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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Streicher's Editorial Strategy in Der Sturmer

Also reading, or perhaps rereading, "Little Man,What Now? Der Stuermer in the Weimar Republic" by jew (I assume) Dennis Showalter. The point is to see how Streicher did it. Like Hitler, Streicher won medals for bravery in WWI. Before the war, he was a substitute teacher. The author has to explain to leftist dolts that not everything in the paper was fabricated. Which is a dishonest way of saying nothing in the paper was fabricated - as far as jew Showalter can prove. In the end, Showalter is just another so-called academic who is too gutless even to consider the proposition that his subject was basically right in what he asserted and fought for. This fundamental bias colors almost all writing about Nazis and their period. Still, leftists often dredge up facts that can be useful to those who don't share their anti-white, anti-German, anti-Nazi bigotry.

How much was anti-jewism part of the Nazi appeal? Showalter says: "Perhaps the most important point in the debate is not that Germans were receptive to Nazi anti-Semitism, but that they were not sufficiently repelled by it to reject other elements of the movement's appeal. And since Der Sturmer more than any other Nazi institution focused on the Jew, directly and as a symbol, its contents can at least be used to indicate the kinds of anti-Semitic arguments the National Socialists thought would be effective." (ix)

Here's the jew trying to cope with the idea, or get his readers to consider the idea, that DS did not actually have to make things up:

Incidents reported in Der Sturmer could be freely invented. They could be extensively embroidered. Or they could have happened substantially as they were reported. The important point, which will be developed in the body of this book, is that more of them might have happened than one would wish to concede. Particularly in its everyday material Der Sturmer did not always tax reader credulity to its limits. Similarly, few of the letters in Streicher's file suggest hoaxes. They were submitted by everyone from prosperous businessmen to unemployed day laborers. ... While the writers' perceptions may be highly dubious, their sincerity is much less questionable.
Translated out of jewspeak into English, what jew Showalter is saying, or admitting, is that everything you read in the paper was true. It came from what jews like him usually called 'marginalized voices' where the jews are trying to attack and destroy the normal majority. Except the marginalized voices in this case were mainstream German society. They were marginalized because jews like Showalter, sharing all his biases, owned and controlled the daily press, just as Hitler discovered when he went to Vienna. So DS was simply a German paper not at odds with the view of most of the country. Again - a paper run by a solid teacher and wartime veteran who was awarded metals for bravery. If you want to talk honesty, are Germans known for their lying - or are Showalter's jews?

So jew Showalter won't try to correct DS, since, you know, there might be nothing to correct. If he dug too far into specifics, why, he runs the risk of the defense attorneys in Judgement at Nuremberg, the jew Kubrick film: coming up with "interpretations of individual events just plausible enough to distort the underlying truths of the Third Reich." We could call that typical jewish intellectual cowardice. Or naked self-interest. How could the jews be wrong and their critics right? Unthinkable!

- Der Sturmer worked to establish an "alternative psychic reality" for its readers.

That's a good line, and memorable. It is exactly what VNN does. It's exactly what spintros were designed to do, and the dailiness of them, when we started, was part of it. I always said, if you read VNN for two weeks, you will see things the way we do. After all, we don't have to make things up. We don't have to stick to the ugly nice lies you read everywhere else. We can tell the truth, and we can make the truth funny. This is what Streicher did - and quite successfully. Streicher and the NS successfully competed with the jews to dominate the German narrative. Which is what whites need to do in every land in which jews control the media.

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N.B. Forrest
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N.B. Forrest

Truth + mocking laughter = the bursting of the kikes' gaseous bubble. They themselves have always used the latter to great destructive effect, but they never had the former. We do.
"First: Do No Good." - The Hymiecratic Oath

"The man who does not exercise the first law of nature—that of self preservation — is not worthy of living and breathing the breath of life." - John Wesley Hardin


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