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Default Political correctness as mechanism of liberty restriction

Political correctness as mechanism of liberty restriction:
Imposing through social pressure a regimen of behaviour upon the populace, the controlling elite (Judeo- Masonry and Catholic order priestly caste) thereby enforce their tyranny through the creation of social taboos, which comprise all of that lying outside of the realm of ‘political correctness’ which is qualified as prohibited discourse, that which carries with it the illicit, the mark of Cain as it were and given the inversion of all values that a society structured along anti-natural dogma enforces, all natural instincts and proclivities towards freedom of association, self-identification along biological lines, etc. are suppressed through this same social pressure which was developed for this unexpressed (covert) purpose which was known only to those aware of the overarching long-term agenda of white genocide by the elite (ill-lights).
Political correctness serves as means of censoring speech and through the extremes of social pressure brought to bear censors thought also such that the programmed lemmings, passive receivers of the dogma of anti-white/anti-naturalism, are eager and gleeful to embrace all of that falling within the politically correct realm and equally intense in their condemnation and vilification of all of that lying without as the new Satanism of [neo-] liberal/Marxist dogmatism.
Through the drip-feed mechanism, of gradualism the steady Chinese water torture of censorship is transformed into the elixir vitae of the new utopia. To continually introduce into the minds of the populace the same creed of white=bad/nonwhite=good is to continually rape the mind of these same lemmings lacking as they are in independent thought and susceptible in their passivity to the indoctrination of these false idols of ‘equality, democracy, liberty [publically approved, of course – that which has no power to threaten the control system]’.
The new creed requires as means of its enforcement and portrayal as the only solution to the problem of the ‘Other’, an anti-thesis via which it can present itself as ‘The Good’ in relation to ‘the Evil’. This false dichotomy serves the elite in the enforcement of their dogma which delivers the world into their hands as collective messiah, saviour of the sheeple who are then sheared and eventually slaughtered once sufficient time and concomitant memory loss has occurred (e.g. over a generation).
Political correctness is the operation of this dogma in its enforcement, seeking to annihilate on a witch hunt all opposition to its creed. Hence the masses are whipped up into a frenzy to hate, shun, and inform on all ‘satans’ of the ‘Other’, the racists, etc. who fight against the tyranny. All of those politically incorrect are Satan – even though the regime itself is one of Satanism, destruction, man-godism, and yet paradoxically and hypocritically godmanism through submissive genuflection being a mandate the masses must follow unthinkingly.
This propaganda it is which establishes ‘the new normal’, the new set of norms which the masses are conditioned to accept (as expeditiously as possible though not too forcefully unless the right orchestrated event can be developed to quicken the acceptability in the masses minds the ‘new normal’ thereby supplanting the old).
Normal=Good in the minds of the masses; conversely and by implication abnormal=bad, and those displaying behaviour of this nature are qualified by them as ‘Satan’ and fallen upon as wild beasts fall upon a domesticated animal bedecked with bells and ribbons only in this case the wild beasts (goyim) dress themselves in these same accoutrements and bite and scratch with a thousand cuts the noble wolfish animal who would simply pursue his course of hunting after those who threaten the pack and perhaps attempt to elevate the herd to a higher level – but that would entail a forceful removal from their comfort zone, the warmth of the sty and its trough.

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