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Shocking many (criminal) Albanians illegally in the Netherlands.

By: Paul Vugts November 16, 2017, 6:00 AM

At the beginning of this month, the criminal investigation department invaded 14 buildings that were used by Albanian criminals. © Amaury Miller

In the Netherlands there must be at least ten thousands of Albanians, among whom are probably many criminals, while only about eight hundred are registered.

That is what criminal cases and a remarkable Amsterdam trial show. 'Terrifying', Amsterdam prosecutors claim.

Because the criminal investigation department, the judiciary, the municipality of Amsterdam and the tax authorities saw a sharp increase in the number of criminal Albanians, they commissioned a specialized company to investigate.

It selected the fifty most popular Albanian websites and analyzed how many unique visitors traveled from the Netherlands in July.

In one month the sites were visited with 35,953 smartphones, and 4,475 tablets. The users stayed in Amsterdam in 7,530 cases. Twenty percent of the surfers used an unknown browser, which according to the law suggests that encrypted smartphones or other professionally shielded devices were used. (Normally, 2.4 percent of browsers can not be identified.)

"It confirms our view that many Albanians are unseen here," says prosecutor Maaike van Kampen, who, with colleagues over a year and a half, led the research 13Rosasite to criminal Albanians who were organized via Mafia-like clan structures.

Also read: 'More Albanians now live outside Albania than there' & Drugs, weapons and money: the Albanian mafia in Amsterdam.
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One of Europe’s smallest countries, Kosovo has produced more than its fair share of battle-hardened jihadists whom it is now trying to rehabilitate after their return home from Syria and Iraq.

The fear is, however, that holding and isolating them in prison may only make the problem worse.
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Albanian criminals traffic thousands of girls who are terribly abused.
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The Albanian Propaganda Machine

The Albanian Lobby in the U.S. Congress and The Hague

Yugoslav Wars Archive was founded in 2017 by Alexekin Rockowia for the purpose of spreading knowledge about the Serbian people and hence reversing the demonization of this people by Western media and governments.
The JEWs Plan Is to Exterminate the White People – What Fricking Part Don't YOU Get?
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Dawn Cannon
Default Shiptars EU Bound

Originally Posted by Serbian View Post
Double life of Albanian asylum seeker who killed elderly couple in a 'callous' attack for millions they never had

Violent criminal Vital Dapi lived a double life in the UK and Albania for 17 years

He targeted grandparents Peter and Sylvia Stuart in a 'callous' attack

Ex-commando thought they were millionaires and needed cash to cover debts

Detectives admitted they knew 'little' about him when he went on the run

Dapi has now been found guilty at a jury trial after being arrested in Luxembourg

By Tom Kelly In Elbasani, Albania For The Daily Mail
Published: 10:40 +11:00, 14 March 2017 |

An Albanian who brutally murdered two pensioners used a stolen identity to claim asylum and live in Britain illegally for nearly two decades.

In a case that exposed a litany of immigration blunders, violent criminal Vital Dapi lived a double life in the UK and Albania for 17 years before he killed grandparents Peter and Sylvia Stuart.

The former Albanian special forces commando targeted the couple in a 'callous' attack at their Suffolk cottage because he thought they were millionaires and he needed cash to cover massive gambling debts.

Detectives admitted they knew 'precious little' about him when he went on the run last year after Mr Stuart, 75, was discovered dumped in a ditch with nine 'extreme' stab wounds. The body of retired insurance clerk Mrs Stuart, 69, has never been found.*

Dapi was arrested in Luxembourg and admitted his true identity, but British officials did not believe him and he was put on trial under his false name, Ali Qazimaj.

Vita Dapi murdered retired couple Sylvia and Peter Stuart, pictured together above

Now, after a jury at Ipswich Crown Court took just three hours to convict Dapi, it can be revealed that he:
Sneaked into Britain in September 1999 clinging to the fuel tank of a truck;
Was granted asylum within six months after telling border officials he was fleeing the war in Kosovo where his entire family had been a victims of ethnic cleansing;
Proudly posed next to a portrait of the Queen at his UK citizenship ceremony in an Essex town hall in 2005 – and sent the picture home to his mother in Albania;
Made regular trips home to his family in Albania, where he retained a passport and ID card in his real name and worked as a suspected hitman around the Balkans;
Was arrested three times in the UK before the murders, without the authorities realising he was living here under a false name.
Last night MPs questioned the 'extraordinary' failings that had allowed Dapi to live in the country illegally for so long.
The compulsive gambler, who spent up to £1,000 a day at bookmakers, killed the Stuarts to fund his addiction after being told they were millionaires who had easy access to cash, the court was told.
He made reconnaissance trips in his car near the Stuarts' remote Brick Kiln Cottage in Weybread, near Eye in Suffolk, in the weeks before the murders last summer.
Police found retired technician Mr Stuart's body on June 3. Dapi was also convicted of Mrs Stuart's murder, after her hair was found in his car. After killing the keen line-dancers – who had been married for 48 years – Dapi drove to Dover and fled across the Channel by ferry after using Mrs Stuart's bank card to take money from a cash machine.

Read more:
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EU chiefs call for start of membership talks with North Macedonia, Albania

Ursula von der Leyen signs up to appeal for accession negotiations to get under way.

Leaders of the EU's main institutions on Thursday put pressure on member states to start accession talks with North Macedonia and Albania "no later" than this month.
The Bloodbath is Coming
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