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Default Gays removing tribute videos to Obamas "friend" gay child rapist Terry Bean

It's funny that the Basic Rights Oregon gay nutjob charity has been caught out controlling judges prosecuting christian bakeries and defending their key donor / founder publicly, but privately love going around deleting their tribute videos to Terry Bean because it's expected he'll be jailed for 15 year old boy rape. Yet another "queer hero" (their words not mine) to be proven to be a pedofag. Since I uploaded this Terry Bean the gay child fucker and Obama's best mate has personally deleted some of his own videos in the last week, as have Basic Rights Oregon from their channel.

This is a developing story and I'll rehost the videos they took down on Vimeo.

From VGB blog.

Terry Bean's (64 yrs) barely 25 gay boyfriend arrested. They had gay domestic violence in the week before. They both had restraining orders lodged against each other. His neighbour talks about Terry Beans young under 18 sex toy boys that Terry brings home."Basic Rights Oregon had no comment at this time" (Terry Beans gay child rapist's political front in Oregon to control the judges who punish Christian Bakeries)
Terry Beans 25-year-old gay boyfriends mom. Terry Bean used my son and that Terry Bean was the only man to have sex with minors. She claims her son was used to groom the 15-year-old boy to get the young boys to Terry Bean. Also the mother of gay boy-rape victim speaks out.
Terry Bean shows up in court with a big smile. Is the Game is rigged? COURT DOCUMENTS: SODOMY IN THE 3RD DEGREE! TERRY BEAN CHARGED AS A SODOMITE. The fact the boy was raped by a gay man is not refuted. Both gay men are blaming each other for the boy rape, that happened in a hotel room they both attended, but didn't tell authorities about for over a year. In the meantime Terry after witnessing this rape (if he's innocent - yeah right!) went around to hug the Governor whilst doing electioneering (see the news articles in the next part).
USA TODAY COVERAGE: See the Police Detective saying they really do have a case and they have been careful before laying charges. Investigation is ongoing. It doesn't look like sloppy police work here as the queers keep saying

And another 15 videos proving the democrats are in bed with gay child fuckers on the VGB blog (embedding limits here I think)
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Join Date: Jul 2013
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I used #youtube# tags? using square brackets. i used to be able to do it.. maybe I have to go edit one of my old posts....

fag, fag official, obama, pedophile, terry bean


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