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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default What a White Movement Would Look Like

[I will populate this with nuggets I come across, along with thoughts.]

In the end, as Hamas set up a very comprehensive counterintelligence system, many collaborators with Israel were weeded out and shot. Violent acts of terrorism became the central tenet, and Hamas, unlike the PLO, was unwilling to compromise in any way with Israel, refusing to acquiesce in its very existence.

Contrast with a notional white movement: conservative, submissive, smiling, keep-it-legal, philosophical inconsistency promoted as a virtue, no consequences for snitching. Enemies don't fear it because it doesn't defend itself or its principles (which, again, aren't even agreed on).
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Back when I hung out with commies they had a saying: "nobody talks, everybody walks". 90% of the time it's true. It's so easy to internalize it that even the junkies and degenerates from the Tinley Park attack were able to pull it off.

There is an advantage to keeping it legal though. You have to understand that if you're an actual dissident and the system feels people are listening to you, they will try to use anything they possibly can against you or try and set you up. With Golden Dawn, they're setting them up anyway, but if they were to react violently to that at the moment it would indeed legitimize the system (even the European Union commissioners have implied that every day Michaloliako sits in prison, more and more people realize their government is illegitimate). It's smarter to bend the law as much as you can without breaking it.

Intelligence and public demonization are consistently under-utilized by nationalists. Tactics like infiltration, sabotage, public outing, and disinformation are taken for granted by the street (Antifa) and institutional wing (FBI, SPLC, ADL) of the system, they are useful tools to gradually thin out numbers until they are politically impotent. Rather than talking in general terms, identify leaders and individuals who are persecuting you for your beliefs. If you've legitimately done nothing illegal and the American Stasi (FBI) is constantly harassing you for your constitutionally protected activism, video tape them and put it on youtube, I guarantee it'll go viral. If anarchists and communists are sabotaging or violently attacking your meetings, identify them by name with photographs and personal information on the internet. If local politicians or businessmen are putting money towards groups and NGO's violating your rights, look up the tax records of the group and identify them for the world to see.

Hamas is great, but trying to apply everything they do to any Western country is a bit of a stretch. Palestinians and the Israeli government have been polarized from the get-go, and the Jews there have made it obvious that they will not settle for anything less than the total genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people from their land. Before you work on anything else, first you have to develop the polarization part.

Not to mention Hamas has a regional superpower backing it (Iran).
"The favorite slogan of the reds is: 'No Pasarán!: Yes we have passed! And we tell them...and we tell them, we will pass again!'"
― Benito Mussolini after the Communist capitulation in Barcelona
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Whereas Hamas not recognize that his policy must be based on race question he will continue be little mouse for jews. Why? Hypothetical If Hamas achieves its full mission,jews will be not in hazards because Islam as religion don't have race issue and also on interest lent money is prohibited what means that jews can become muslims in this situation just formally and preserve its themselves while they wouldn't forget that they are in fact jews what means that they would continue work as in other states where jews are minorities. As I said in topic of "Economy" that Islam banking interest on lent money calling as "fee" on lent money,this means that jews in such state have openly wide hands for download banks,and nothing isn't changed. Is it Hamas clever that for build some similar as non-white "NS movement" (what is for me prerequisite for build state) and give answer on religious and race question? I think that they can't. In my opinion whites people must look themselves If they want to secure its future,whites had understood in once period who is ideology for secure its race and nation,error has been that other lands didn't have prepared on this in harmony with white nations world wide so whites must find way on who they will establish adequate philosophy on its own nations I think that NS is for Europans and only NS (not on way that non-germans based its NS on Germany,they can based its NS on its own folk,just must be include some basics on NS,nothing more),colonized areas are special case and I this leave to people who live in them,then whites must make a pact about nonaggression each other (state on state for example) while we not ensure future for white future generations and (this means that white people who still always have ambitions attack each other would going to die in future and its generations when they would won probabbly wouldn't want to fight with other whites),establish white economic community with full of sovereignty all nations within this community what means that we shouldn't have fear by mutual economic blocade and we would have normal import/exports wihtin this,blocked will be other races,probabbly forever,prerequisite for this economic policy must be based on first on written-off all debts,nationalize banks,interest-free money,increase emission money only If have export what means that we will have positive mutual competition with respect laws of all states If for exemple foreign have its capital.
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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
[I will populate this with nuggets I come across, along with thoughts.]

Contrast with a notional white movement: conservative, submissive, smiling, keep-it-legal, philosophical inconsistency promoted as a virtue, no consequences for snitching. Enemies don't fear it because it doesn't defend itself or its principles (which, again, aren't even agreed on).

Anyone doing violent, illegal stuff better be meek and mild on the outside. Any radical with more than a handful of radical friends can pretty much guarantee that one of them is a plant, so don't talk to anyone IRL or the internet unless you've known them personally for a long time. There is also the question of whether white people doing violent, illegal stuff would lead us closer to our goals. And that is a very big question.
Old June 9th, 2019 #5
Sean Gruber
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Sean Gruber
Default Refugees to White Nationalism

[cross-posted in "This Just In"]

As the jews crack down harder on white people, we are seeing waves of whites attracted to our cause, at least superficially. We are seeing white refugees—white-skinned folk fleeing from jew-poisoned subcultures. For example, the U.S. Democratic Party and the Christian church (all sects).

Jews have been chasing normal whites not only out of many physical places, but also out of many subcultures—and these whites have been coming our way.

We need to have a conversation about these refugees, and their flaws, and their fitness for assimilation. Like any immigrant, they pose possibilities and hazards.

