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I'm thinking that the other states are seeing that (so far) there have been no huge, out of control riots by the beans like everyone was scared of happening immediately when this law was signed. No "Rodney King" action. So the others are considering it bigtime as they know that a hell of a lot of state money and resources will be saved in doing so.

At least I can dream, right?

I think that Glenn Miller's commercials may have a teeny bit to do with folks mindset considering his wors are being heard nationwide. Maybe some folks are realizing that there are people out here that give a shit and are going as far to run for office and have serious backing. I wish we could have at least one WN in every state running for Senate or Congress, using the same tactics as Mr. Miller.

Again, I can dream, right?
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NeoCohen shithead Mike Gallagher reported today (I caught just a few minutes of his show) that someone had painted "burn this racist city to the ground" in Phoenix.

A lot of things could happen here. The best thing would be for this to push White kwans across the nation to finally realize that their race is their uniform and get their shit together. I can dream, too, right?

I also wonder how the drug cartels will react to this, if at all? Thing is, if they decide to champion these illegal mestizos they may become a political power of sorts and get involved. An open border is good for them. The kwaps might get a major surprise.
The average kwan is of such low quality that he'd shoot himself if he had any self awareness.
-Joe from Ohio
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Donald E. Pauly
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Smile If Sambo Visits Arizona

This will be an interesting consequence of Sambo's next visit to Arizona.
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