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Alexander M.
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Alexander M.
Default Demographic Disaster: African Population to Double By 2050

What rewards do Whites get for helping the negro? Pack attacks. Crime. Destroyed cities. "Kill Whitey." It's hard to imagine a group of people less grateful for the constant White sacrifices made for their benefit than the negro. We have purchased, at a price of probably a trillion dollars or more, the worst possible behavior and their total and complete enmity. It's arguably even worse in "The Mother" where White do-gooding is going to cause an unsustainable explosion in the 60 I.Q. population. That's right, an entire continent incapable of self-governance, rule of law, or even the most basic elements of civilization is seeing a tremendous boom in population growth at the same time most White nations are seeing negative population growth as careerism, jewish feminism, the sodomite agenda and the devastated economy take their planned toll on White families.
Experience molds perception.
Old September 29th, 2013 #2
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In the past, these kinds of population trends in Africa coupled with regular drought cycles have led to massive famines. The question is: Will the West have the $$$ to send food aid again and perpetuate the cycle.

Bono is quite certain that you need to send a big chunk of your paycheck to the Dark Continent.



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