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Old December 11th, 2006 #21
Join Date: Nov 2006
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Default PLE is the only answer

If you are talking about a future for the white race in the USA, then the only solution is a PLE. Remember, we can never elect a prowhite government. But if we form a large PLE together, then it won't matter very much. The USA will slide down a brown slope and our community will be similar to one in South Africa. That is the best outcome for Americans. Forget taking back America. It is not going to happen. Concentrate your energy's on a PLE.
Old December 11th, 2006 #22
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Originally Posted by confederate_soldier
If you are talking about a future for the white race in the USA, then the only solution is a PLE. Remember, we can never elect a prowhite government. But if we form a large PLE together, then it won't matter very much. The USA will slide down a brown slope and our community will be similar to one in South Africa. That is the best outcome for Americans. Forget taking back America. It is not going to happen. Concentrate your energy's on a PLE.
Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what does PLE stand for?

From the rest of your post, it sounds like you're discussing a kind of mini-state. If so, I think that's a sensible idea worthy of serious consideration.
Old December 11th, 2006 #23
Join Date: Nov 2006
Posts: 274

Originally Posted by Angler
Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what does PLE stand for?

From the rest of your post, it sounds like you're discussing a kind of mini-state. If so, I think that's a sensible idea worthy of serious consideration.

It's not a dumb question. You can read about them in Aryan Community on this board or on Stormfront they have more info. PLE is Pioneer Little Europe.

The Pioneer Little Europe Prospectus


The Pioneer Little Europe Prospectus - Part One

The Pioneer Little Europe Prospectus - Part Two

The Pioneer Little Europe Prospectus - Part Three

The Pioneer Little Europe Prospectus - Part Four

The Pioneer Little Europe Prospectus - Part Five

The Pioneer Little Europe Prospectus - Part Six
PLEs are OPEN communities for all WNs with many different pro-White spins within, so Stormfront does not seek legal control or responsibility for any PLE built, nor is proof of existence given about any PLE project alleged to be in its first or "invisible" stage.
The PLE prospectus:
The PLE forum:
Don Black's PLE data base:
The Video Everybody's taking about:
Old February 7th, 2007 #24
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Post Solutions

There's some heavy discussion going on here. I only wanted to say that I chose "Abolish all Laws that give The Federal Government more power than the Constitution affords?" because by doing that first, many of the other options could and should happen as a result.
NIM Governor of North Carolina
NIM Crown Mystic Department Officer
(Check out my NIM NC page under NIM Governments, also the new NIM Mystic Site)
Old February 10th, 2007 #25
William Robert
Join Date: Dec 2003
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Default More than a few agree it would be a good place to start!

The Federal Reserve must be abolished.

The Great Dollar Crash of ‘07

The massive equity bubbles which arose from artificially low interest rates and the deliberate destruction of the dollar by reckless increases in the money supply have shifted trillions of dollars from working class Americans to the predatory aristocrats at the top of the economic food chain. The gulf between rich and poor has grown so wide that it now poses a direct threat to our increasingly fragile democracy.

“Whatever future developments may prove to be, my best guess is that the US will continue to maintain a façade of Constitutional government and drift along until financial bankruptcy overtakes it.” Chalmers Johnson, “Empire V. Democracy: Why Nemesis is at our Door”

02/06/07 "ICHBlog" -- - Every time a US Dollar is traded, a check is issued on an account that is overdrawn by $8.6 trillion. (That is the present size of the national debt) It is, without question, the biggest swindle in history. Flimsy sheets of faded-green scrip are eagerly exchanged for costly goods and services without any regard for the real value of the currency.

And, the real value of the currency is absolutely nothing!

How is it that this scam persists when people appear to be aware of the massive debt and deficits which underwrite the dollar? Do they still believe in that puerile fairy tale about “the full faith and credit” of the United States backing up every greenback? Or are they pacified by the wizened graybeards, like Alan Greenspan and Hank Paulson, who soothingly bray about the “strong dollar policy”?

What gibberish.

In truth, the dollar rests on the crumbling foundation of consumerism and oil. The American consumer’s gluttonous appetite for spending has kept the greenback flying high for decades. Economists marvel at America’s lust for electronic gadgetry, the latest fashions, and useless knick-knacks. They call our profligate spending “the engine for global growth”; and indeed it is. No other country in the world is nearly as addicted to binge-spending as the US consumer. As long as he can beg, borrow or steal his way into the shopping mall; the orgy of spending is bound to continue. (Consumer spending is 70% of GDP)

Regrettably, there are signs that the US consumer is beginning to buckle from the weight of personal debt. The Associated Press reported just this week that “people are saving at the slowest rate since the Great Depression… and the Commerce Dept stated that the nation’s personal savings rate for 2006 was a negative 1%, the worst showing in 73 years.”

Additionally, credit card debt has skyrocketed, which is an indication that homeowners are no longer able to siphon easy-money from their home-equity. The nose-diving real estate market has slowed refinancing to a dribble; cutting off the additional $825 billion of cash which was extracted from home-equity just last year.

Clearly, the well is running dry; the housing bubble is hang-gliding into the abyss and there’s nothing Fed-master Bernanke can do to save it from its inevitable crash-landing.

The central banks around the world are now watching for any sign that the American consumer is about to give up the ghost. As soon as that happens, bank managers everywhere will swing into action, ditch their U.S.Dollars and head for the exits. When the “global engine” sputters to a halt; it’ll be curtains for the greenback.

The Oil-extortion Racket

The dollar’s link to oil has helped to keep it afloat but, in truth, it’s just another dismal rip-off. More than 70% of the world’s oil is denominated in USD; a virtual monopoly for the USA. Until last year, even Russia was using dollars in its oil transactions with Germany. Imagine a comparable deal, like the US purchasing oil from Canada in rubles?!?

