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Default WHITE SECURITY: Private Security for Whites


Private Security for Whites

The following is a proposal for the formation of a general conception of a 'White Security Company', one which could serve the interests of White Activists and be a potentially lucrative endeavor not necessarily requiring any great amount of capital investment and even effort:

1) research laws relating to the legislation regarding private security in your local area (state; province; city; county; nation,etc.);

2) If the legislation is not overly onerous in terms of time, money and effort or skill requirements develop a business model for the security company (about which see below);

3) take whatever required certification courses and/or education to fulfill legislative requirements if any and to grant oneself a professional image as means of marketing to others: i) prospective clients; ii) prospective employees or partners;

4) once the company is established as an official company in the eyes of the law and/or regulatory agency pertaining to the security industry that makes it formally legitimate, begin hiring competent employees and/or partners if such employees and/or partners were not present throughout the initial steps in the following way and seeking the following kind of people:
i) ex-military/police or experienced, presentable guards for clients who want security people to appear in the public realm and create goodwill for the company, 'public faces of professionalism' and
ii) for out of the way functions such as patrol night guards on construction sites,etc. the most experienced guards where appearances are not as essential as their experience makes them better than less competent 'faces' though obviously seeking the best all around people is the best course of action;
iii) employ a secretary to handle secretarial functions;
iv) someone to serve as an administrator and/or human resource officer;
v) a supervisor for day and a supervisor for night shifts or a series of these; vi) a public relations manager or client liason who will employ their communicative skills to appeal to clients (ideally this person would be ex-military or law enforcement as it creates the image of professionalism); vii) hire a sufficiently large contingent of guards to ensure the needs of clients are met.

In order to staff one's company one should of course start small becoming personally involved in it with his business partners and even working to cover the shifts of employees and to play the role of an active supervisor checking up on employees randomly during the 24 hour shifts as means of ensuring their compliance with job related duties. In order to ensure that one obtains the highest quality employees he should pay higher than industry standard wages and benefit packages;

5) In order to appeal to clients one should make the lowest bids on contracts, ie. to be willing to work for less, receiving less than industry standard wages. This will of course appeal to companies that are frugal such as construction companies requiring security personnel to serve as a liability waiver for insurance purposes which work sites are minimally hazardous and thus will ensure easy income with minimal problems. Once a large enough contingent of clients is achieved one may increase the price of his services if desired though this may reduce good will with one's associates;

6) One should advertise one's company especially in phonebooks and in industry publications (construction and other) as well as through word of mouth, on billboards and bus shacks as well as whatever other media wold be appealing to people who own property and businesses that would require security;

7) Set up a physical office (this might be an initial step but is not necessary) in a profesional building where clients can attend and for the administration to work. This might be done out of a house or a small apartment block that one and his partner's own or could be rented from a rental property management company. One could even live out of it outside of the office space and make it his residence;

i) Design a company logo and slogan that conveys to clients and to the public a sensation of security, of safety and yet is sufficiently idiosyncratic to stand out in their mind and be memorable such as the deodorant slogan 'by mennon'. This should be incorporated in the advertisements as well as even become a radio jingle for radio advertisement. Examples are "Panopticon Security: we're always watching"; "White Hand Security: stopping crime before it starts",etc.;
ii) the logo and possibly company name and slogan should be affixed to the uniforms of the security guards and should constitute the company logo displayed prominently in the office area and outside of the company and office headquarters as yet more advertising; iii) the company should have multiple vehicles of low gas consumption preferably electric or using waterbased or gasohol engines as means of further advertising keeping up with the environmentalist message for good will; all vehicles should be of a similar make and model and connote power, larger vehicles being better and if within the bounds of the law should be outfitted with sirens and cameras both front and back for recording footage;

9) The company should seek to hire itself out to public venues as means of increasing advertising and goodwill, such as in public events, concerts; sporting events; parties,etc. The guards used to staff the event should reflect the demographics of the venue as means of currying favour with the client and pleasing the demographics who attend;

10) The company should seek to acquire apartment blocks and large multiroom houses for housing its staff. This enables the staff to stay loyal to the company and acquire a sense of identity based upon their perpetual contact with their fellows. The housing would of course be optional and based on voluntary association and would have its own separate management team. The rent could be reduced to a reasonable amount to entice staff to live there as an added incentive which would create greater good will and company loyalty;

i) The staff could pool their resources in communal investments and the partners of the company could invest their money mutually as means of increasing wealth, pooling it back into the company and branching outwards with a greater pool of clients and affiliates in other areas;
ii) The company could continue to grow, branching out in terms of its functions:
1) patrol security;
2) alarm system installation, monitoring and response;
3) bodyguarding and bouncers;
4) paramilitary contracting or more hazardous activities which would build the skill set of employees and/or bring aboard employees of a more highly trained calibre thus ensuring a greater likelihood of taking that particular area for the company as its defacto territory;

12) The area where property would be purchased can serve as a de facto pro-white community allowing only White staff to live there and securing the community shutting out others

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Ray Allan
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Ray Allan

This is a better thing for White ex-military types to do than becoming blue niggers for the ZOG state after they leave the military. By working to specifically protect White people, they could actually redeem themselves by no longer being known as green niggers who worked against White interests. Of course, White men should never join the ranks of Uncle Shlomo's mercenary scum in the first place.
"Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy."

--Henry A. Kissinger, jewish politician and advisor
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Originally Posted by Ray Allan View Post
This is a better thing for White ex-military types to do than becoming blue niggers for the ZOG state after they leave the military. By working to specifically protect White people, they could actually redeem themselves by no longer being known as green niggers who worked against White interests. Of course, White men should never join the ranks of Uncle Shlomo's mercenary scum in the first place.
I agree. Most vets are well connected and can create private companies for profit and be completely independent using their military credentials to get business and show they are more serious than some 'mc-security' company.
Especially in defensible areas this would enable them to network with local LEOs and take over whole towns and areas and push out the coons and kikes.
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Oscar Yeager
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Oscar Yeager

Wyte Fite and whitepower101 are the same person. I've seen this scammer in various obscure enclaves on the net. This guy is a laughing stock.

He's had several accounts on here before (and in various other places), but always seems to get banned for saying dumb shit. Funny enough he had a court order to remove all of his content within two weeks (after being caught with illegal firearms + defacing currency), yet I still see him around promoting his hysterical polemics. You could tell it's him by his homoerotic thumbnails and laughable all-caps titles typically involving Jews. He is either an agent who took a reduced sentence to continue making us look bad, or is a useful idiot that I'm sure those in the alphabet agencies watching him are rolling on the floor laughing whenever he shares his latest poorly-punctuated turgid trash.

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