politics (a candidate need only campaign among 5000 people at most, not millions), (b) to give people a direct means of removing unwanted representatives at any time, and (c) to insure that each person can know his representative personally, as opposed to knowing only some image on the TV screen.

** Legal system

* Laws – Laws against vice and victimless crime (drugs, gambling, prostitution and the like) would be constitutionally forbidden, as would torture. The state would have no authority over children or foetuses (all parents own their children absolutely) nor any authority to interfere in domestic matters. Changes to ‘basic law’ would have to be approved by a majority vote of all Tiers, thus making changes in the law difficult.

* Courts – Criminal indictments could be brought by private parties as well as by (publicly-paid) District Attorneys, requiring only the consent of a Grand Jury. All cases would be judged by professional free-market judges selected by mutual consent of the conflicting parties. All judges would have their entire professional record publicly available, particularly including the comments of all parties who had had cases judged by said judge. There would be no appeals, and judgments would be based only on written law (there would be no ‘case law’). Judges would be ‘controlled’ by their perceived fairness, since they would rarely be hired in a free market if they were considered unfair. Political crimes and crimes of conscience would be treated entirely differently than ordinary ’selfish’ crimes, and could be punished only by non-punitive confinement and restitution. Selfish crimes, on the other hand, would be punished by confinement or any ingenious punishment that the judge might devise as long as approved by a standing ethics committee; while violent crimes could be punished by corporal punishment or branding. In any event, criminals would be forced to be productive in order to pay the costs of their confinement, and restitution to victims of selfish crime would be required. The reasons for the above system include the following: Simplicity, no long delays, no lawyer feasts, no prosecution monopoly by DAs, local control which abides by local sentiments, appropriate punishment, recognition of crimes of conscience, reduced chances of abuse of either perpetrators or victims, and recognition that a principal function of law should be restitution to the victim.

** Financial matters

* Money – The government should issue paper money whose basic value is derived from its acceptance in payment of taxes, which will cause it to be accepted as a medium of exchange. The volume which is issued should be whatever will keep the value of the currency stable relative to a market basket of products, including gold and silver, ie, the currency should be issued so that there will be no inflation, but is adequate for the carrying-on of trade. The Federal Reserve should be abolished, as it is a private organization which the government must pay for the privilege of its issuing the currency. ‘Hard money’ — gold and silver coin — are inadequate as currency because the amount in circulation is too small for trade, and because prices in hard money are subject to both inflation and deflation since the volume of metals remains relatively constant while population and availability of commodities vary widely.

* Taxes – Taxes should be limited to either a land tax or a sales tax. The virtue of a land tax is that everyone has to use land so no one will be spared the tax, and a tax on it means that it will be used sparingly, thus helping the environment and avoiding urban sprawl. Another virtue is that a land tax is objective in assessment — it does not require probing a citizen’s personal records. As to a sales tax, the virtues are that it discourages consumption and involves only a relatively few people; but its drawback is that it invites government probing of personal records. In any event, the tax rate must be constitutionally fixed to keep the government small, since power corrupts, and money is power. (If there is any one thing which is the most important element of our system, an iron limit on government revenue is it.) The idea here is that, however evil the government may become, its evil is limited by its revenues.

* Market – The market should be free of government interference or regulation with 4 exceptions: (a) Tariffs should protect national industries from foreign competition in order to make sure that the country is self-sufficient in as many ways as possible — a matter vital to national survival in time of war; (b) no companies should be allowed to grow beyond a certain size because of their potential political influence; (c) there should be a stiff inheritance tax on large fortunes (no one should be allowed to inherit a billion dollars, tho a few million might be ok) in order to prevent the growth of powerful families or groups who may have untoward political or financial influence; (d) the government should require all companies past a certain size to share substantial ownership with their employees in order to avoid disruptive strikes; and (e) the media should be regulated as explained below. Note: The argument by free marketeers against (a) has always been that it will coddle industries rather than force them to modernize, something which is not true under the regimen that companies must stay below a certain size, since smallness will guarantee that there will be competition.