It’s lunacy; and yet this is the system the US hopes to preserve so it can maintain its unique status as the world’s “reserve currency” and keep expanding its debt into perpetuity. It explains why the Federal Reserve has been able to increase the money supply by a whopping 15% for the last 6 years! Trillions of dollars are now circulating in the oil trade keeping the value of the dollar high by creating artificial demand.

The other reason the dollar hasn’t succumbed to hyperinflation is because the current account deficit is running at roughly $800 billion per year. The Asian giants (China and Japan) and the oil exporting countries are mopping up more than $700 billion of our red ink every year!

The dollar’s link to oil forces central banks to maintain humongous stockpiles of USD to pay the steadily rising price of oil that keeps their industries and vehicles running. Otherwise they would have chucked the flaccid greenback years ago and converted to the more steadfast euro.

The so-called ‘global economic system’ has nothing to do with competition, free markets or private enterprise; that’s just public relations gobbledygook. In practice, it is the world’s biggest extortion racket, wherein, the “Godfather”-- Uncle Sam-- holds a gun to the heads of his subjects and forces them to use our fiat-paper to purchase the oil that lubricates their economies.

Why would anyone accept a personal check from a nation that owes the bank more than $8.6 trillion dollars?

Why, indeed?

It’s blackmail, pure and simple; and yet, the Chinese, Japanese etc. continue to play along knowing full-well that we neither have the inclination nor the resources to pay them back in kind?

It’s madness.

Every so often, a rebel nation will try to break the shackle of greenback-tyranny and operate outside the US-run system?

For example, Saddam Hussein switched to euros 6 months before he was carpet-bombed in Shock and Awe. His defiance only hastened his ultimate downfall.

Now Iran and Venezuela are threatening to convert to euros. Is it any surprise that they are both on Bush’s axis-of-evil hit list?

Russia has already made the conversion to euros and rubles (and has considerably depleted his supplies of USD) but, of course, regime change is more difficult when a state has nuclear weapons. Instead, the mainstream media is conducting an impressive “Swift Boat” campaign against Putin, smearing him as a “Russian autocrat” who is “rolling back democracy”. At the same time, the Bush administration is threatening to deploy missile systems in Eastern Europe and ratcheting up the pressure in the former Soviet republics.

Bush would rather restart the Cold War than abandon the supremacy of the greenback.

But, why? Is Dollar-primacy really that crucial to our economy?

The greenback is the baling wire that keeps the global economy in the hands of the doddering old misers at the Federal Reserve. It’s the cornerstone of the whole wretched system; a system which now includes torture, extraordinary rendition, and myriad other war crimes.

The young Muslim men who are abducted off the streets of Europe and Asia and taken to CIA Black Sites where they are waterboarded or stacked in naked pyramids; are tortured in defense of the crumpled piece of green paper we carry in our pants pockets.

Think I’m kidding?

Just look at Bush’s budget for 2007-2008; $700 billion for foreign wars?!? There’s no way the US can pay off that debt through the normal means of increasing exports. In fact, Bush has already said that he plans to preserve his unfunded tax cuts whether they produce massive deficits or not.

What Bush plans to do is force the foreign central banks to hold more dollar-based assets, thus, thrusting our gigantic debt onto our trading partners. According to Bob Chapman of The International Forecaster, “US debt was up 10.1% to $4.085 trillion and accounts for 58.8% OF ALL THE CREDIT ISSUED GLOBALLY LAST YEAR. The US is producing more debt than the rest of the world combined.

As long as foreign lenders are willing to take our paper, Bush will keep expanding our debt. As Chalmers Johnson opined, “We are dependent on ‘the kindness of strangers’”. (The Blanche Dubois economy)

Of course, if the central banks grow tired of this pyramid-scheme and dump the dollar; the world can get on with the business of addressing global warming, poverty, AIDs, Peak Oil, nuclear proliferation etc. That won’t happen as long as the dollar reigns supreme and a small cadre of unelected racketeers at the Fed continue Gerry-rig the system.

Economic justice and equitable distribution of wealth begin with greater parity among the currencies. That requires “regime change” for the greenback and a loosening of its tyrannical grip on the system.

Sleepwalking in the Weimar U.S.A.

The good news is that the Bush administration is pushing the dollar towards extinction anyway. Another few years of $800 billion trade deficits, lavish unfunded tax cuts for the mega-rich, and a Pentagon budget of $700 billion-plus; and the old greenback will be going the way of the Dodo. Jim Willie of summarized it this way:

“Never in the history of central bankers has the hidden coordination, influenced pressure, gargantuan money creation, doctored statistics, and interference with financial markets been so broad, so deep, and so profound. My allegation is clear, that we now live in Weimar times, as has been warned for two years worth of scribbles. Collectively, they have abused the privilege of printing money, and in doing so, have guaranteed a gold bull market. … The more heavily the counterfeit press dispenses electronic dollars, devoted to operations, to credit, to consumer spending, to military adventures, to good old fashioned fraud, the gold bull benefits from ample new oxygen and blood flow”.

Willie is right; the system is rotten to the core. Once the dollar crashes, other currencies rush in to fill the void generating greater competition between the energy and manufacturing giants. A new paradigm will emerge distributing power more equitably among the states. It’s a way to resuscitate a system that is currently held together through force of arms.

Besides, how long will China and Japan continue to abet Washington’s war-mongering adventurism? My guess is that the daggers have already been sharpened in Beijing, Caracas, Delhi and Moscow. Everyone is just waiting for Bush to cross that invisible line in the sand before they fling their greenbacks into the jet-stream and wait for Goliath to tumble.

That “invisible line in the sand” is Iran.

The world is at a crossroads and everyone who can fog a mirror knows it. The superpower model of global governance has failed miserably. We need more responsible stewardship of the planet and its resources.

