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Geoff Beck
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Geoff Beck
Default #20 To Hunt a Bird of Prey

Hunting a Bird of Prey

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Unless an appeals court intervenes Glenn Miller's bid for congress is finished. Despite being denied access to the ballot, Miller's audacity has furthered White Nationalist sentiment in the country. In Alabama a Mr. Larry Darby, another White Nationalist, ran for attorney general receiving 43% of the vote in the Democratic primary. The publicity garnered by these efforts is priceless, and in Darby's case, since he got on the ballot, proves that White Nationalist issues can make headway with the public despite antagonism by the controlled media.

Given demographics and social trends a flourishing electoral landscape for candidates running on a White Nationalist platform ought to develop. As Whites diminish in number, as they are increasingly murdered by non-Whites, out-breed, and numerically overwhelmed by the flood of non-White immigration the Whites which remain, by the fact of their very existence, must self-evidently be racially conscious, otherwise they would have fallen to the genocide campaign underwritten by Jews. Of course the terrible cost of White racial consciousness - in this scenario - is a huge reduction in the number of Whites, along with increased violence by non-Whites directed upon Whites.

So, lets be hard-headed about our situation. Even now, with Whites at 70% of the US population, if a wave a White Nationalist sentiment swept through America we must face this fact: a legislative solution to our problem is impossible. Given the power minority factions, or more accurately racial factions, are afforded by the government a White Nationalists movement, working within the existing two party process, is likely doomed to frustration and failure. Of course, considering mounting favor ability of White Nationalist issues one would expect the corrupt two-party system to preempt sincere White Nationalist candidates with their own bogus candidates paying 'lip service' to White Nationalist themes in order to acquire power and access to wealth. Chain, or Craig Cobb, has rightly described the two-party system as "the two wings of a bird of prey."

We must understand the political system is rigged. By that I mean it is impossible for a 3rd or independent party to defeat the joint opposition of the Republicans and Democrats - since they are in fact one body. Given this reality, emerging political trends are then captured, consumed, and eliminated by the corrupt two-party party system: power, along with the objectives of the regime, is preserved. Of course, this suits the the two-teams fine, since, despite the acrimony, they serve the same interests.

Miller wanted to get on one of the team's tickets. They said "no". The Judge is right, the constitution says nothing about political parties. The founders didn't like parties, and thought they had devised a system which might prevent parties from arising. In Darby's case had he won he would have been defeated in the general election, and had he won that election he would have been isolated and marginalized. If necessary the UN security council would declare war on Darby and his supporters - claiming perhaps they are terrorists.

That's not to say running for office as a White Nationalist isn't useful, it is. But lets be clear what the goals are. Surely, the goal is not reform of the existing corrupt system, which is an impossible goal, but the destruction of it, which is possible. Never again must a such a beast be allowed to rise - it must killed, a knife thrust into its heart.

That is not to say the existing institutions don't have a certain kind of utility. For example, recall the state of politics in the late Weimar period. The two largest parties were the NSDAP, or the National Socialists, and the Communists. Both were mortal enemies but both also hated the Weimar Republic. When the Riechstag convened a new government in 1933 the with the communists and NSDAP as the two largest parties, with Herman Goering presiding as the speaker of the parliament, the two factions immediately paralyzed the government forcing a crisis in the Weimar system. A crises which caused Hindenburg and his conservative cronies to Hitler power to restore order to Germany. Of course, the communists did not knowingly work with Nazis. Politics and social conditions had simply degraded in Weimar, Germany. The NSDAP used these facts to their own advantage.

A similar degradation is occurring in America. Crisis conditions are forming. White Nationalists did not create these conditions, but we can certainly exploit them. White Nationalist did not import the poverty and disorder that accompanies the non-White hordes invading this land, we did sanction the hollowing out of American industry, nor did we create the banking system which is directly responsible for the crushing levels of national as well as personal debt.

Earlier I said, even with Whites reportedly holding 70% of the US population, if a wave a White Nationalist sentiment swept America a legislative solution to our problems is impossible. Let me give you an example:

Those familiar with the website know this site ranks every member of congress according to his immigration voting record. If a congressman has a record of opposing open borders and mass immigration he receives an A, if the candidate is open borders and favors mass immigration then that congressman earns an F. Of course scores range from A to F.

Using the data for the 108th congress, I simply grouped all congressmen by race: White, Black, Hispanic, and Jewish. Then using the information at I assigned a numerical value of 1 for A grades and a 5 for F grades. Then I averaged the votes according to racial group. The results showed that Blacks, Hispanics and Jews as a group voted uniformly for open open immigration, in contrast the White vote was split, about 60% / 40%; a majority of Whites voting for stricter immigration controls.

As analyzed the numbers further, I understood, that the congress and the law making process could not, even with the current White majority, save White America. The solidarity of non-White voting combined with a minority of Whites siding with our racial foes ensures that America will turn brown. Worse the number of Whites in America is falling, eroding White representation in Congress. These facts dictate radical action. In my case it convinced me to become a White Nationalist and abandon conservative politics, identifying politics exclusively with race. For I understood that civil society, technological progress, and beauty cannot be maintained by non-Whites.

So, what do we do? First, we have to look at the world as it is. We must accept that our objectives cannot be fulfilled within the framework of existing politics. This is not so radical a statement, at some time, all the founders came to understand this reality. Benjamin Franklin, for example, worked tirelessly to persuade the British government - his government - to reform its policies toward the colonies. Remember Franklin thought of himself as an Englishmen and sought respectability within the English system, yet at some point, he too understood a revolutionary break was necessary: as did Adams, Morris, Washington, Jefferson and others.

