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Default Iranian Mosques: amazing architecture and breathtaking symmetry

Amazing architecture, a kaleidoscope of colours and breathtaking symmetry: Stunning images show the beauty of Iranian mosques

The most Aryan of Islamic nations built the most sophisticated and stunning mosques of the Islamic world.

  • 24-year-old physics student Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji captures the mind-boggling beauty of Iran's mosques
  • An amateur photographer on the side, Ganji honed his eye by reading articles and watching Internet tutorial videos
  • Using fish-eye and panoramic lenses, the photographer highlights the stunning light and symmetry of the buildings
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Quite a bit of camera shenanigans going on there.

Notice how bent everything is?

Or, wow that's trippy how did they get it to look like that?

Easy, they didn't. It looks like this.

More like a warehouse than some psychedelic sci-fi alien planet thing.

architecture, iran


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