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Jamie Robertson
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Jamie Robertson
Default About the I.R.A

How do we deal with the IRA? They are not exactly pro white, in fact - the exact opposite. They (the IRA) are extremely anti white, uncivilized terrorists that will ally themselves with non whites to kill U.K citizens. The IRA seems to think that Ireland under Islam would be better for them. Perhaps what we need is a NatSoc infiltration of the IRA. How would we deal with conflicts between white subraces and creeds when we regain our racial sovereignty? Hitler just wanted a united Europe. We could have easily conquered the Americas if there was no division between Europeans. The Jew exploits the division between European sub groups.
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EDLIE Stampton
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Perhaps what we need is a NatSoc infiltration of the IRA.
Fucking clown
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Hereward Wake
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Hereward Wake

Originally Posted by Jamie Robertson View Post
Perhaps what we need is a NatSoc infiltration of the IRA...Hitler just wanted a united Europe...The Jew exploits the division between European sub groups.
The founder and first leader of Sinn Fein, Arthur Griffith was opposed to Communism and Jewish immigration into Ireland. He defended the Irish Priest, Father John Creagh who preached against the Jewish control of Limerick.

Today's SF still organise parades and wreath laying ceremonies for Irish Nationalist Republicans like IRA Chief-of-Staff, Sean Russell who worked closely with National Socialist Germany.

Irish Republicans support the Palestinians while the Unionists/Loyalists UDA/UVF etc support the Zionist Jews of Israel who illegally occupy Palestine. When I used to be active in the BNP under John Tyndall, I met a paid up Scottish BNP member who was a Hibs FC fan who agreed with us on stopping non-European immigration but disagreed with the BNP's support for Ulster Loyalism. I also gave some BNP 'Save the White Race' and 'Smash Communism' stickers to some Irish men who liked them but disagreed with the 'Smash the IRA' stickers.

Sir Oswald Mosley always stood for a United Ireland and he helped bring an end to the Black and Tans' atrocities in Ireland.

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