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James Gregory
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James Gregory

Originally Posted by Marco Polo View Post
Its seems this issue is one that requires an IQ greater than 110 to comprehend.
...Now, lets watch the WN retards voluntarily identify themselves as belonging to one of two groups, one with IQs between 100 and 110, and the other with IQs below 100.
Although your example is appropriate, the issues are easily understandable even by stupid people who want to learn the truth.

However, here it seems that you are being bombarded with denials and insults by moderately intelligent people who are not interested in the truth but are here merely to cause dissension. Incogman calls them Hasbarats. That may be the situation here, Jews pretending to be WN, causing arguments for the sake of distracting from the problems. Thus, the problems are never solved. From my own observations, a lot of that happens on WN Chat boards.

Your detractors are no necessarily of low IQ, but their ignorance and stupidity are amazing.

But to clear up a question that the Mexican asked, "Do you speak Chinese or read the language?" Where in "chinkland" do you live?

chink phenotype, chinks, chinks on animals, chinks vs nature


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