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John White2
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John White2
Thumbs up The End of the Jewish Question - DNA door entry systems

We know the West is completely infiltrated by Jews. Intelligence, military and scientific research are flooded with ashkenazis, passing back all our intelligence to Israel.

DNA testing can show the presence of Ashkenazi blood to secure sensitive government positions such as intelligence. Fingerprint door entry systems could check DNA instead of fingerprints. Just imagine, a jew walks through the door and all the alarms go off

If a test shows ashkenazi DNA, you can say that person is more biologically predisposed to be a spy/traitor.

Sounds good? Well the British government has already implemented DNA testing at the Border Agency on asylum seekers to determine their race and national origin. The UKBA believes this will help limit “bogus” asylum claims made by people who pretend to have fled war zones.

This type of technology could tear back our sensitive government agencies, and our countries, out of the hands of the Jews.

The Jewish question just a whole lot simpler.
Old October 3rd, 2009 #2
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It is an excellent example of how the Aryans will eventually triumph in this war.We won't do it outbreeding them we will do it by the invention and application of technics.This is what seperates us and them.At the moment many of the advances in science and technology are either not used or used half heartedly.In the future they will be used soley for the benefit and welfare of the Aryan race.All the idiot arguments from the internet as to who is an Aryan or not will be solved once and for all by dna analysis.
The above post is as always my opinion

Chase them into the swamps


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