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Geoff Beck
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Geoff Beck
Default #24 Science & Stigma, Epithets and Genetics

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Welcome to the broadcast. This is the 24th edition of the TTIND.

Stigma is a powerful weapon freely available to White Nationalists, so lets make use of it! Stigma is like hydraulic pressure: it is incremental, silent, and if applied with sufficient force unstoppable. Name calling is a form of stigma. When we use epithets like nigger, wetback, spic, kike, gook, mongrel, and mud, we're differentiating ourselves from the other. But more importantly, implicit in these slurs, is the connotation of dirtiness, nastiness, and the inferiority of the other, since embedded in the meaning of these words is the force of stigma.

In decades past, it was not so much miscegenation or apartheid laws which kept Whites and Blacks apart, as it was the force of stigma, in the form of shame. Back then, it was understood that blacks were different from us, they were inferior, they were violent beasts filled with the passion of wreckless violence, and the elite in this country also understood such sentiment, they then wrote codes known as Jim Crow, polling tests, and the miscegenation laws to protect the White race.

Even though the last of these laws were dismantled in the 1960s I can clearly recall, as a young boy, seeing heads turns in revulsion at the site of a nigger with a White woman, hence the power of stigma. Such gestures are important, since they keep people in line. Again, its not so much laws that discourage people from, say, smoking or littering, as it is social stigma. People don't like to be the object of public scorn, dirty looks, and ridicule. White Nationalists need to employ stigma, we need to revive our people's base instincts and feelings, as situations present themselves. The visceral disgust we feel towards niggers and Jews must again be expressed in our body language and articulated by our speech. Such elocutions don't have to be a prelude to violence, they can be subtle and displayed discreetly by whispering and gestures if need be. We should use these words among our own people, to soften them up.

Racial epithets, if used effectively are perhaps the most powerful weapon in our arsenal of Stigma. Latent in all White people is feeling that non-whites are inferior and a threat - and indeed they are. Words like nigger and kike drill deep into the psyche. The Jews, with their keen interest in psychology, know these facts. With their control of the media, Jews stigmatize Whites who use the terms nigger, kike, spic. But they don't stop there. In fact, the Jews through the media, stigmatize the White race itself, by telling us we responsible for racial animosity, we are responsible for black failure and black crime, telling us we are responsible for third world poverty. And since a White racial revival is always a possibility, the Jewish media repeat and repeat these stigmatizing messages - pummeling us each day in radio, TV, newsprint, and even the movies. They tell us race doesn't exist, but more importantly, they tell us the White race doesn't exist.

But science is on our side, especially the science of genetics. We can use scientific facts to further our ideological message. Though, overall, social stigma is a much more powerful weapon than science, but its nice to have a few hard facts on our side, to convince the curious but skeptical among us.

For those whose vision is clouded, for those who cannot observe the chaos and anarchy caused by blacks or the nation wrecking scheming brought upon by Jews and from these observations make hard-headed realistic judgments, a few scientific facts might be useful.

Just this year a book new book about the science of genetics was released, from a source many listeners might not expect, the science reporter for the New York Times, Nicholas Wade. His book is titled Before the Dawn: Recovering the Lost History of Our Ancestors.

Wade's book uses genetic science to map human evolution. An important revelation contained in Before the Dawn, one especially important for White Nationalists, is documentation about the ongoing human evolution. Wade shows the humans continues to evolve, and this ongoing evolution is progressing along racial lines. That is, at some point in our past, the evolution of humans split along racial lines, different evolutionary paths.

I'd like to play a few clips from an NPR interview with Nicolas Wade




and this about the Jews


Folks, the science is on our side. Of course that doesn't change the fact the Jewish media is telling our people that race doesn't exist, and in the end the public doesn't read books about science but instead watches Oprah or listens to Rush Limbaugh and Fox News. Though, we can reach the disenchanted and the curious, and a few facts about science might help to bring them over to our side.

Let me give you an example of what I mean, and its something you can also do to reach out to our people.

While visiting a local mall I noticed a young White man, maybe 17, attending a small boutique store. He was a clean cut , had short hair, a collared shirt, and a shaved face. Since the store was empty I thought I'd chat him up, see if I could spread the ideology a bit.

Are you local to this area I asked. "Yes," he said. I told him when I was young this mall sat on farm property and that my father and I had hunted these very fields. He continued to listen, so I continued. I told him America back then was a lot cleaner and safer. He continued to listen. Then I hit him... "you know back in those days, we Whites didn't allow Blacks near our women. Doesn't that disgust you, seeing blacks with a blond girl?" I asked. He shuffled a bit, but didn't say anything. Slowly, he replied, "how so". Well, I said, "these blacks are different from you and I, and we understood that back then. We didn't want niggers in our family tree. We didn't want them wrecking our genetics." He replied "really?" "Why yes”, I replied. I then rattled off a few facts about black violence, the size of nigger brains, and a few other biological facts about blacks. He seemed to absorb what I said like a sponge, he just stood silently.

I noticed people coming in to the shop, so before exiting I said, "look if you have any sisters or daughter of your own some day, keep them away from the niggers." He then quietly said "you know, I come from a small town and we don't like that sort of thing either," referring to race mixing.

Sure, this process is slow and cumbersome, but it does ratchet up the pressure another degree. And since we don't own television and radio networks person to person contact is one of the few methods we can use. But this also points to the importance of VNN, since an episode of Goyfire for instance may reach a 1000 listeners. Maybe that young man from the mall may even hear it one day? Its hard to say.

In this regard, lets recall a lesson from Chaos Theory: this theory states that even a small change in initial conditions can produce profound disorder within in a system. This is most often illustrated in terms of weather. For example, according to Chaos Theory, a butterfly's beating wings might disturb the atmosphere - in a tiny but significant amount - so that a thunderstorm is generated halfway across the planet months later.

Now, lets start creating some storms of our own.

Thanks for listening.
A White World (Pierce's Vision for our Race):


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