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Originally Posted by Donnie in Ohio View Post
Like it or not, people equate the word "Aryan" with Germany's Third Reich from the early part of last century.

It's 2009 and this is not Germany.

I would pick a more contemporary title.

My 2 cents.
I think '2 cents' is a fitting way to describe the act of appealing to the lowest common denominator.

卐 White ⊕ Power 卐
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Aryan Alternative #1

Aryan Alternative #2

Aryan Alternative #3

Aryan Alternative #4
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Default Requesting News Letters help

I have an associate that is seeking regular news letters with information such as that which this website would provide. He is currently incarcerated, but I find it my duty to provide him with any literature possible. If there is a newsletter that I can donate to for a few issues to be mailed directly to him, that would be great.

Is anyone aware of a website that sends out newsletters to those brothers in jail who need literature to "open the eyes" of others.

Not meaning for me to blog down this forum thread, but thought I would ask.

taa, vnn newspaper


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