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Default Flash Fiction

My WN Art Contest idea didn't go over well at all, but I'll try again, undeterred. Please post Flash Fiction in this thread: any story under 200 words. I'll do the same in the next couple days. I hope I'm not the only one!
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Default "Unpaid Debt" by TOL

"Unpaid Debt" by TOL
(137 words)

"Hey nigger, eat THIS," I said, as I unloaded five blasts from my pump shotgun into his face. Satisfied, I calmly got into my Porsche and drove away, even as the street nigger's splattered brains ran drippily down the alley wall into the gutter, the same gutter where my kid sister's blood had run five years ago, after she'd been savagely raped and murdered.

No, it wasn't the same nigger who had killed her. But one dead nigger was just as good as another, I thought, as I sped away into the night. And next week I'd get me another one. And then another. And then another....because even a million dead niggers would never settle the debt for me - never.

Lighting up a Marlboro, I drove on into the cool night, towards home, far beyond the wailing police sirens behind me.
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Frank Toliver
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Frank Toliver
Default "Our Man"

He moved slowly. Perhaps that was age, and perhaps it was the walk of a man who had finished his life's work and was now in a constant state of restful ease.

He said nothing as he stood in the dinner line just like the rest of us. Although he carried with him the unfathomable immensity of all he had done for our people you could not tell by looking. Even with all of the venom he had endured from the sleeping populace, and the countless infirmaries he had suffered over his long career, he was not totally hardened. And for all of his wealth and prestige, he was not smug.

I took my plate and motioned to the server, and he prepared another for our man, and I brought him his dinner. He looked at the plate I held, and then the line as if he had an obligation to stand and wait. He let out a ‘hmmm.’ and then shrugged. 'Thanks' was all he said.

We sat together and quietly ate our dinners, and although I didn't get to ask him the questions I wanted to, I learned more about life in that hour than in many years.

200 Words
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Post "Twilight" Chapter 3: "Plans" - by J.S.P.

“Here are your travel papers, with legitimate identities for each of you.”
“What's our cover?” I queried.
Victor smiled ever so slightly.
“You, Joe, have a two part cover. In transit to and from the mission site, you will be Rabbi Shlomo Finkelstein.”
He opened the suitcase and pointed to a curly black wig with a yarmulke attached and a large hooked latex nose.
I groaned. Richard chuckled.
“You, Richard, will be Avi Silverman, Mr. Finkelstein's chauffeur.” Vic pointed to another wig and a larger, more Jewish looking nose. Richard stopped chuckling.
Victor turned back to me. “Once you reach the target area, you must change disguises and become William Miller, network technician. That is your cover into the restricted areas of the building; they will be expecting you. I have provided real ID cards and passports for all three personas, in case anyone checks up on you.”
He looked at each of us. “Do you understand your mission?”
“Yes, sir!” we said in unison.
“Remember, do not under any circumstances harm any innocent people. Good luck!”

177 words
"Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information."
-US official quoted in Carl Cameron's Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring and its connections to 9-11.


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