How can we build our economies when a handful of western plutocrats control the spigot for quickly dwindling oil reserves? How can we attack climate change when those same blinkered reprobates employ pseudo-scientists to dispute global warming? How can we address nuclear proliferation when neocon militarists believe in “useable” low-yield, bunker-busting warheads?

The model is hopelessly shattered. We’d be better off boarding-up the White House and the Federal Reserve and starting from Square One.

The world needs a break from Washington’s wasteful spending and unprovoked wars. At the same time, foreign creditors are increasingly reluctant to keep financing America’s extravagant consumption. And, no one is hoodwinked by Bush’s “war on terror” scam; a conflict that was clearly concocted to assert control over the world’s remaining resources.

The world is realigning according to mutual interests and a shared vision of the future. The rise of energy alliances in Latin America and Asia (particularly the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) which now controls most new oil deposits and output) signals the waning of western influence and the ascendancy of a new energy paradigm. Power is progressively shifting away from Washington.

That’s bad news for the greenback which depends on its linkage to oil to sustain its enormous debt.

The dollar now faces challenges from all directions. Western elites have savaged the country’s economic base by hollowing out our manufacturing base in order to destroy the American labor movement.

Free trade has transformed the US into the biggest creditor nation in history. The country exports nothing but bombs and misery.

Also, as Congressman Ron Paul notes, “Most knowledgeable people assume that inflation of the money supply is not only going to continue, but accelerate. This anticipation, plus the fact that many new dollars have been created over the past 15 years that have not been fully discounted, guarantees the further depreciation of the dollar.”

Eventually, the markets will catch on, foreign lenders will stop buying our Treasuries, and the dollar will fall through the floor.

The laws of gravity apply to economics as well as science.

Red flags are going up everywhere. China’s central bank issued a warning in December about the risks of the weakening dollar:

“If external capital stops flowing into the US, a significant drop in the dollar may occur with consumption and investment shrinking, interest rates rising, and financial markets experiencing turbulence, endangering global financial and economic stability. There could be adjustments to how European private capital, Asian foreign exchange reserves and oil export proceeds are invested.”

Yes, of course, a complete economic meltdown with capital fleeing the United States to foreign countries and the American economy collapsing in a heap.

The Chinese central bank statement adds:

“If the US current account deficit continues to grow faster than GDP, then the investment value of US assets may be subject to doubts and challenges and the willingness of investors to continue holding and buying US financial products may weaken. This could cause changes in capital flows, the exchange rates of major currencies, and the value of foreign exchange assets.”

The Chinese bank is giving the Bush Team a chapter out of Econ. 101: “If you keep spending more than you are taking in; the stock market will fall, the dollar will plummet, and the US economy will tank”.

What could be clearer than that?

The administration, however, chooses to ignore the basic laws of economics and pursue a madcap plan to wage aggressive war across the planet and pilfer the world’s oil reserves.

So far, the results have been less than reassuring.

The Decline of U.S. Sovereignty; blame it on the Fed

The United States set off on the road to perdition when it transferred the power to create money to the privately-owned Federal Reserve. It’s been downhill ever since.

The man who can set interest rates and create money is more powerful than the man who can move armies and change laws. By conferring that authority on the Federal Reserve we have assured that the policies that govern our economy are decided by unelected members of the ruling elite whose choices will naturally reflect the interests of their class.

The wealth gap that has opened up like a yawning chasm between rich and poor in America originated with the class-based policies of the Fed. The massive equity bubbles which arose from artificially low interest rates and the deliberate destruction of the dollar by reckless increases in the money supply have shifted trillions of dollars from working class Americans to the predatory aristocrats at the top of the economic food chain. The gulf between rich and poor has grown so wide that it now poses a direct threat to our increasingly fragile democracy. That’s why Thomas Jefferson said:

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of our currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and the corporations that will grow up will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing of power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

Free people cannot control their own destiny unless they control their own currency. The Federal Reserve must be abolished.
Old February 21st, 2007 #26
William Robert
Join Date: Dec 2003
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Default The Federal Reserve Must Be Abolished!!

Ron Paul Tells it like it is (5 minute vid)
Old March 2nd, 2007 #27
William Robert
Join Date: Dec 2003
Posts: 1,911
Blog Entries: 3
Default The Federal Reserve must be abolished.

America's Greatest Problem-It's Debt Money System

If you would ask any American citizen what the Federal Reserve is, he probably would tell you that it is a government agency that creates all of the money to run the United States. This, unfortunately, is the misconception most American have: that the Federal Reserve is a government agency, probably because the word "Federal" is used in its name. And this is exactly what the Bankers want: ignorance among the population!

In the next few paragraphs, I am going to simply explain what the Federal Reserve is really all about, and how it is being used to control the United States. A good resource book that I am using is entitled "Billions for the Bankers - Debts for the people" by Sheldon Emry.

A Private Corporation

The first thing that must be understood is that the Federal Reserve Corporation is not a government agency, as most people think. It is a private corporation controlled by the Bankers, and therefore it is operated for the financial gain of the Bankers over the people, rather than for the good of the people.
When our Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution of the United States back in the 1700's, they specifically stated in Article 1 of this Constitution:

Congress shall have the Power to Coin Money and Regulate the Value Thereof.

It was the wish of the Founding Fathers that the power to create and control the money be in the hands of the Federal Congress, and not in the hands of private Bankers who could charge enormous amounts of interest, and who could actually then control the country by controlling the money. They understood the tricks of the Bankers, for what did Mayer Anselm Rothschild, the great European Banker, once say: "Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws..." It was their belief that all citizens should share in the profits of its creation, not just private Bankers, and therefore the national Government must be the only creator of money.

