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Jack Russell
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Jack Russell
Default Brugmansia(Angel's Trumpet) exotic flowers

Brugmansia (Angel's Trumpet) - Top 10 most beautiful and deadly plant in the world.

You can research it for more info. It's a staggeringly beautiful sub-tropical plant that I bought seeds for via some Indian e-bayer about a decade ago, not expecting much, but it surprised the hell out of me, and have been growing ever since. 3 of the 5 seeds I received - which took almost 2 months to get here in the middle of winter - I grew in my window; 3 of them bloomed. Those 3 have been ~7 ft trees ever since. They love water and fertilizer. In fact, I can't over-water or over-fertilize them, since they're used to being near the rich soils and plentiful water of the Amazon. Tribes south of the (USA) border used/use them as a dried powder to inhale for rituals that sometimes kills the person(psychotropic drug), but hey, they're primitives. I grow them because nothing here in Massachusetts can match their beauty, and no one else has them or knows what they are.

At night, they open up fully, and let out a beautiful fragrance meant to attract moths to pollinate it, but the flower doesn't know it's not in its homeland of Brazil anymore and there are no pollinating moths. The attractive smell fills the whole yard and I've never met someone who didn't like it's fragrance. It attracts honeybees and butterflies, too, especially Monarchs, which is a real bonus. Smells better than any native flower, better than lilacs, lilies, iris, etc. Similar to a light cologne/perfume.

If anyone wants some fresh cuttings or seeds, let me know, I'll mail out free. There are three colors - white, yellow, and pink. I have white and yellow so far. They are a medium sized tree, but I allow them to get 7-8 feet, then early winter I trim them to 5 feet, bring them in heated(55F) garage, and out again in late spring. As long as they're stored in an area 45-60F so they can go into hibernation, they bloom all summer if you bring them out at just the right time so as not to allow the cold nighttime early spring temps to drop the leaves and force it to restart. They can be allowed to grow to 20+ feet if you have the room(a full size greenhouse), or be kept at a couple feet tall. Very easy to create cuttings from the branches trimmed off at the end of the growing season.

Attached are some pics of mine.

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It is a beautiful plant. But I would not plant or have anything poisonous in my yard where my dogs might intentionally or accidentally swallow part or all of it.

Thanks for the offer...but no one here will ever take you up on it.
What doesn't kill me makes me stronger.


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