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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Alex Linder's On Strategy Column

On Strategy
Look North, White Man

By Alex Linder

June 9, 2014

Originally Posted by Donnie in Ohio View Post
Immigrant Song is practically a WN anthem. From the land of ice and snow. That's us, man. Hammer of the Gods, Alex. That's what we were once, and can be again.
Yeah...I guess it's my hatred of cold weather, that Viking shit depresses me. Christ, even April sucks now. I've quit worrying about it, and had a great winter getting-shit-done-wise, but preference is entirely for light-warm-peppy summery stuff...not like the stuff we're talking about isn't deep or powerful or cold enough. I guess I also don't see Vikings as all that great, as some do. They are a true representation of the white spirit, but I prefer its other forms.

Last night I was thinking about the spectrum of whites.

Without prejudice, our gross division's into two poles:

- (Southern-Midwestern) (religious) conservatives...they don't like change. They're comfortable with who they are and how they live.

- (Northern-Coastal) (hipster) leftists...always concerned to be cooler-than-thou, always looking to be on the pushing edge of the next new things. They love change, they're interested in ideas, they generate lots of new practices and thoughts.

Leftism mutates so often that it's not inconceivable it becomes pro-white, if in part and in quiet. The jews are there to make sure that doesn't happen on any major scale. But if the the cutting edge of northern bourgeois thinking is toward something like minimalism, it has to occur to some people to apply that mindset to politics, not just to personal life. And that leads where we are. They probably won't act on this, most of them, but I bet plenty of them will have an epiphany in that direction.

You see how I'm thinking...on one hand you have the Southerners, who represent a base for our political pyramid. But they are comparatively few, comparatively inert/unintellectual. They are to do battle with people who are highly energetic and intellectual and numerically dominant. How must that work out?

So we need to get into the northern types, but get them thinking the way we do, or at least desiring the same ends. Because they won't want to live like Southerners or religious conservatives - I certainly don't. But if they can be brought to agree on ends, that's enough. After all, many of their desiderata are more easily achieved in an all-white society than any other. As their actual living behavior clearly attests, since they clump in white San Francisco or whitest Portland. Perhaps they can be brought to see that whiteness is a necessary concomitant of their preferred lifestyles.

All-white society is:

- cleaner
- neater
- more interesting (LCD is higher)
- more intellectual
- quieter
- better for environment
- better for animals
- less taxing on resources (water, power, air)
- better for women
- better for the poor
- better for the entire left-half of the bell curve generally
- fewer unwanted children, fewer abortions, fewer people
- diversity - an extraordinarily advanced race isn't blended back to mediocrity
- science - evolution is progressing faster than ever in history; racialism is thus on the right side of science and history

Whiteness is not the evil thing the left presents it as but a concomitant and cause of the very things illiberals claim to desire and want to protect. Whiteness is a proxy for pretty much their entire agenda. Even their anti-whitism can be seen as an unfortunate distortion of their desire to steward the natural world. Some of them have been driven insane by their unfortunate religion, so much so that they have taken leave of their sense organs in preference for a world that can only in their heads. They expend much energy in forcing the rest of us to comply with their impossible vision.

Just look at all the leftist stuff, and how compatible it is with our case! Yet you never see what in the software world are called drivers written for white nationalism to hook into leftist causes such as animal welfare. These drivers should be there! Connect leftist agenda items with the white racial cause in an explicit way. Write out the case more from the leftist starting point, with race seeming to be an afterthought - something the writer noticed without even intending it, so 'organic' and 'natural' was the connection. "Hey, didja ever notice that if you save this one species, then all this other good stuff comes along in train...?"

With conservatism, how can it not be based in blood? How can you be all about preserving traditions, but ignore the race that produced them? It makes no sense. It is why the jews are so hot to create false narratives of U.S. history and pass them as conservative, through the usual sellout channels. America was never a nation of open immigration from all points on the compass, though that is the Big Lie the jews try to sell through their tools like Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the Fox crowd. Racialists must attack these lies about race and immigration with a vengeance, savagely mocking them as not merely obvious lies, but pathetic and genocidally stupid ones. Even the dimbulbs who go to mass and worship and snake-shaking hour can see the leftists are maleficient. But they can't make out that they are being lied to by the professional right. That is where racialists alone can supply the truth. The left, after all, has much to gain from a professional/misled right that has given in/doesn't understand the necessary connection between conservatism and race. The professional right has successfully misled the average white conservative into believing that race-free individualism is a conservative policy rather than a wacky and extremely dangerous form of extremism. "All we want for whites in America is what jews demand for jews in Israel." Harp on that theme, we should.