So, what happened? For several years after the Constitution was signed, the money in the country was handled both legally and illegally, the Bankers having devised all kinds of tricks to try to take control of the nation's money.

The Federal Reserve Act

But the final blow came in 1913, on Christmas Eve, when the Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act, which officially took the power to create the money to run United States away from the Congress, and gave it over to private Bankers, who called themselves the Federal Reserve Corporation. But note: they are private Bankers.
The passage of this Federal Reserve Act authorized the establishment of a Federal Reserve Corporation, with a Board of Directors (The Federal Reserve Board) to run it. And the United States was divided into 12 Federal Reserve Districts.

This new law completely removed from the Congress the right to create money or to have any control over its creation, and gave this function over to the Federal Reserve Corporation. The Fed printed "Federal Reserve Notes", which are still accepted today as money among the citizens of the country.
But we have to understand that these Federal Reserve Notes, used as money in the country, cannot be considered as being constitutional money. Why, you ask? Because the Congress went against the Constitution of the United States when it passed this Federal Reserve Act, for it specifically states that Congress, and only Congress shall have the power to coin and regulate the money of the country.

Some might ask: "What does it matter if Congress or private Bankers create the money? It is accepted by the people just the same as a medium of exchange with which to perform business transactions".

Yes, the Federal Reserve Notes are accepted as a medium of exchange by the people of the United States. But this is a debt-money, being interest is charged on every dollar that is created, but the interest is not created!, Let me give an example to illustrate this point.

To Obtain The Money

Let us say that the Federal Government needs $1,000,000,000 ($1 billion) more, after it collects the taxes, to continue financing its projects. Since it does not have the money, and Congress has given away its authority to create it, the Government must go to the Federal Reserve, which is now in charge of creating the money for the country. But the Federal Reserve does not just give its money away! The Bankers are willing to deliver $1 billion in money or credit to the Federal Government only in exchange for the Government's agreement to pay it back - with interest! The Congress then authorizes the Treasury Department to print $1 billion in U.S. bonds, which are then delivered to the Federal Reserve Bankers.

The Federal Reserve then pays the cost of printing the $1 billion (about $1,000), and makes the exchange. The Government then used the money to pay its obligations.

Now, what are the results of this transaction! The $1 billion in Government bills is paid, but the Government has now indebted the people to the Bankers for $1 billion, on which the people must pay interest! And, of course, the interest is not created!

And, to top it all, on this $1 billion that the Federal Reserve received in bonds from this transaction, it is legally allowed to create another $15 billion in new credit to lend to states, municipalities, businesses, and individuals. Added to the original $1 billion, they could have $16 billion of created credit out in loans paying them interest, with their only cost being the $1,000 they spent for printing the original $1 billion lent to the Government. Is it diabolical? You bet it is!

"Creating" Money

We should probably clarify the term "create". When we use this term, we refer to the process used to bring money into existence. The Bankers create money out of nothing, simply by writing numbers in their ledger books, and then giving loans to the American people with this money, allowing them to write checks on the numbers written in their accounts, and then requiring payment with interest. Money is nothing but numbers, be it numbers in a ledger book, on checks, or on dollar bills. Using this process, most banks are legally allowed to lend out up to 50 times of what they have on deposit, creating the money out of nothing and then charging interest on it. You have to admit that it is quite a racket!.

And the Federal Reserve prints the paper money we use in circulation, the Federal Reserve Notes, by having numbers printed on pieces of paper of little value, since a few cents will print a $1 bill or a $10,000 bill (at the same cost). Money is very cheap to make, and whoever has the legal right to create the money in a nation can make a tremendous profit.

The National Debt

The United States has plunged itself terribly into debt since the Federal Reserve Act was passed.
In 1910, before the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, the federal debt was only $1 billion, or $12.40 per citizen. State and local debts were practically non-existent.

By 1920, after only 6 years of Federal Reserve "shenanigans", the federal debt had jumped to $24 billion, or $228 per person.

In 1960, the federal debt reached $284 billion, or $1,575 per citizen, and state and local debts were mushrooming.

By 1981, the federal debt passed $1 trillion, and was growing exponentially, being the Banker's tripled the interest rates. State and local debts were more than the federal, and with business and personal debts, the total was over $6 trillion, 3 times the value of all land and buildings in America.

In October, 2005, the federal debt reached the $8 trillion mark ($26,672 for each U.S. citizen), and it is continuing to grow wildly out of control. (For the fiscal year 2004, the interest payments on the U.S. federal debt were $321 billion.) And that's only the peak of the iceberg: the total debt (states, corporations, consumers) is over $41 trillion!

United States National Debt (1938-2005) <>CHART

Our people have become tenants and debt-slaves to the Bankers and their agents in the land our fathers conquered. Our children and following generations will be paying the debt for ever and ever!

We are coming to a point where, eventually, the Government will own nothing, the people will own nothing, and the Bankers will own everything! We are becoming enslaved by the financial institutions of the nation!

And to think that way back in the 1700's, Thomas Jefferson had warned the American people about such a thing happening. He said: "If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their private banks to control the issue of their money... the banks and corporations that will grow up around them (the banks) will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered!"
It is conquest through the most gigantic fraud and swindle in the history of mankind. And to think that the key to their power and wealth is simply their legal right to create money out of nothing and to lend it out at interest. If they had not been allowed to do that, they could never have gained secret control of the nation.

The Depression

Now it is predicted that a depression is to take place soon in the United States. You might be asking, "Does this have anything to do with the operation of the Federal Reserve?" You bet it does!

Let us go back to the 1930's when some of you probably experienced what they called "The Great Depression". During that time, America had skilled and willing workers, good farmland, a highly efficient transportation system, industries; all that was needed to form a rich nation - all except an adequate supply of money to carry on trade and commerce.
Few people knew that the Bankers had purposely withheld $8 billion from going into circulation by refusing loans to the population while, at the same time, demanded payment on existing loans, so that money was rapidly taken out of circulation and not replaced.

