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Dawn Cannon
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Dawn Cannon
Default Pakistan: $1 million per day for passage to Afghanistan

Late last night officials in Islamabad announced that they had approved the reopening of roads leading into landlocked Afghanistan to the NATO supply convoys that need them. The new accordís final details have yet to be worked out. That decision cleared the way for an official invitation to be extended to Pakistanís president, Asif Ali Zardari, just in time for him to attend a NATO summit on the future of Afghanistan, to be held in Chicago May 20th-21st.

The roads were shut in a rage after American aircraft bombarded a Pakistani post near the Afghan border in November, killing 24 soldiers and injuring over a dozen others. The incident appears to have been a ghastly accident, though some in Pakistani officialdom suspect that it was deliberate.
What Pakistan is getting from the new agreement is revenue from a transit tax to be slapped on NATOís supplies, with the actual tolls yet to be finalised. It is thought that the fee will come to $1,500-$1,800 per truck. With the NATO traffic expected to bring 600 trucks per day barrelling in and out of Afghanistan on Pakistani roads, that should earn a cool $1m a day. Not a fortune perhaps, but better than compensation for a trade that tends to mash up poorly made country roads.

Aside from the apology and the transit tax, Pakistan had wanted America to clear its dues under the Coalition Support Funds (CSF) programme, a scheme that is supposed to reimburse Pakistan for money spent guarding its western frontier with Afghanistan. That money should flow at some point, though presumably it will be much less than the $2 billion that Pakistan reckons it is owed.
The fourth major issue was drone attacksóthe missile strikes on suspected militants that unmanned aircraft carry out in Pakistanís tribal region. While Pakistanís government says that it wants the drones to cease fire, it realises this isnít going to happen. What it is in effect asking is for some control over whom the strikes kill.
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As the old saying goes concerning a fool and his money being Ďsoon parted';
(AmeriKwa & her Western drag-alongs such as Australia and England).
And the past 10 years is likely only the beginning of what these wars for Pax Judaica have in store.

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