Conservatism severed from racialism makes no intellectual sense whatsoever. The People feel this, but they can't articulate and defend it because they aren't intellectual. And their leaders are purchased by jews. Read this article about the neoconning and anti-whiteism of a fresh clown appointed to lead the Virginia GOP, for a good example of where Republicans have been heading since 1975.

A Virginia Paleoconservative Reports A Disastrous Republican Development In Virginia
April 6, 2014
Re: A Virginia Reader Wonders Why Conservatism, Inc Types Are Decrying Nativism

From: Virginia Paleoconservative

Breitbart actually likes this guy, and this is best photo they can find?In what must be its most schismatic move ever the Republican Party of Virginia has appointed Shaun Kenney as its new Executive Director. readers may know him from recent letter (above) from another Virginia reader, about an article Kenney wrote in his blog Bearing Drift, on February 11, 2014. According to Breitbart, Kenney got his job at least partly on the strength of his “respected conservative blog”. [Conservative Victory in Virginia GOP With Appointment of Shaun Kenney, By Michael Patrick Leahy, April 3, 2014]

Bearing Drift calls itself “Virginia’s Conservative Voice” although upon review it does not appear to very conservative at all. It basically has a “RINO” orientation (big supporters of Rep. Eric Cantor, R-VA), and attempts to channel the 19th century Radical Republicans who estranged the South from the GOP for a century. This is absolutely suicidal for the GOP in Virginia, which outside the Washington D.C. suburbs is still a conservative and Southern state.

Particularly loathsome are Bearing Drift’s commentaries that besmirch any immigration patriots in the Commonwealth, and endorse purging them. Then there’s the obsession to resurrect the GOP as the party of “civil rights” when that movement has degenerated into a grotesque racial and ethnic spoils system with an anti-white bias.

The following are statements from the principals of Bearing Voice.

Shaun Kenney, now Executive Director of Republican Party of Virginia:

“There are 12 million people in the United States today who want a better lives for themselves and their families, whose only crime was that they came to America to do it.”
“I expect to build a coalition of people who aren't racist. Who aren't adamantly opposed to any kind of solution on immigration reform and call any discussion of a path to citizenship "amnesty."
“The nativists have no home in the modern Republican Party.”
“Every time we have purged the ranks of poison, we have emerged stronger,..”
Nativism vs. Conservatism, February 11, 2014

Kenney also endorses Rep. Cantor’s support for reinstituting parts of the outdated and grossly unfair Voting Rights Act after it was struck down by the Supreme Court! [National Journal: Cantor’s Civil Rights Pilgrimage, March 11, 2014]

Brian Schoeneman, Attorney, and former Bush Administration Labor Department official:

“Regardless, I am not going to ignore that when the Democratic Party effectively split along sectional lines after the passage of the Civil Rights Act, we (Republicans) welcomed the racists with open arms in an attempt to gain footholds in southern states that hadn't voted Republican ever.”

What it means to be a Republican, February 17, 2014
And in reply to a comment saying “every other major demographic, growing as a percentage of the electorate (Women, youth and minorities) is gravitating away from the GOP. How do you address that?” he wrote “Simple - stop focusing our policies on issues that appeal to old white men.”

With ideas like these, the Republican Party of Virginia will fracture and continue its recent losing streak in state and national elections.
So that's where the organized 'conservative' party is headed. It's only a bad thing because there is no White Party to say "Awesome...more beer for us!" But the dopey religious, anti-intellectual, slow-witted, slow-moving Southerners/Midwesterners will simply go along with it.

Letists aren't as dumb as religious conservatives, nor as easily cowed. Their cowardice level is much lower, and their knowledge of and interest in and ability to generate new ideas is much higher. They are mentally quicker and more flexible. They are also capable of much higher levels of fanaticism. That is important. They can be dedicated to minority positions and not yield them under great ridicule. That's a valuable character trait. After all, they triumphed from a minority position.

Flesh queers may be disgusting and literally dangerous to species health, but they are spiritually tougher, today, than the spiritual queers who are the christians and the conservatives. So the little Buchanans can write about degeneracy in the West contrasted with Russia, but...from where I sit, these religious conservatives are spiritually degenerate. They won't fight. They don't think. Any fool can believe in the bible. It takes no brains or ability, it's popular with lots of simpletons, so you have the safety of numbers. Where is the conservative who will go against social pressure? Show me him. All you ever get from conservatives is cringing and withdrawing. Cowardly Imnotsees, they are. Moral courage is unheard of among them. Conservatives fear negative media treatment, so they are afraid to walk around with big, goofy, scared smiles on their shifty-eyed mugs. They don't get treated any better for their cowardly circumspection, but they make it another day without the media focusing the gotcha spotlight on their evil hidden racism, homophobia or whatever the witchery du jour the illibs are chasing. Conservatives are the beaten wives of the political system. They're afraid to stand up for themselves, which in political terms would mean forthrightly acknowledging and defending white racial interests. Since they can't do what would be of greatest benefit to their supporters because the media will destroy them for that particular advocacy, professional conservatives content themselves with tinkering with bloodless taxes and careerism. They tell themselves they are being realistic. Didn't as august and undeniable a con as Russell Kirk preach prudence as the highest value? It's ok then that their people and country be destroyed, so long as they have a good career and make lots of money and enjoy public respect.