Because of this control on the money, America was put into deep trouble. Jobs were waiting to be done, goods were available to be bought, but there was no money. Food was thrown into the ocean while people were starving. Twenty-five percent of the workers were laid off. The greedy Bankers took possession of hundreds of thousands of farms, homes, and business properties.

Believe it or not, some of the economic experts of that time blamed the moon for bringing about all the economic hardship. Others blamed the politicians. Still others blamed the consumers for not wisely spending their money. But the truth is: the Depression was purposely brought on by the Bankers through their artificial control of the money.
To the end the Depression, the United States Government borrowed huge sums of money from the Bankers for military equipment, which put a new supply of money into circulation. People were hired back to work, industries began to blossom, farmers sold their produce, and the economy boomed.

The same Bankers, who in the early 30's had no loans for peacetime houses, food and clothing, suddenly had unlimited billions to lend the Government for war purposes. The nation, which a few years earlier could hardly feed its own people, was now producing bombs to send free to its allies. Upsetting? You bet it is! And to think it is all because some private Bankers, who call themselves the Federal Reserve, have the legal right to create and control the money to run the country - as they so wish!

President Woodrow Wilson had this to say about the Federal Reserve: "A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the world - no longer a Government of free opinion no longer a Government by conviction and vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of small groups of dominant men."

(Just before he died, Wilson is reported to have stated to friends that he had been "deceived" and that "I have betrayed my country." He was referring to the Federal Reserve Act passed during his Presidency.)
Unbelievable corruption!

We know the Bankers, the hidden controllers of the countries, purposely instigate wars, financing both sides of the same war, to frighten the people into going billions of dollars into debt for national defense. They even finance Communism, and then turn around and have foreign aid sent to stop the Communism that they financed!
The tens of thousands of young people who are killed, and the hundreds of thousands who are crippled and morally corrupted from war, means nothing to them. In fact, it doesn't even matter who wins or loses the war, as long as all the countries involved are in debt to these Bankers.

It was Henry Ford, Sr. who once said: "The youth who can solve the money question will do more for the world than all the professional soldiers of history." I think you can understand why.

The Bankers purposely try to corrupt the people so it be easier to control them, sweeping away anything that is honorable, such as morals, religion, family, love of country. They encourage drug use, alcohol, pornography, and crime. And they deliberately prevent real cures for diseases, stir up social and racial unrest, and work to degrade the educational system.

Many of our politicians have become agents of the Bankers, while our two political parties have become their servants. No matter who you elect into high office, Rockefeller and his agents will be running the Government behind the scenes - you can be sure of it! How else could something so diabolical as the Federal Reserve, something so destructive to the national interest of the people, be allowed to continue so long?

We know that the Bankers control all of the news media and information centers, even the financial writers, to prevent people from learning the simple truth about your money system. They blame the people for causing the increase in debt and the inflation of prices, when they know that the real cause is the debt-money system itself.

The Ultimate Solution

By now you must surely agree that the only real solution to solve our financial problems is to put pressure on the Government to repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and to demand that Congress again be allowed to create and control the money of the nation, issuing interest and debt-free "United States Notes" as the legal currency. John F. Kennedy had begun to do this very thing just before he was assassinated.

With a reform in the money system, no private Bankers would be able to rob the people. Government banks, under the control of the people's representatives, would issue and control all money and credit. A $60,000 loan made a build a house would require only $60,000 in repayment (with a little service fee), not $255,931.00 as it is now. Everyone who supplied materials and labor to build the house would get paid just as they are today, but the Bankers would not get $195,931.00 in usury.

A debt-free America would mean that mothers would not have to work but could remain home with their children. Juvenile delinquency would decrease rapidly. The elimination of the usury and debt would be the equivalent of a 50% rise in the purchasing power of every worker. The Bankers would no longer be able to steal billions of dollars from the people every year in interest. America would become the envy of the world, being prosperous and powerful beyond the wildest dreams of its citizens.

Take Action Now

It is imperative to take action now. You must do your duty as a patriotic citizen. Love of country and concern for your children should make you deeply interested in this, America's greatest problem. The future of the country depends on each one of you.

Order our leaflets (its free) on the Federal Reserve do distribute in your area, either on cars in parking lots or house to house. Speak to the various organizations in your community to alert them about what is taking place. Get everyone to subscribe to the "Michael" Journal to learn more about monetary system.

Write editorials in your local newspapers. Above all, write to your elected representatives in Government, and get others to also write, asking them to work to repeal this Federal Reserve Act.
Old March 8th, 2007 #28
William Robert
Join Date: Dec 2003
Posts: 1,911
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Default The Federal Reserve must be abolished.

Dear Lou Dobbs, Who Owns the Federal Reserve?

Revolution: A word that needs to enter the conversation more often!

It is well that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. – Henry Ford

May I suggest that everyone who reads this message send a letter to Lou Dobbs, Mr. American Middle Class Champion, and ask him to explain exactly who owns the Federal Reserve and why we allow the Federal Reserve to continue to control our entire economy. Then ask him why he, and everyone else in the media, have refused to explain this to the American people.

As Lou says every day: “It’s time for answers!”
Write to Lou Dobbs here:

The real answer to this question is that the Federal Reserve is like a big Mafia loan shark. It owns our nation in the same way a loan shark owns his “clients!” There is absolutely no difference between the two.

No matter what the situation, whenever there is news related to the Federal Reserve a big, loud, coordinated, conspiratorial lie of omission is committed by every single news outlet in our nation. What is this lie…it is keeping up the false impression that the Federal Reserve is part of our government! The Fed is a private, for profit bank, that controls our government and economy. They control the money supply, inflation, depression, recessions, etc. They are not accountable to Congress, the executive branch or anyone in government.

