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RE: Alex

It's good hearing from you again.

The fear that this will reduce our middle-class support is foolish - those people are self-seeking cowards who will never help in any case until after we have gained power. Then they will tell us and each other that they always supported us.
Their cowardice is fueled by their fear of loss of their stable income. We offer them nothing in the way of secure employment. To the contrary we offer them some lofty sounding ideals, a guarantee they'll be ostracized by their friends and family and a very good chance they'll become unemployable by their association with us.

We're the ones who believe and who knows how many of those we speak to really believe what we're saying? Exposing the jew is great, then what? This is where the lion's share our audience decide to humor us and then they slink away, most knowing we're right but at the same time looking at the wife and kids who need food, clothing and shelter. Having to make this choice builds walls of denial we see as hypocrisy.

The good news

Of course few of us are in a position to employ a bunch of WNs with good paying jobs that'll support their families...........But now it looks like the jew is losing it's ability to continue to provide the masses with jobs. And it's from these Laid-off, disenfranchised and financially desperate White men who'll be the ones most inclined to do the necessary wet work. We need to tell them who hurt them. We need to paint this picture so vividly that mortal vengeance will seem like the only solution. Then we will be speaking the highest truth.

When we see rivers of blood in the streets, then there will be plenty of opportunity for WNs to start up businesses vacated by those with bullet holes in the backs of their heads.

Yes Alex, there are plenty of people who call themselves WNs who hate me as well for what I've just written. I don't care. I just call it as I see it.

The ink of the learned is as precious as the blood of the martyr. For one drop of ink may make millions think.