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Default "It is no disgrace to love your race"-apparently it is in Bowling Green, VA

Caroline County, Virginia was the place where, for all intents and purposes, interracial marriage became legal. (Loving vs. Virginia) Caroline County was one of the counties that removed their Confederate Monuments from in front of the courthouse.
A flyer that circulated around Bowling Green containing a Nazi symbol with the headline “It Is No Disgrace to Love Your Race” startled residents of the Caroline County town recently.

The flyers were left in the driveways of residents throughout the town. They implored white people to love and take pride in their race. The flyers directed people to a website with a mission statement of upholding and advancing the cause of Adolf Hitler.

The flyers were in plastic bags, along with black rocks.

Caroline Sheriff Tony Lippa said the distributors of the flyers are protected by the First Amendment, but they can be charged with littering or trespassing if caught. (This is total horseshit.)

“I want the citizens of Caroline to know, that as your Sheriff, the [Caroline County Sheriff’s Office] will be vigilant in the investigation of any illegal activity to include threats, hate crimes, littering and trespassing,” Lippa said on Wednesday.

One Black mother of two, who asked to remain anonymous, said she was alarmed by the literature her husband found in her driveway Nov. 20. She said she was disappointed by the Sheriff’s Office initial response, and that no statement was released until several days later.

She said she received four rocks, while other families were left one. She wondered if that meant the flyers’ distributors knew how many people were in her household.

She and her family moved to Caroline from Fredericksburg eight years ago because she believed the rural community was safer.

She immediately went to the Sheriff’s Office to report the flyer.

“As a resident of Caroline, it was a slap in the face when the Black police officer was pretty much laughing,” the woman said.

Lippa said the Sheriff’s Office takes the issue seriously. He said a similar incident happened in Port Royal years ago.

Lippa asked that residents view their doorbell cameras from Friday to find evidence. He also said if anyone notices someone traveling house to house distributing information to write down the license plate of their vehicle.

He requests anyone with knowledge about the incident call the Sheriff’s Office at 804/633-5400 or leave an anonymous tip at 804/633-1133.

Bowling Green Town Councilman and Mayor-elect Mark Gaines and outgoing Mayor Jason Satterwhite said they’re also concerned about the flyers, but neither made a statement initially.

Black residents noted Satterwhite immediately sent out a press release in June stating that no lawbreaking will be tolerated when a small group of demonstrators planned to have a peaceful protest on the courthouse lawn in the wake of the death of George Floyd.

Satterwhite said the lack of a statement from the town doesn’t mean the issue is being taken lightly.

“I apologize for that because I don’t condone anything racial,” Satterwhite said. “We’re all one people … In my heart I didn’t mean any ill intent. I definitely do not condone that, nor do the residents of Bowling Green. We will stand together as a town to try to seek out who did this. We’ll be vigilant in our daily travels.”

Satterwhite said he’s not concerned that Caroline will become a target for hate groups after the Board of Supervisors voted unanimously in August to relocate a Confederate monument from the courthouse lawn to Green Lawn Cemetery.

The Virginia Flaggers, an organization that promotes the Confederacy, pledged in a Facebook post to erect a large Confederate Flag in the county in response to the removal of the monument on Oct. 24.

Gaines’ tenure as Mayor begins Jan. 1. He said county and town leaders need to stand together to combat hate.

“I think it’s ignorant people that are spreading this stuff around, and they need to stop doing scare tactics on people because it’s not right,” Gaines said. “Whether it’s the Sheriff, Mayor, council member, supervisor or citizen, we all stand united. It needs to be something said to the point that we don’t support any of this and it needs to stop.”
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Jim Harting
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Jim Harting

This is the leaflet that generated the "hate incident" complaint.

Judge for yourself how "hateful" it really is!

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