The revolutionary war was started primarily to get away from a similar situation in England where the Bank of England held the same control over their nation. Revolutionaries realized this and they put an end to it. Unfortunately some traitors in the Senate reversed our true liberation and now we have a private bank controlling our personal financial status.

Let me ask you a simple question: what country in its right mind would create a system that would force it to lend itself money and have to repay the money WITH INTEREST? What country would charge itself interest? What nation would put itself out of business by making it bankrupt because of interest? The answer is none! America is not charging itself interest on its debt, the privately owned central bankers are doing this and they are hiding in plain sight! Congress (with the exception of Ron Paul), every US president and every single member of the corporate media are either part of the conspiracy or just plain stupid!

Two presidents tried to stop this outrage…and they were both assassinated. Lincoln was set to bypass the central banks in order to finance the Civil War. The banks were going to charge him 24-36% interest on the loans. So Lincoln had Congress pass a law authorizing the printing of full legal tender. These “treasury notes” would be used to finance the war. Lincoln wrote: “… (we) gave the people of this Republic the greatest blessing they have ever had - their own paper money to pay their own debts…” Now go and research the person who supposedly killed Lincoln and how he relates to bankers.

After Lincoln was assassinated Congress revoked the Greenback Law and enacted the National Banking Act. The national banks were to be privately owned and the national bank notes they issued were to be interest-bearing. The Act also provided that the Greenbacks should be retired from circulation as soon as they came back to the Treasury in payment of taxes.

John F. Kennedy was the next brave man to take on the Federal Reserve. On June 4, 1963, President Kennedy signed a Presidential Executive Order 11110. This order virtually stripped the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Government at interest. Kennedy declared the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business. This order gave the Treasury Department the authority to issue silver certificates against any silver in the treasury. This executive order still stands today. No president since has had the courage to invoke it for it would mean their demise. The US government is a front for the real controllers…the central bankers.

Debt keeps the central banks in control of the world. Nations that eliminate their debt end up on the hit list. When you see nations “liberated” by the US or its allies what normally follows is a central bank extending loans to these liberated nations. The World Bank always comes to the rescue. What a joke…this is like having a loan shark come to the rescue of someone who needs food money for his kids!

War is the single biggest money making business for the central bankers. Nations go into tremendous debt to finance war. Interestingly enough, but in no way surprising to those of us who know better, the architects of both Vietnam and the Iraq invasion both went on to become the head of the World Bank; Robert McNamara and Paul Wolfowitz. It is the central banks that push the world towards military conflict.

Look at your money…it say “Federal Reserve Note!” It is not an American currency backed by an asset. It is fiat currency backed by nothing.

The Federal Reserve is a private bank that owns the sole write to dictate monetary policy for our nation. This is the biggest scam and conspiracy on our planet and we must make this part of our daily discussion. Ask questions, and DEMAND answers!

Please…start by writing to Lou Dobbs!

Think about it!
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Default Evolution is the Solution

Billy Bob,

I didn't vote for any of your poll choices. They are all flawed because none of them are possible to us.

"Abolish the Federal Reserve."

That's ridiculous! Who of us can even do that? Why make a choice among impossibilities. It's like asking, "Who would your rather fuck, Actress A or Russian Tennis Player blonde babe B?" None of us will ever fuck either of them, so why even propose such a thing?

The only solution is to evolve beyond the Jew. I'm not sure if it's going to happen, but I think that I and some people I know are those "initial mutations" that are wise to the Jew, not just on an intellectual level, but also on a cultural level.

In many ways, our anti-Jewish predecessors may have been prisoners of tradition - prisoners of Christianity, prisoners of conventional thinking, prisoners of respectability. Even someone like Henry Ford didn't cross some lines that probably needed to be crossed, because he came out of a very strong (and good) tradition.

We in 2007 don't come out of Henry Ford's superior but perhaps hidebound culture. Our whole generation is one of "wild children" created by Jewish chaos, though we in the pro-White movement are the ones who recognized it for what it is -- not liberation, but rather a demon-world of decomposition.

And so we have to "change the culture" in other words -- EVOLVE! The motive to evolve is certainly there -- genocidal anti-White propaganda makes our instincts scream in reaction.

I found that when I let my instincts and my rage run free, it opened my mind. All that stuff about using the other 90% of your brain, the way they tried to use drugs like LSD to open the mind -- I think HATE opens the mind.
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Default Oh Ye of Little Faith

Originally Posted by Kievsky View Post
Billy Bob,

I didn't vote for any of your poll choices. They are all flawed because none of them are possible to us.
You are entitled to your opinions. I won't ridicule you for having them, even though many others here have.

I personally believe that anything is possible.

The Jews running the Federal Reserve are pissing more people off by the minute.

When people learn of the thievery and Swindling nature of the Federal Reserve and how the Jews are using it to Fuck this Country over, they get Livid.

When the Federal Reserve Goes Down, and it will go down, so will the Jew's power and control over our country.

The Jews at the Federal Reserve are burying themselves anyways and will go down with or without our help.

The number of people sick and tired of being economic slaves to the Jewish money system is growing daily. It's just a matter of time. You'll see.

It's time to beat your plowshares into swords Kievsky. You'll need them to guard your few remaining potatoes. Farmers never prosper in a time of War!

That's my opinion.

Alex Linder stated long ago,

"Things will never change until we start Killing Jews"

Well, watch and see, the Kikes in Israel will be the First to Go.

The rest will follow suit when the People of the World finally wake up!

The World is Waking up and the Time is near.

It's time for the Jews to Reap what they have sown.


The Federal Reserve will be abolished.

