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Originally Posted by The Barrenness View Post

This does seem like a rather strange reason for someone to be booted off the transplant list. I always though that you were taken off if you had other major health problems, you were very old, or you were engaged in behaviors that put your life at risk, ie. drug use,etc.
I've watched enough episodes of Casualty and Holby City () to know that if the patient messes with his health pre-op by not taking his medication, they refuse to operate because they fear that he will undo all their hard work post-op by not taking the anti-rejection drugs. It does not seem unreasonable to me.


There's big money in transplants and in the post op pharmaceuticals. Wales is on the verge of making it law that if you do not specifically opt out, they will assume you have given consent and take organs anyway. I foresee hundreds of people having chest tattoos specifically refusing consent at this rate.

There was a recent not-uproar about someone with cystic fibrosis being given the lungs of a smoker - she got lung cancer and sadly died anyway. She's not the only one to receive lungs from a smoker.

Yet there's a scheme in England (being phased out now that the public have caught on and kicked up the outrage) called the Liverpool Care Pathway whereby the elderly and terminally ill, without their or their families consent, have their medication, food and water withdrawn. Hospitals were paid on a bonus system to put people on this scheme and thus free up beds. People whose relatives realised what was happening and insisted that they not be starved/dehydrated to death often went on to live another good couple of satisfactory years.

I'm not insinuating anything, but with all the screaming about "need moar donors" (campaign usually sponsored by Acme Meds) it does make me wonder how much the average lifetime supply of anti-rejection drugs costs and quite why some lives are worth more than others.
Above post is my opinion unless it's a quote.

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