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Antiochus Epiphanes
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Antiochus Epiphanes
Default Mark Farrell interviews against Zion

Mark Farrell update-- this guy's on fire!

Come and see Mark Farrell's interviews about America's Israel-first policies on Wing TV, Current Issues TV, Free American, and Reality Radio

I've made it a point over the last few days to work to expose the Israel-first activists who are ultimately destroying this great nation by trying to get us further entangled in Israel's incessant wars.

As you are all aware--or should be by now--Israel has been working feverishly to get America further involved in a war against Syria and Iran, as if our present war in Iraq was not enough. Meanwhile, Israel's Jewish supremacist counterparts in America--such as the ADL, AIPAC, and the American Jewish Congress--appear to be working in an effort to also suppress talk that is critical of their activities by destroying America's First Amendment and putting in its place laws that would imprison people who are critical of these Israel-first policies.

This turned out to be a fruitful week, following last week's interview with Clayton Douglas of AZ of the Free American radioshow and the magazine Thunder Riders.

On Wednesday, I was interviewed with Stan Hess on . The interview was about an hour long, and we discussed where America is headed with its destructive Israel-first policies.

On Thursday, I was interviewed by Dr. Tillawi, following his interview with Congressman Paul Findley, at . This was also shown on cable channel 5 in Louisiana and is to be video-streamed online. This interview was also about an hour long, and we covered a wide range of topics, ranging from the Zionist Media Barons to their Zionist plutocratic-influence over Congress. The people of Louisiana were able to watch it live, and this show should be online shortly.

Today, Friday (through Monday), you can also watch the Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani interview on their show, which is streamed online, at (click on the picture of the TV in the center of the WingTV home-page to access the video file, which is in Real Media format). This show was about an half-hour long, but we nevertheless covered a broad range of topics during the show. For some odd, unexpected reason, they initially had some problems showing this online. They are unsure what caused it, but the website had been taken offline for some time. Well, it's now back. If it was a hacking attempt, it proved to be futile. And you can now see what it was all about.

It felt rewarding to think that there may now be some Americans who might have gotten a glimpse of what the Israel-first activists are doing to America and how these Israel-activists have promoted, if not caused, a war that has benefited their interests, and no other. Perhaps, only a few Americans who were unfamiliar with all this might now know what's occurring, but that's how we must begin to alert our fellow citizens: a few people at a time, until all are knowledgeable of the vicious and hateful nature of these Israel-first activists, and their ultimate goal of stifling all discussion and getting America involved in WWIII.


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