Concern for animal welfare, eating locally, eating fresh healthy food, avoiding processed food, being careful about what goes in your body - these are more associated with left than right, though there's no inherent reason for that. Being ethically responsible (even if you get it White-wrong, feeling that it is important to live ethically), living by rules for a purpose, actively considering every aspect of life - these ideas or ideals are stronger in the north than in the South. The Southerner feels no need for consistency. He acts one way Saturday night at the bar and another way Sunday morning in church, and thinks nothing of it. It's not that the north is a lot better or different from the South, it's that it's marginally, somewhat better and different. It has more better men and better better men than the South, I would say.

Is it not self evident the north contains a larger pool of white men capable of fanatical, purpose-driven commitment, informed by comparatively high intellectual values and unwillingness to yield to social pressure? If so, then we should work harder on turning these into the service of the racial cause, and give up pipe dreams about creating serious political change out of the milieu of the Southern Baptists.

Eugenics came out of the left, or at least eugenics was early seized on by it. After all, what's better for people than...better people? Pretty direct way of solving a lot of the problems in the seed rather than plucking the weeds.

Racialism is hardly at odds with the planned society and the purpose-driven life, in which everything the liver does is thought through. While selling our cause to all who listen, whitists should be adopting successful outlooks and practices from the left, as these -- atheism, concern over food's production values, environmentalism generally -- aren't inherently leftist, they're just sensible or rational for all. Best practices/personal (minimalism) + best practices/political = healthy society. In many ways, racialism is personal minimalism on a societal scale.

Trying to sell our cause to people who are more or less cattle, like the Southern religious man, is useless. Those people will be with us, if we ever lead. Until then, they will continue to serve our enemy as cannon fodder. The best thing whitists can do for the midwestern/Southern religious conservatives is to encourage them to keep their children out of the military. Withholding consent is something passive yet effective which our cause has failed to do. Here again we see the danger in mixing with professional conservatism, which celebrates the brainless military fodder as 'heroes,' when in fact they should be derided as tools. Everywhere among overt racialists you find Southerners who think that "we're fighting men" is a perfectly fine explanation for Southern proclivity to serve in the military of its enemy. It's another example of the unfelt need for consistency characteristic of Southern mentation. Bitch about the yankees, but join their army. Get angry when this contradiction is pointed out. This is a real problem. But it is not felt to be a problem by Southerners themselves. They're simply not in the game, except as tools. That must be taken into account by racialist leaders. The people who are in the game as more than tools, as real men, as agenda setters, are northerners. More focus on them might pay off for racialism.

And as for going after these northerners, it's not a matter of respectability, as dimwitted Ph.D.s and other professionals always think. We want fanatics, not when-does-supper-start? how-my-stocks-doing philistines. Leftism is full of fanatics. Many of them smart. Many are active. Even if some of their activity tends to be sticking their dicks into other men, or liberating ferrets.

This is why I've posted/talked on the minimalists lately. If you read through their short essays at the link above, and observe their wholesale personal changes (body, mind and career), you see how rapidly leftists, or northern whites more generally, can switch course. Southerners don't do this nearly as much, indeed they're proud of their inflexibility-which-resembles-principledness-but-ain't.

I think we do well as a cause not just to focus on the physical crime, but at same time emphasize how much cleaner, nicer, better organized Whiteland would be than neo-Nigeria we're building here. We should focus on how fat and disgusting and dirty niggers are, not just their crime. Focus on them as a source of visual and aural as well as environmental pollution. Leftists hate pollution. Not saying we shouldn't talk about hush crimes -- we should and do emphasize them -- I'm saying they should not be all we talk about.

Because WN has been led by intellectually limited religious conservatives, or, more accurately, by those appealing to them, it has never been able to get beyond the bugbear of respectability. But appealing to selfish bourgeois, no matter how smart or rich they are, doesn't work. It's not me saying this either, it's men who've actually done it - Hitler and Michaloliakos, to name two. It's not just Southerners who don't understand this. MacDonald and Johnson don't either.