* Media – Because the mass media are the primary method of informing people, because democracy requires a well-educated and thoughtful electorate in order to best serve the people as a whole, and because Jewish control of the media has produced the greatest conglomeration of malign influences in our nation’s history, we conclude that the media must be as diverse as possible in the range of information distributed and opinions expressed. Toward this end, there must be strict prohibition against multiple ownership or control of media outlets, and equally strict prohibition of government influence in, and interference with, all media outlets. Beyond this, as technical innovations are made, there should be maximal efforts to make available to the public as many channels of media communication as possible, from public access TV and pirate radio upward.

* Subsidies: As already mentioned, the government should subsidize parents so they can have large families. Beyond this, the government should subsidize a minimum education so as to insure that all citizens are literate. Government should also insure bank deposits (or see that they are insured) in order to stabilize the banking system which, as stated earlier, should be based on government currency. While a strong military may be a requirement to prevent attacks from others, stringent measures should be adopted against meddling in foreign affairs, whether militarily or with bribery (aka ‘foreign aid’). Domestically, however, the government should insure that every householder is thoroughly armed and trained for self-defense and ‘to preserve the revolution’ (ours). One final thing that the government should subsidize is what we may call ‘primitive lifestyles’, in which certain people are paid to live for a certain length of time in technologically-less-sophisticated circumstance where they must learn and practice certain skills commonly used by our ancestors in order that these skills will not be forgotten should our technology-based society come to ruin. Such skills might include spinning on a spinning wheel, weaving on a hand loom, hand-crafting furniture, farming with horses instead of tractors, trapping game, shooting with bow and arrow, and similar survival-type skills, many of which are practiced by the Amish, the Boy Scouts, and other back-to-nature-type groups. Skills of intermediate technology, such as hand-building motors and making primitive computer chips, might also be included in such a program.

** In conclusion:

It is inevitable that people who support our program will be called the usual names: bigot, hater, racist, sexist, (neo) nazi, antisemite. For those who are traumatized by such accusations, let me just say: We don’t need you — go back to your mother. We need fighters — people who can deal with this kind of ugliness and still make their point, who can fight the battles that need to be fought in the face of hostility and rejection, who can recognize that ’sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.’ And especially do we need people who can take these nonsense charges and throw them back in our accusers’ faces with such truths as:

* “Ask not whether I am a bigot, racist, etc — ask only if I am RIGHT.”

* “Hate is good, as long as it is directed against hateful things. Like stupid liberals and multiculturalists, vicious crime-prone blacks, reconquista Mexicans, and warmongering dual-loyalist Jews.”

* “Of course I am a racist — everyone is. Racism is a law of nature — ‘Birds of a feather flock together.’”

* “At least the nazis knew who the enemy is — something you haven’t figured out yet.”

* “Of course I’m antisemitic. If you aren’t antisemitic, you aren’t paying attention.”

(I suggest that you sit down and memorize these soundbites, because if you do, you should be able to niftily eviscerate your opponents on even your worst day.)

So again I say, if you are a fighter and a man (or woman) of conviction and dedication, we very much need you. Because without you, we are going to remain on Square One and our race and country are going to die, all while we insult our ancestors who spilled their blood so that we could have life.

** Appendix: Are we truly libertarian?

Some years ago the official organ of the Libertarian Party — the LP News — published this author’s definition of libertarianism:

* Libertarianism is the belief that the government should stay the hell out of our bedrooms, our medicine cabinets and our pocketbooks.

While this definition omits some subtleties of more lengthy characterizations, it is a good rule of thumb, as is another definition of mine: “Libertarianism is the belief that, when it comes to government, small is beautiful.” I put forward these definitions as a prelude to noting that nothing in the present document conflicts with basic libertarian principles — an important point because there are no doubt some (and perhaps many) libertarians who will denounce us with the usual slurs because they are deeply afraid of being smeared with the same slurs if they do not distance themselves from us — a fear which is all too common in what should now be called ‘the home of the none-too-brave’, to say nothing of the entire Western world. But in fact the people who label us with the usual slurs are themselves very unlibertarian, as will be seen from my detailed treatment of this matter in my essay “Race& Groups: The Libertarian Blind Spot” which is posted in the Libertarian section of my website, Indeed, this essay shows that the Libertarian party itself, and not just many individual libertarians, are guilty of abandoning true libertarianism, and indeed of taking a position consonant with the destruction of the Party and basic libertarian ideals.


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