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Jews & ZOG - Jews and their lies

The Perestroika Deception Series 2_2003

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analysis, analysts, anti communist, christopher story, commentary, communism, intelligence, mind control, perestroika deception, soviet, soviet analysts, soviet deception takeover

Title The Perestroika Deception Series 2_2003
Category Jews & ZOG
Date March 26th, 2012, 12:01 AM
Description This is the astonishing McIlhany Report entitled The Perestroika Deception (2003) which features world known analyst and author Christopher Story who exposes the hidden facts behind the fake collapse of Soviet Union and communism in general.
Since 1989 the world has been told that the Soviet Union collapsed and that, except for several countris, Communism is dead and the U.S. won the cold war. The reality is quite the reverse. Everything we have seen since 1989 has been a massive and successful, multi-decade long deception strategy on the part of the KGB, the Soviet secret police. The Goal? To deceive the West and achieve the goal of Leninist strategy - a totalitarian world government or international police state.
We know this from the evidence provided by Anatoly Golitsyn the most important defector from the KGB who came to America in 1961. In 1980 he wrote a book, "New Lies for Old," published in 1984, which described the disinformation strategy and made specific predictions as to what the KGB would do, such as removing the Berlin Wall, changing the name of the KGB and other structures and the role played by Mikhail Gorbachev. An independent analysis showed that over 94 per cent of those predictions came true by 1991 and since then. That's how we know Golitsyn was correct. Christopher Story, who first appeared on this show in 1995, is uniquely qualified to expose this conspiratorial strategy. Based in London, he publishes ten newsletters and reviews on economic, financial and political intelligence, including Soviet Analyst.
Those invaluable periodicals incorporate the understanding of post-1989 events provided by Golitsyn. He has published Golitsyn's second book, Perestroika Deception, Joseph Douglas' Red Cocaine on the Soviet strategy of using drugs to sabotage the West and European Union Collective on the regional world government now in place over Europe and Britain.

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