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Old November 9th, 2020 #1
Oscar Yeager
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Oscar Yeager
Default How (((They))) Ruined My Life By Loki Hulgaard

A Canadian dissident who has been targeted by a small group of international manipulators throughout his life.
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Larry the Raysiss
Most WNs are Kiked
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Larry the Raysiss

He better find another avenue for publishing & sales because Lulu takes orders from (((those same individuals)))) that ruined his life.

This is common knowledge among dissident authors and rights owners.
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Adolf Goldbergstein
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Default Consider Donating to the Loki Hulgaard Legal Fund

Loki Hulgaard is one of the hardest working, most committed White Rights advocates on the planet.

For the last 3-1/2 years, the Canadian government has been persecuting him for exercising his God-given right to speak freely, just because he dares to challenge Jewish Power. Because of that persecution, he has been left destitute, jobless, and soon-to-be homeless.

He is trying to raise legal funds for an upcoming trial, if you can help (or just want to learn more) please see his Go Get Funding campaign.
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