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Default African architecture. Africans can only build a mud shack!

It's funny how they feed us that lie that Africans are blessing, their average IQ is not really that low, and they can be as much as intelligent as Westerners. Well, if they're so smart, why Africans never built nothing major in 5000 years?

On the photo: Rila Monastery, Bulgaria.
Built around the year 927–941 AD.

And that's only in Bulgaria. Architecture in Spain, Germany, France, Belgium, Czechia, etc is also stunning.

And here, buildings in Africa, built around 2000–2015.
Around 1100 years after the creation of the art from the above. It's very conclusive that their mental capacity just doesn't allow it. At least they can keep quiet. I mean, nobody will know you're stupid if you don't talk, right? They are primal, barbaric, violent, and instead of creating and building, they destroy and burn. It's easier this way. "I can't build it and I can't have it, you won't have it to."

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