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Date - Title - Rating Videos with tag economics
Global Elite William Engdahl Coast to Coast am Jews & ZOG Global Elite William Engdahl Coast to Coast am In the second half, William Engdahl, who has written on issues of energy, politics and economics for more than 30 years, shared his contention that a group of global elite control the world's resources. There are about 150,000 to 200,000 families "who really see themselves as gods and the rest of us as simply worker bees or ants to be crushed if we get in their way," he commented. They have been bred not to care about those outside their class and have a pathological desire for power, as well as an agenda to reduce the world's population, he outlined. With the reduction of civil liberties in...
June 4th, 2012, 06:26 PM by Hugh Views: 1,704 - Comments: 0 Tags: full list...
John Perkins - The Secret History of the American Empire Jews & ZOG John Perkins - The Secret History of the American Empire - Author John Perkins spoke at Marlboro College on 4/23/08. Drawing on experiences described in his two New York Times bestsellers, Perkins describes the post-WWII era as one that created history's first truly global empire -- mostly through economics, rather than the military. Now we find ourselves catapulted toward a future that appears catastrophic to many people; however, in Perkins's view it offers great opportunities. Identifying corporations as "the most influential institutions on the planet," he challenges us to transform ourselves and the companies that so deeply impact our lives. He presents a plan for creating a world "that will make our children proud of us." John Perkins spent three decades as an Economic...
March 4th, 2012, 02:40 PM by Hugh Views: 936 - Comments: 0 Tags: full list...
"Made in Germany"- A Label in Transformation | Made in Germany Europe "Made in Germany"- A Label in Transformation | Made in Germany

Commodities bearing this seal sell well."Made in Germany"stands for quality and reliability. But now some German manufacturers are worried about the status of the brand. The European Commission is planning some changes in appellation law.In the future,"Made in Germany"will be reserved for products at least half of whose parts come from Germany. Report by Alex Dreyer.
November 24th, 2011, 06:36 PM by VikingWarrior Views: 669 - Comments: 1 Tags: economics, made in germany

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