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jagd messer
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jagd messer
Default Great Replacement - Negro Worship

What’s Up with All the Blacks on Television?
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It doesn't matter who is on it, it's garbage. Turn your teLIEvision off?
卐 White ⊕ Power 卐
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jagd messer
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jagd messer
Default Media Leading Public to Believe Country Far More Black and Gay than Reality: Report

Media Leading Public to Believe Country Far More Black and Gay than Reality: Report

Britain’s diverse media has given the public the impression that their country is far more black and gay than it actually is, recent polling has found.

Britain’s overly diverse media appears like it may have skewed the general public’s understanding of reality itself, with a YouGov poll finding that normal people considerably underestimate how white and straight the United Kingdom tends to be in real life.

With previous reports concluding that the UK’s television industry vastly overrepresents homosexuals and those from so-called BAME — black, Asian and minority ethnic — backgrounds, the new poll has found that the general public also vastly overestimates the prevalence of transgender people, Muslims and Jews in Britain, while underestimating the overall prevalence of Europe ethnicities.

According to the results of the YouGov poll as published by the Daily Mail, those quizzed by the polling group reportedly believed that black individuals represented around 20% of the British population, despite those from African ethnic backgrounds making up only 3% of those in the UK.

Respondents also vastly overestimated the number of gay and self-described transgender people in their society, estimating that around 15% of the population is gay and around 5% transgender, despite making up only 1.8% and 0.3-0.7% of the population respectively.

This trend was the same for the UK’s population of Muslims — which the public perceived as being 15% of the population despite being closer to five — Jews — 10% vs half a per cent in reality — and vegan and vegetarians, which are perceived to make up one-fifth of the British population but in reality only make up 4% of those in the country.

“This distorted impression created by much of the broadcast and online media is so out of tune with the facts as to befuddle people about the true character of Britain,” said Conservative party MP John Hayes in response to the survey’s findings, before concluding that “media preoccupations with minorities are skewing the facts.”

By contrast to the above results, those responding to the survey seemed to believe that only around 65% of their nation’s population are white, despite the fact that European ethnicities make up around 87% of the country, the vast majority of which are heterosexual.

A study published in 2020 found that BAME (black and minority ethnic) on-screen representation in British TV stood at just under 25%, despite the amalgamated group only representing a total of around 14% of the country’s population at the time, with gay and lesbian representation enjoying a similar overrepresentation on screen.

Same goes for US TV. One would be led to believe that the US was 90% black and 50% h o mo s exu al. Whereas the actual statistics are closer to 10% black and around 2% of the other.

Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.
Fool me thrice, and you'll be dead! Edward I "Longshanks" Plantagenet I (1302).

It’s absolutely the same here in Germany, KK, with it sometimes reaching the farcical. The neeger promoting Old Spice after shave claiming to have been promoted twice today – and it’s not yet lunchtime! Peter Bartels did an excellent article on it all recently on pi-news:

And everyone is sooooo happy too. Gives you warm fuzzies. The United Nations enjoying life.....another farce as presented to you by the media. All fake. All lying. All frauds.

The BBC injects black characters into the oddest places, like 13th century battles between English ruling houses. Really, the "Men of York" were all black? And black wives of white farmers in Yorkshire in the 1930s? And of course, every single drama has a gay story line, with a persecuted gay man "discovering" other gay men.

Watched a series on King Arthur and you would think that 5% of post Roman Britain was Black including Queen Guinevere.

What about the new Jamila Ibn Bond? Was James Bond - Black, Lesbian, Muslim, quadraplegic, of 99 genders with OCD and anorexia?

Media Leading Public to Believe Country Far More Black and Gay than Reality: Report 17 XI 2022.

WHY is the establishment in the WEST doing and getting away with this Big Brother social engineering?
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James Radov
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James Radov

Originally Posted by jagd messer View Post
one more to add to the nigger shitpile; a film based on book "Interview with the Vampire" had Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in the original sort of homosexual story, in the current year, the Lestat character is now a nigger..
whic basically means no one will watch it and as anything based around niggers, it will fail.

to run a Production company ALL it takes is to be a jew and change actors to nigger!!!

Old December 29th, 2022 #5
jagd messer
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Posts: 174
jagd messer
Default BBC guilty of ‘rewriting British history’ to promote woke agenda in ‘biased’ documentaries

BBC guilty of ‘rewriting British history’ to promote woke agenda in ‘biased’ documentaries

The BBC is “rewriting British history to promote a woke agenda”, a group of the country’s leading academics has warned, as they cited multiple examples of “bias” in its documentaries. A report said the BBC was failing in its duty of impartiality by allowing “politically motivated campaigners” to present “tendentious” views of British history as fact.