It is my hope that it be abolished sooner, rather than later.
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Well, Billy Bob,

Advocating violence on a message board isn't the same as actually doing it. I don't even think it's a step on the way to committing actual violence. I think it's just a way to relieve tension.

I'm not a pacifist by any stretch. I think it's very valuable that Alex expresses it quite clearly that we are in the middle of a genocidal war against us, and that it IS going to come to violence eventually.

I think it's going to be a very generalized violence, however, kind of a war of all against all. I think Whites should band together for their common defense while the "war of all against all" wipes out our enemies.

Look at White history -- we have always been quick to use violence, while the Jews sat back and loaned money for weapons TO BOTH SIDES!

So who won in the long run? The admittedly courageous and genetically superior Europeans who killed each other by the tens of millions in the World Wars, or the Jews who loaned money to both sides?

The White instinct is to resort to violence, to a superior violence, and that worked for millenia.

But it doesn't work any more. That superior violence gets turned against us, or it gets turned against people who are not our enemies (for example Saddam Hussein).

I've been reading "The House of Rothschild; Money's Prophets." If you are as serious as you say, Billy Bob, I suggest you read this book. You'll see how the Jews hijacked Europe from within.

The moment Mayer Amschel Rothschild had enough money, he started bribing politicians to change the laws to favor jews.

The jews won without firing a shot, and barely shedding a drop of their own blood. Sure they are dishonorable, sleazy cowards and hypocrites. But they won and we lost. Think about that.

That's why I say we aren't going to simply shoot our way out of this. It's not going to be that simple. We have to EVOLVE our way out of it, like a fish growing feet and running through mud to get to a better pond or river.
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Default I'm sure you words of caution are well-intentioned.

But the only rats advocating violence are the JEWS!

The Jews are the ones calling for a Nuclear Strike against Iran.

The Jews are the ones calling for legalized Torture in America.

The Jews are not only advocating violence,

they are committing violent atrocities against our people daily.

We have the right and the duty to defend ourselves and our people by any means necessary.

Who said anything about guns and shooting?

There are many forms of Revolution.

Sometimes a simple tool is more effective than a gun to create change.

Knowledge can be a powerful thing.

Thanks for the Reading Suggestion.

I would disagree with your assertion that the Jews have won and I would never Advocate that our people just lay down.

Whites Will Fight like they have done in the past!

They will fight using their superior intellect and creative ingenuity.
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Geoff Beck

I want to see final solutions damn it.
A White World (Pierce's Vision for our Race):
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Default Maybe it's time for a new American Revolution

Turn off the life support: America is dead

Maybe, just maybe, it's time to pull the plug on this failed democratic republic called The United States of America.

Turn off the life support. Disconnect the IVs. Bring in the priest for last rites. The US of A is brain dead with no chance for revival.

Some 40 years ago, I lost friends in the heat and squalor of Vietnam. They died in a war that never needed to be fought, supporting a cause that didn't exist for a government that lied to justify the fight.

A few years later, as a young reporter, I wrote about the attempts of Richard Milhous Nixon to destroy the Constitution of the United States. He failed because the system worked and both Congress and the Supreme Court exercised their powers in our system of checks and balances to restore order to a faltering nation.

"The lessons of Vietnam and Watergate provide a roadmap for the future," I wrote at the time. "With luck, our leaders can use that roadmap to avoid the mistakes of the past."

Now, 33-and-a-half years after the Vietnam War came to an end without resolution and Nixon left office without honor, I'm losing family of friends in the heat and squalor of Iraq. They die in a war that never needed to be fought, supporting a cause that doesn't exist for a government that lied to justify their sacrifices.

Another despot occupies the Presidency, an evil man whose lust for power surpasses Nixon and who poses a far greater danger to the Constitution. This time, however, the system is failing to protect America from despots. George W. Bush rides roughshod over a compliant Congress. The Supreme Court, packed with knee-jerk right-wingers who helped put Bush in office in 2000, abdicated its role long ago.

For a moment - a brief one to be sure - we held out hope that the voice of the voters might be heard after the November midterm elections. But turning out the corrupt Republican leadership of Congress was not enough. Democrats who control the House lack the balls to take Bush on and the razor-thin majority in the Senate can't even get a vote together on a non-binding resolution.

Democrats Thursday unveiled a plan to bring troops home by the end of 2008 but Bush is already threatening a veto if the bill gets out of Congress, which is probably won't.

In the meantime, we've learned that Bush lied about both the size and cost of his "troop surge" that he claims will bring peace and stability to Iraq. Not only are we sending more troops in than he said, at a cost far higher than he projected, his own general on the ground says they will have to stay longer than he told the American people earlier this year.

Over at the U.S. Department of Justice, an contradiction of terms if we over heard one, the FBI has lied repeatedly about its use, and abuse, of the rights-robbing USA Patriot Act to obtain information on U.S. citizens. I find it disturbing that in all their rhetoric about restoring America to the people, the new Democratic leadership of Congress doesn't say a damn thing about repealing the USA Patriot Act, an ill-conceived bill crafted by former attorney general John Ashcroft, and hastily voted into law after 9/11 by shell-shocked representatives and Senators who later admitted they hadn't even read it.

Today we learn that the federal government, at the direction of the White House, routinely ignores the Freedom of Information Act and hides more and more government documents under a cloak of secrecy.

Both Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid joined with Republicans to vote not only for original passage of the USA Patriot Act but also to reauthorize it. Bush has used the act to justify spying on Americans, wiretapping without warrants and strip away the last protections of the Constitution.

While Congress slept and the Supreme Court looked the other way, the Bush administration has gone on its merry way seizing absolute control of the United States government. He fired independent thinking U.S. attorneys, replacing them with lockstep right-wingers who share his view of totalitarian control of government. He ignores the laws of Congress, issuing "signing statements" that give him the power to do whatever he wants. When the federal courts declared his wiretapping of Americans illegal, he ignored the ruling and appointed an in-house review panel that declared the program "legal."