Lets continue to speculate about our future. Somehow Whites must organize, to the express exclusion of other racial groups, especially Jews. The organization must be implicitly revolutionary but willing to utilize the existing levers of power within the existing political framework. Yes, such an organization shall be infiltrated with police spies, but this was also true of the NSDAP, and it didn't stop their acquisition of power.

As a revolutionary party, the mission must be to replace the existing political framework. In this goal we might be assisted by the other racial parties which have already consolidated their position within the existing political framework - but only if we can organize, becoming a player as the Blacks and Mexicans now are.

For example, consider first the Jewish faction which controls the immigration, media, and banking processes: this group is our permanent and everlasting foe and no alliance is possible with them. However Blacks, Mexicans and other racial groups may assist us in our goals since they too have a intense hatred for the system, and elements within their race understand Jewish power. Currently the Black and Hispanic racial groups are using their power in congress to extort jobs and money from both the business and governmental sectors, yet, Blacks and Mexicans are a venal and corrupt race with little or no conception of honor or virtue. If we, as Whites organize, putting both both boots on the ground and men in congress they too shall bend to our wishes, instead of the Jews which currently manage the Black an Mexican factions. Yet, all this is contingent upon Whites organizing. Again, if we fail to organize - a condition the Jew assiduously works night and day to maintain - Blacks and Mexicans will have every incentive to keep murdering our vulnerable race and acting in accordance with Jewish interests.

How we deal with the massive population of non-Whites in our midst is crucial. It is the problem of our time, it is not a problem Nazi Germany or the American revolutionaries had to consider to the extent we must. So, lets think about this problem, in a hard-headed way.

We need the help of our racial foes. Remember it was the American revolutionaries of 1776 that turned to France, or more exactly, the French Monarchy for assistance. Recall, that America at that time was chiefly populated with subjects of the British crown and recall that treason against the British crown was often punished by torture and death by hanging. The American colonists understood they needed allies, money, men, and arms if they were to succeed, for this reason, they risked it all and sought allegiance with France.

So, seeing the world as it is, if our goal is the independence of our race, meaning the ability, of Whites to govern ourselves, the main impediment is the imperial Federal system, under Jewish domination, forcing us to live with those we detest. The presence of non-Whites is a side-effect of a corrupt government. This impediment must be removed. Crushing the Washington Tyranny given the current dis-ordered conditions in the White Nationalist movement is a formidable task. So, if we insist on reconquering Florida or California and cleansing the Mexicans and Niggers from the entire political unit of the USA that objective is simply 'a bridge too far'. Too some extent we have to accept certain areas of the United States are lost. Since we don't want to live with non-Whites or rule over them, it seems obvious the price of their cooperation in our struggle, must be the soil of California and Florida.

Again, all this is contingent upon the existence of organized Whites under wise leadership. We must know that any such organization will be thoroughly infiltrated with police and or Jewish spies. Those piloting such an organization must be men of exceptional virtue and principle, yet capable of strategic thinking and craftiness. These men do exist. They emerge in the midst of all political crises: George Washington rose to lead the Americans in our revolutionary war; Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee during in 1860s; Francisco Franco during Spain's Civil War; and, of course, Adolph Hitler. The next Washington or Franco may now be born, we need to train him.

This broadcast is about ideas, if you have constructive criticism please feel free to comment. I welcome your thoughts. You may see things differently, however the political trends are firmly established. I think the situation for our race is worse than even most White Nationalists believe, just visit your local government school or shopping mall. Whether Whites mount an effective resistance to our genocide or meekly surrender before the onslaught life shall become increasingly nasty, brutish, and short. Such are the facts of life in a multicultural society.
A White World (Pierce's Vision for our Race):
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Our only hope for autonomy in U.S lies in Europe, particularly Eastern Europe where nationalism is spreading like wildfire, and eventually to Western Europeans.

This will lead to for the first time since Martel's saved Europe from moors and the Asiatic, a pro-white, pro-western civilization countries to oppose, or equalize Asia continent, etc influence in our Western’s shore. Our leaders, agents of foreigners’ powers, will then be exposed, and wrestled out of position.

dates of events:

711 With help from the betrayal by the “persecuted Jewish minority” of Spain, an army of Arabs and Berbers crosses the Strait of Gibraltar and easily eliminates the Visigothic monarchy, driving the surviving Aryan-Christian nobility into the foothills of the Pyrenees, where they will remain in timid isolation for the next three centuries.

712 AD: Other Sephardim (“Eastern” Jews from the African and Asian tribes) follow the Islamic Jihad into Spain. This initiates a new “Golden Age” for the Diaspora, a period of Jewish supremacy among merchants and bankers across the known world. International trade is soon dominated by this people without a country who, by their international connections, common language and mercantile skill began to amass great wealth, trading not only silk, spice, sugar, rice, oranges, jewelry and slaves, but also information and intelligence -- mercantile, political, religious and military -- for it is the merchants who carry the news to their bankers, and the bankers to the kings.

732 AD: Charles Martel halts the Islamic horde at the Battle of Poitiers. Western Europe is saved from amalgamation with Moorish blood. Spain is not so lucky, though they do prosper for awhile -- a small compensation for the rape of their genes.


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