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Old November 11th, 2013 #1
Elliot Richards
Join Date: Nov 2013
Posts: 130
Default This site seems to be one of the only sites that allow facts.

Well let me explain here. I have had threads deleted on a dozen other forums and even been banned for stating facts on many other forums. Apparently facts get you banned from most other sites on the net.

I will give specific examples. On one forum I said that the races are not equal and every piece of scientific evidence shows that. Even common sense does. In fact the only people that seem to think otherwise is the politically correct media that spurt out baloney like we all bleed red and we are all the human race. Which both would take an absolute imbecile to take them seriously. First of all Humans are a species not a race. That's a scientific fact. And we are not all the same race (sub-species) obviously. We are the same species sure but not the same sub-species. That's like telling a Gray Wolf that it's the same as a timber wold or Himalayan wolf.

Also the we all bleed red is just so stupid I don't even want to cover it. Not only does ever mammal on the planet bleed red but even some stupidly simple creatures also bleed red and have the same blood type system we have. Fish for example are very simple and they have hemoglobin blood system we have.

But basic facts get you banned from most forums and everyone gangs up on you with their political correctness. It really feels strange like are these seriously people. How can there be so many and they are all this stupid.

Also I notice in real life so many people are like these people on the other forums. It seems that as far as the net goes this is one of the very few sites that allow basic scientific facts to be stated without being banned.

This isn't meant to be offensive to women either but I notice in real life women seem to be far more politically correct than men. Maybe because a part of the political correct lie benefits them also. So they just support the whole lie. Or maybe they really believe it. I don't know.

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