Lord Roberts, the author and broadcaster, accused the BBC of pursuing a “fatwa” against Sir Winston Churchill. The dossier said documentaries on subjects including slavery, colonialism and the Irish famine distort the truth about Britain’s past through inaccuracy or omitting important facts.

Marie Kawthar Daouda, a lecturer at Oxford University, said the BBC needs to “stop apologising” for Britain’s history. Jeremy Black, the former professor of history at Exeter University, said the BBC was guilty of “systemic failure” through an inability to present a rounded picture of the past. The report was compiled by History Reclaimed, whose co-editors are David Abulafia and Robert Tombs - both of whom are professors emeritus at Cambridge University. Supporters of the organisation include Lord Chartres, the former bishop of London; Vernon Bogdanor, professor of government at King’s College, London; Niall Ferguson, the broadcaster and fellow of Stanford University, and Lawrence Goldman, emeritus fellow of St Peter’s College, Oxford.

A midterm review of the BBC’s royal charter, launched by the then culture secretary Nadine Dorries earlier this year, is currently examining whether the corporation needs to be reformed to help it achieve greater impartiality. The authors of the report, titled Can We Trust The BBC With Our History?, called on the BBC to tighten its editorial guidelines and set up an advisory panel of historians to reduce “groupthink” among programme makers.

Programmes highlighted in the dossier include The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan, in which the comedian visits Freetown in Sierra Leone and discusses Britain’s role in the slave trade, without mentioning that the city - so-called because it was the destination of freed slaves - was set up by the British.

A current affairs programme suggested the Bengal famine of 1943 was a consequence of racism on the part of Churchill, despite the fact that Britain sent large shipments of food to the Indian region in the face of wartime food shortages. Lord Roberts described it as an example of a “fatwa” he says the BBC has been conducting against Churchill for years, while Zareer Masani, a historian of Indian heritage, said he was “appalled” by the BBC’s claims.

Meanwhile, an episode of the archaeology series Digging for Britain aired a claim that British policy during the 19th century Irish potato famine amounted to the “extermination” of a people and that aid was refused - even though prime minister Robert Peel ordered the purchase of American maize to feed 500,000 people in Ireland and ruined his career by suspending the Corn Laws to allow untaxed imports.

The report also criticised Enslaved with Samuel L Jackson as well as a BBC Radio 4 documentary about Sarah Forbes Benetta, one of the only black women in Victorian high society.

A spokesman for History Reclaimed said: “Abuse of history for political purposes is as old as history itself. In recent years, we have seen politically motivated campaigns to rewrite British history in a way that undermines the solidarity of our communities, our sense of achievement, even our very legitimacy. “The BBC, of all institutions, should never accept as fact arguments put forward by politically motivated campaigners. Sadly, it appears that tendentious and provocative arguments seem to be given preference, and they have often been relayed without proper concern for accuracy.

“At their best, the BBC’s programmes are of high quality and are widely praised. But regrettably, it seems that the BBC, for all its merits, does not always respect the objectives set out in its charter and its claim to be strictly impartial.” Prof Tombs, co-editor of History Reclaimed, said: “The report identifies a pattern of failure by the BBC that points unmistakably to conscious or unconscious bias.”

Dr Alka Sehgal Cuthbert, director of the anti-racism group Don’t Divide Us, said: “When a public institution such as the BBC helps normalise a radically critical, minoritarian view of Britain’s history, it makes the possibility of a culture-in-common for a nation’s citizens - old, new, and yet to be - more difficult. This is not a public service.”

A BBC spokesman said: “We place the greatest importance on accuracy and bring audiences a breadth of viewpoints, perspectives and analysis across thousands of hours of news, current affairs and factual programming, covering a range of historical topics. “Across the entirety of our output there will, of course, be occasions when people disagree with or want to challenge what they have watched or heard and we have well publicised routes for them to do that. “Cherry-picking a handful of examples or highlighting genuine mistakes in thousands of hours of output on TV and radio does not constitute analysis and is not a true representation of BBC content.”

BBC guilty of ‘rewriting British history’ to promote woke agenda in ‘biased’ documentaries 29 XII 2022.

It's well known that the State British Broadcasting Company / BBC is run by homosexuals, foreigners and a jewish administration. That explains the agenda.

"woke agenda in ‘biased’ documentaries" is everywhere throughout television. UK is still 80% White 20% non-White but MSM inverse this. All part of the NWO global plan.


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