Let me identify the two main white refugee groups. I already mentioned them: U.S. Democrats and Christians. These are currently the two largest white diaspora groups; libertarians were the previous wave and are now comparatively smaller.

The main danger of the immigrant is that he brings with him all the baggage of his former existence. That means all the hatreds, loves, commitments which he had in "the old country," or in the cases we’re talking about now, in the old subculture.

That's why we're now seeing a great number of people in the "alt-right" who are not us, who do not share our outlook and values. For example, we see a lot of Democrats who say, "Stop talking about jews and race! There are other things! What about economic justice?"

This is clearly baggage from their old subculture. They can't help being Democrats, even after they were basically run out of the party. Democrat/Republican is a worn-out, phony, meaningless dichotomy, and they sincerely claim they agree with us about that; yet they fall back on it. Scratch them and the poz comes out. "I'm uncomfortable with all the racism. I want to talk about the working class."

Christians are also returning to the vomit of Jesus even while trying to find a home among us. “Stop talking about jews and race! There are other things! What about God? What about logos?"

In short, you have white refugees from the U.S. Democratic Party and the Christian church behaving like California refugees. They flee those subcultures like Californians flee that state, then they try to replicate that subculture or state in their new home.

Superficially, they put on a show of adjusting to their new home. But eventually they "show their ass." Sooner or later, the Californians say, "Why can't we have a needle-sharing program here? It would help the junkies." And the Democrats say, "We need to drop the race hatred and team up with blacks and jews to fight the plutocracy." And the Christians say, "I'm sick of jew, jew, jew all the time. It's not the jew! The real problem is we lack Jesus."

Now, I'm not of the opinion that "once a Democrat or once a Christian, then always a Democrat or Christian." No, I believe that assimilation is possible. But it's only possible under the strictest regimen. If these people want to come in out of the cold, and join the white cause, then they are going to have to change. Profoundly change—change all the way down.

And, yes, any properly understood process of assimilation implies that the outsiders are going to be second-class for more than a generation. That's not just my preference. That's the lesson of history. Even Christians understand this, or used to. St. Thomas Aquinas said that successful immigration entails newcomers' being refused full citizenship until the third generation, and even then being granted it only on condition of good behavior.

So what should we be asking of these people who are seeking shelter from the poz? How do we de-poz them or help them de-poz themselves?

We have to be very clear: you cannot join us if you are not us. And we have a definite non-negotiable character.

Here are the relevant aspects of our identity, only the parts of us that are most salient for newcomers to understand what they must be or strive to be.

1. We loathe blacks. All blacks are niggers. We do not regard them as human—not fully human anyway. In our view, they are at best manimals. They have no value, and are no part of us or our cause. That goes for all non-whites.

Pro-white means pro-white. Pro-white necessarily rules out "teamwork" with or "outreach" to "people of color" (POCs). We're in this movement in the first place to be white—to get away from muds, not buddy up with them. That precludes "working with POCs against the system." If, like a Californian, you think otherwise and think you are going to show us a better way, you are pozzed to the gills. We don’t want you. Not unless you change this aspect of yourself, down to the root.

2. We know that the jew is the world's foremost problem. IT IS THE JEWS. We know jews are the main agent driving POCs into our communities and spaces. In our view, jews are maliciously anti-white by blood, and forcing race-mixing is their principle vector of attack—because their goal is the physical destruction of the white race.

If you have reservations about any part of that, you aren't us. You're still in "the old country." Still hearing MLK's speeches in your mind (speeches written by the jew Levison, by the way).

3. We believe in inequality. We're elitists. We fight for the supremacy of the white race. We seek to live among ourselves, free of POCs and jews, and to grow and thrive, expanding our living space continuously.

If your party platform plank is: “I just want a little corner to stay in, I just want a say or a vote," you may be like us in some ways, but you aren't us. You need to work on this.

4. We don't believe in God. We have a strong dispreference for mysticism generally. Some of us might believe in the ancient spiritual practices and understandings of our ancestors. But that rules out the Abrahamic religions: Christianity, Judaism, Islam. Semitic mysticism is poison to us—it's ultimately life-denying junk.

If you want to come with us and live, leave your rosary behind.

5. We know race is key and our core, and that race is biological. It isn't "cultural" or "linguistic." We know that the latter position is held by jews trying to weasel into our people and subvert us.

Jews aren't white. If you have jewish heritage, the exit door is over there.

If you are prone to be "tired of all the race talk," you aren't us. You're a foreigner among us and must change.

That sums up what the current white refugee must know. The newcomers, all refugees from non-WN subcultures, must understand their new home and their new hosts and adjust. They must study the five points above and strive to eliminate their old baggage, and we must be vigilant against their poz seeping out and dirtying the white cause.

To summarize the situation: white refugees are coming from two main places now, the U.S. Democratic party and the Christian church. (The libertarian pipeline is almost dried up, thank goodness.) These are subcultures which jews and POCs are currently cleansing of whites who have any sense. These whites are looking around for a new home. They must adjust to us and become us, if they want to join us. We need them only on condition that they assimilate. They have zero to teach us, but we have much to teach them and a great deal for them to do once they are taught.

It's possible, of course, that I'm too optimistic and that most of these people are too fuxxated to change. They have black "friends," they believe that the basic problem is economic, they believe Jesus is the answer, etc. But I do believe that if they are white, they can retrace their inner roots. They can change, at least to the extent of moving in the right direction such that their descendants will be us in the "third generation" or sooner.
No jews, just right

Less talk, more action


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