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Enemies - Enemies of The White Race

Columbus Day Fest Turned into a White Hate Fest; See the Real Hate Crimes!

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Title Columbus Day Fest Turned into a White Hate Fest; See the Real Hate Crimes!
Category Enemies
Date October 18th, 2010, 05:07 PM
Description Video is from 2007 but it just epitomizes mud hive-mind slave mentality and complete lack of self-criticism.
The independent reporter has some pretty good questions to the muddy slave chants. Like "Where is the White indigenous homeland?".
The white traitors marching with the mud aggressors are just filth.
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Comments 1
Added To VNN O*R*I*O*N

  O*R*I*O*N - (October 18th, 2010, 05:09 PM)

Comment from the youtube uploader:
Maybe you should think twice about all the nonsense you are fed about racism on television. Here you get the reality of reverse racism. Mexicans accusing Americans of stealing their land and riding on the coattails of Native American Indians complaining about Columbus I find laugable as they are the only race on earth who are still racist and slaughtering Native American Indians from Mexico and Central America. That is largely what Commandante Marco's and the Bolivian Revolution is all about and these ignorant Latinos are completely clueless about it. EVen more pathetic are the delusional self hating whites who seem to not even realize they are white themselves as they attack a single white college student videotaping the hatred and it's these people calling him a "racist" and "nazi"?!

There is a huge reason why TV news ratings and newspaper sales are going way down. Because people have the internet and they are finding out more and more just how much they are being lied to every single day. Obviously not these fools, but more and more people are leaving these zombies trained to hatemonger by tv talking heads behind for the truth, which you won't find on American tv, radio, or newspapers. you have to be vigilant online and find your independant and foreign news sources not tied to the huge fascist corporate web. Take a good look at who owns the media. 25 years ago there were 290 families and corporations in America that owned all the news media in America. Today it's only 5!!! And all 5 have an agenda. Type into Google "Media ownership" and see what you discover. Research this and you will find the answer in a matter of hours.

Also there is a documentary that just came out called A Conversation About Race by Craig Bodecker. It is one of the best documentaries I have seen. And believe me when I tell you, I get just as much excellent information from Minister Farrakhan and Eric Muhammed as I got from this documentary. Just so you know, much of what Mr. Farrakhan speaks of in his sermons, he got from white researchers. For example, "Death By Injection" was a book written by Eustace Mullins of which Minister Farrakhan has spoken of at great length. But I beg you to deprogram yourselves and please watch this documentary. No matter what race or color you are...

Here''s the link...
A Conversation About Race..

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