The character traits of the men we need for our cause to win are the same in all times and places: they must be tough, mentally and physically, they must be fanatical and determined. Their respectability doesn't matter, their loyalty does. Their being christian doesn't matter (on the upside), their fanatical determination does.

All the South will ever do is take abuse while hoping and praying its enemies ease up or crack up. The South is congenitally incapable of initiating effective action. Hell, I've even lost interest in bashing it. The South just doesn't figure in anything, except as a small pond. We should worry much more about the big pond.

We need to fish where the fish are, and they're not in Southern Baptist pools. The only serious political effort we need re the South is a campaign to get Southern white men to stay out of the military. It is so classically Southern to complain about ZOG and damnyankees yet serve in their army. And it is equally classically Southern -- anti-intellectual -- to be bewildered when this contradiction is raised. I really believe the concept of living intentionally, and acting in line with chosen principles, is simply beyond Southerners. It's all about manners and appearances, down there. Say the right thing in public, do the dirty thing in private. Ninety percent of Southerners are like that, compared with only about 80% of northerners.

Anyway, these are my thoughts. There I go again South-bashing, right? Maybe so. But just tell me where I'm wrong junior, cuz I don't give a flying fuck about anything else.

The reason I got onto this theme was the music. It needs to back up what I'm saying above. That tired old draggy shit doesn't cut it. Do you understand that our cause is not conservative? We need dynamism, not backward-looking lugubriousness. We need speed, power, fearlessness, principledness - yet tactical flexibility (think intellectual form of blitzkrieg), we need fanaticism, fanatical dedication, imperviousness to social pressure.

Anything that ties WN to conservatism is the opposite of what we need. Anything that smacks of that dreary lugubriousness one associate with the church of losers, no no no, a thousand times no. Maudlin, self-pitying, look-at-me-on-da-cross, that pathetic stuff has to go. High spirits. Confidence. Faith in purpose and mission. Dedication. Fearlessness. Highest intellectual and phsyical ability. In one word? Strength and commitment. Well, that's two words. The music has to reflect good stuff - vibrancy, energy, power, sheer awesomeness. The dynamic change we need comes from the young - it's their future. Old people live the same in any system, pretty much. It's the young and trying who feel the brunt of the screwed future.

All these things need to be taken into consideration, just as jews do when they prepare propaganda for younger whites.

P.S. It's not just that leftism can be compatible in many of its particular lifestyle ends, with white racialism, but that in practical terms, conservatism isn't incompatible with anti-whiteism. The jews have given the preacher set incentive to promote race-mixing. The preachers, being catfish of god, rose to the stinkbait. The Southerners, being intellectually inert, evince no more than a vague discomfort, as a cow reacts to a man entering a field, that they're being preached something racially destructive. They don't leave the church. They keep putting money in its coffers. Parallel to the way they keep joining the military. That's what they've always done. It hasn't worked in the past, so they have every reason to expect it will keep on not working in the future. If it's effective, it ain't Southern. Losing is their tradition, and they're nothing if not traditional. Need I spell out the dangers of this mindset to radical racial politics?

I mean, is this type not hopeless? Without outside leadership? I don't see how you can conclude otherwise. The northern post-Puritan liberals are much harder to control because they're smarter, more fanatical and quicker moving than the religious conservatives. They may be fewer in numbers, but they are dominant. Conservatives have no proven success strategy than to withdraw.


That should make your head explode, that we who want serious change are supposed to treat them and their ideas and politics with respect. They suffer endless abuse in the media, and pay heavy taxes for the small space of control they get - educating their kids at home, basically.

The bottom line here is that the character type we need to win is found with much greater frequency among puritanical liberals than religious conservatives. If I take one of the (two) minimalists and explain our cause to him, I know he will get it almost immediately. He won't go along, of course. He's got a good personal thing going, and doesn't want to disrail it. He's not going to make racial minimalism his bliss to pursue. But he will apprehend within seconds what I'm talking about, and indeed if he's thought about politics at all has probably already concluded roughly the same as what I've outlined above himself. He might not join us, but he wouldn't get in our way if we were taking power. And he might join us if we got something going. The NS had clubs for all sectors of society - sexes, occupations, hobbies, etc.

All whites should join the religious cause. The rightist religious types need to get past their fears of being immoral; the leftists need to get past their fears of being uncool.

If I talk to a religious man in flyover (not just in the South, but anywhere in the middle), unlike the minimalist he may even agree with me - but he is afraid to do anything immoral. He is, to use the correct word: hagridden. He can't overcome the ghosts in mind set loose by priests. His biological inability to overcome his need to submit to authority is too strong.

These are thoughts about our white political situation, and I will spring fresh columns as fresh ideas occur to me, or as I come across instructive examples.//


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