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Old March 17th, 2022 #281
M.N. Dalvez
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2012
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M.N. Dalvez

Originally Posted by Johan View Post
I hope Jimmy comes back to the forum, yesterday he gave the following answer.
Jimmy is a good man, and I don't blame him for avoiding this place.

Who wants to deal with a demented Italian man-child autist, a fucking 40+ year old man for fuck's sake, who simply uses it to spam jewmedia links and gush about how much he loved Japanese children's media - and immediately starts crying whenever anyone even dares to contradict him, or question his life choices?

Who wants to deal with a pack of Brazilian mystery-meat monkeys who think they have the right to say who is and isn't White?

Who wants to deal with a pack of alcoholic, illiterate Englanders who think that following that jew puppet 'Tommy Robinson' around is somehow 'pro-White activism'?
Old March 17th, 2022 #282
Joe from OH
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Joe from OH

Always enjoyed Jimmy Marr's posts and admired his activism on behalf of Whites.
A "conservative" is one part of retardation and two parts of cowardice.
Old March 17th, 2022 #283
Join Date: Oct 2013
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Originally Posted by M.N. Dalvez View Post
Jimmy is a good man, and I don't blame him for avoiding this place.
Certainly a good man, who, like myself, has expressed his opinion in several ways (and showed his face in the process) in addition to posting messages.

About the forum, I have my thoughts on it, Crowe once said the forum should be closed (so Alex's reference work is safe). On the one hand I agree, on the other hand we are still reaching out to newbies (hence it would be good if more big names were involved to show them their way in activism and views).

So what is the right way, I think this is not for me to determine, all I can do is contribute to awareness.

cide piper, diversity, freedom activists, jimmy mar, jimmy marr, white activism, white genocide, white heroes


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