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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Michael Hoffman vs. E. Michael Jones

[Hoffman says Jones won't acknowledge his work.]

Roots vs. Symptoms: E. Michael Jones and the blackout of Hoffman's work

On Aug 24, 2007, at 9:32, Mark Dankof ( wrote:

I would like to recommend a special article to my friends and listeners. It is in the July/August 2007 print edition of Dr. E. Michael Jones's Culture Wars, pages 24-35. Entitled, "The Betrayal of the Christians of the Middle East," it is authored by Jeanne Conte. It is a must read. The online Culture Wars may be accessed at For those interested, I am sure the staff there will have information on how to obtain the July/August 2007 edition.

Dear Mr. Dankof

You may not be aware that E. Michael Jones blacks out all mention of my book "Judaism's Strange Gods," published in the year 2000, which generated a firestorm of controversy at with 49 customer reviews (surpassing many NY Times' bestsellers). Yet Jones denies his readers knowledge of it. This has gone on for years.

Dr. Jones also boycotts all publicity for my forthcoming book, "Judaism Discovered." I have written hundreds of articles and essays on aspects of Judaism (see: and, Jones has no interest in publishing any of them in his journal.

Several months ago he issued a private call, via e-mail, for information he did not possess, on the Talmud and abortion. When his question was forwarded to this writer through a third party, I offered to assist him, if he would simply acknowledge my assistance in print. I never heard from him.

The boycott has been very destructive to the circulation and success of our work.

Judaism's authority and prestige is never going to be curtailed without addressing the religion of Orthodox Judaism itself, using its own texts, to indict it at a level that cannot be evaded or overturned. I laid the groundwork for such an effort in "Judaism's Strange Gods", and with "Judaism Discovered," a 700-page book heavy with citations in Hebrew and Aramaic using the most recondite rabbinic texts and sources, I believe the goal has been achieved.

However, with little or no pre-publication publicity for this forthcoming work outside my own website and mailing list, the Judaics need not be troubled by it. This is a diabolic situation, not at all mitigated by the fact that Dr. Jones otherwise "does a lot of good work." I don't doubt it, but whatever that work might be, it deals in symptoms. Without a definitive scholarly refutation of rabbinic Judaism, we will continue to dwell in a rut, forever on the defensive, forever losing to a resurgent rabbinism, even as we nitpick this or that outer manifestation of its iniquitous root.

I don't know the rhyme or reason for the boycott, and Dr. Jones is not the only one so engaged. I am not certain if it is due to envy, a sense of rivalry, or skepticism about my credentials and abilities in handling the material. However it is motivated, the boycott is a boon to Judaism and a severe hindrance of the truth which God wants told. People should be aware of how late is the hour and how grave are the repercussions issuing from this blackout.

If I am not the man for the job, and I fully acknowledge my human frailties and foibles, who is, and where is that scholar's encyclopedic exposť?

There is a fairly substantial and growing anti-Zionist, paleo-conservative industry devoted to sniping at rabbinic Judaism in little digs here, columns and magazine articles there, and blogs and webpages all over the Internet. Individually it stimulates a momentary response of resistance or inspiration, and then gets filed and forgotten. A massive hardcover book, however, has presence and gravitas and sticks in the mind, to say nothing of offering the priceless utility of a comprehensive index that affords the reader extensive opportunity for reference and insight into almost every dark corner of the Judaic creed.

It is ironic, if not outright perverse, that almost no one engaged publicly in this busy industry, with some honorable exceptions (Jeff Rense, Bruce Leichty, Victor Thorn), has offered to do any pre-publicity for "Judaism Discovered" or breathe a word about the existence of "Judaism's Strange Gods" or Eisenmenger's classic "Traditions of the Jews," which we reprinted last year and which contains a 90 page introduction to the subject by yours truly.

My work is not only down the memory hole of the New York Times, it has been flushed by many of the spokesmen and house organs who are paid by the anti-Zionist reading public to inform them about developments in this field. But concerning our work they have been left totally in the dark.

This scandal has transpired for years. For that reason I do not believe that much of the opposition to Judaism is really serious. It's more a hobby and a sub-cult, in which the operators are loath to include anyone who is not their buddy, lest that person's new revelations up-end the comfortable seating arrangement of their vessel. So they continue to rake in the shekels for performing the task of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

If this complacent status quo is maintained, we will continue to lose. Butwe can't afford to lose for much longer, without being more or less completely routed and extirpated.

That's not good enough for me. I want the victory of God's will which Jesus Christ told us to work for: " voluntas tua, sicut in caelo et in terra." With emphasis on "terra."

Michael A. Hoffman II

SHORTLIST OF THOSE ENGAGED IN THE BOYCOTT: Taki/Paul Gotfried, Israel Shamir, Alexander Cockburn, Alex Jones, E. Michael Jones, Justin Raimondo, American Conservative magazine, Chronicles magazine, Lewllyn Rockwell, Ted Pike, Joe Sobran.

Johann Andreas Eisenmger: "The Traditions of the Jews": The Traditions of the Jews: Johann Andreas Eisenmenger,J.P. Stehelin: Books The Traditions of the Jews: Johann Andreas Eisenmenger,J.P. Stehelin: Books

Hoffman's DVD slideshow on Judaism:

"Judaism's Strange Gods" is out of print. Check for copies here: Judaism's Strange Gods: Michael A. Hoffman: Books Judaism's Strange Gods: Michael A. Hoffman: Books


Labels: Alex Jones, Alexander Cockburn, American Conservative magazine, Chronicles magazine, E. Michael Jones, Israel Shamir, Joe Sobran, Justin Raimondo, Lewllyn Rockwell, Ted Pike

posted by Michael A. Hoffman II at 8/24/2007 12:39:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Individually it stimulates a momentary response of resistance or inspiration, and then gets filed and forgotten."

Yes, indeed it does. But we must remember that we are programmed to forget and to live for the moment.

The facts about Judaism are simply too overwhelming for the average mind to comprehend. They led a movement that killed 60 million? They control the media, publishing, and Hollywood? They lied about WW2? They wrote the occult masterpiece - Kaballah? They are not the ancient Israelites?

When I have discussions with people about the occult roots of Judaism, the Holocaust myths, and about the fact that Judaics led the Communist slaughter of 60+ million they simply sit their mouths agape nodding their heads in disbelief. Out of ten such instances not one single person has asked me any follow up questions or showed any deeper interest in the subject. So deep is the fear.

How do you sustain any momentum in a movement with that type of response?
2:14 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been a subscriber to Culture Wars for several years; it is a nuts and bolts type of publication which has drarn the ire of the likes of Abe Foxman and Morris Dees, but the publication generally will not touch WW2 Revisionism, and it will not get into the nitty gritty type of research and book collecting that went into Eisenmenger and JSG - although Culture wars pushes the envelope in exposing certain Talmudic passages that defame Christ (which the rabbins claim refer to some person or don't exist) - however the full sorcery, incantation, death curse, Talmud nonsense which puts a good portion of the Talmud on the same level as voodoo handbook is not discussed. Nor are the passages allowing goyim to be tricked, robbed, etc. It is this occult dimension that the magazine will not touch.

E. Michael - at least have the cahones to come our and state why you won't even refer to Hoffman.
6:51 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Culture Wars focuses on the activities of the Revolutionary Jew and his minions, not on Judaism per se. The Revolutionary Jew has religious roots but his philosophies are militantly secular.I think Jones et al are sincere in their opposition to Judaism and all its baggage but are reluctant to branch out into modern historical revisionism or anything that could be perceived as pro-Nazi (he is always adamant about the difference between his opposition to Jews and Hitler's).


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