It doesn't matter who controls Congress. Congress is a dead institution, ruled by timid legislators who no longer exercise any real role in the governing of this nation.

It doesn't matter what the Supreme Court may or may not do. The President of the United States has declared himself a "war time President" and granted himself dictatorial rights that no one in Congress or the Court appears able to successfully challenge him.

The America we used to cherish is dead, replaced by a ruthless dictator. The America that more than 3,100 men and women died for in Iraq no longer exists. We might as well pull the sheet over Uncle Sam's head and prepare for the funeral.

Or can we, as a people, regain control of our government? Perhaps, but doing so will require drastic measures. I'm not talking about kicking out one party of political hacks and replacing it with another: Been there, done that, witnessed the failure.

We need to rethink this experiment called America. Maybe we need to start with a clean sheet of paper. Maybe it's time to recognize that our present America is a rotting corpse, devoured from within by the cancer of politics, corruption, greed and a lust for power.

Maybe it's time for a new American Revolution. After all, the last one started because another guy named George tried to destroy our way of life.
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Default Harry Schultz Says 'It's All Over!' - Is He Right?

If it's really all over, then we really have nothing to lose anymore, do we?

Harry Schultz Says 'It's All Over!' - Is He Right?

The International Harry Schultz Life Strategies Letter [ ] of January 21, 2007 begins with the now famous conspiracy quotation from David Rockefeller at the secret Bilderburger conference in Baden-Baden Germany in 1991: "We are grateful to the Washington Post, NY Times, Time magazine & other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings & respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated & prepared to march towards a world govt. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite & world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries."

"Many good men in public office are prohibited by the system from reforming it."

"Today, with the devilish North American Union being cemented into the US & Canada's future, the sabotage of freedom, both individual & collective, is being completed."

"There is still work to be done in the few remaining years we have before the Russians and Chinese launch their pre-emptive strike on American military targets."

"Don't worry about trying to influence those who don't have a clue. Search out those that suspect that something is wrong. If, in today's analysis rich internet environment, a friend can't sense anything wrong, you are dealing with someone who doesn't want to see. You'll only antagonize them by trying to open their eyes. Work with people who are teachable and interested in truth and you'll be less frustrated in this process."

"At this stage, we do know the US is planning an attack on Iran. I feel strongly it will be this year and that Israel will initiate the attack so the US will have an excuse to rush in--despite the Bush administration's repeated denials of any such plan of attack. The US can then excuse its involvement under the cover of 'we had to come to Israel's aid.' "
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Default Resistance to the imperial order is on the rise everywhere.

Global Realignment and the Decline of the Superpower

The United States has been defeated in Iraq. That doesn’t mean that there’ll be a troop withdrawal anytime soon, but it does mean that there’s no chance of achieving the mission’s political objectives. Iraq will not be a democracy, reconstruction will be minimal, and the security situation will continue to deteriorate into the foreseeable future.

The real goals of the invasion are equally unachievable. While the US has established a number of military bases at the heart of the world’s energy-center; oil output has dwindled to 1.6 million barrels per day, nearly half of post-war production. More importantly, the administration has no clear strategy for protecting pipelines, oil tankers and major facilities. Oil production will be spotty for years to come even if security improves. This will have grave effects on oil futures; triggering erratic spikes in prices and roiling the world energy markets. If the contagion spreads to the other Gulf States, as many political analysts now expect, many of the world’s oil-dependent countries will go through an agonizing cycle of recession/depression.

America’s failure in Iraq is not merely a defeat for the Bush administration. It is also a defeat for the "unipolar-model" of world order. Iraq proves that that the superpower model cannot provide the stability, security or guarantee of human rights that are essential for garnering the support of the 6 billion people who now occupy the planet. The mushrooming of armed groups in Iraq, Afghanistan and, now, Somalia foreshadows a broader and more violent confrontation between the over-stretched American legions and their increasingly adaptable and lethal enemies. Resistance to the imperial order is on the rise everywhere.

The United States does not have the resources or the public support to prevail in such a conflict. Nor does it have the moral authority to persuade the world of the merit of its cause. The Bush administration’s extra-legal actions have galvanized the majority of people against the United States. America has become a threat to the very human rights and civil liberties with which it used to be identified. There’s little popular support for imprisoning enemies without charges, for torturing suspects with impunity, for kidnapping people off the streets of foreign capitals, or for invading unarmed sovereign nations without the approval of the United Nations. These are fundamental violations to international law as well as commonly held principles of human decency.

The Bush administration defends its illegal activities as an essential part of the new world order; a model of global governance which allows Washington to police the world according to its own discretion. The vast majority of people have rejected this model and polls clearly indicate declining support for US policies nearly everywhere. As former Jimmy Carter National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski noted:

"American power may be greater in 2006 than in 1991, (but) the country’s capacity to mobilize, inspire, point in a shared direction and thus shape global realities has significantly declined. Fifteen years after its coronation as global leader, America is becoming a fearful and lonely democracy in a politically antagonistic world."

The United States is a nation in a state of irreversible decline; its foundational principles have been abandoned and its center of political power is a moral swamp. The Bush presidency represents the ethical low point in American history.

The U.S. now faces a decades-long struggle which will engulf the Middle East and Central Asia leading to the steady and predictable erosion of America’s military, political and economic power.

This is not the "new century" that Bush and his fellows envisioned.

There are still dead-enders within the Bush administration who believe that we are winning the war. Vice President Dick Cheney has celebrated the "enormous success" of the Iraqi occupation, but he finds himself increasingly isolated in his views. Reasonable people agree that the war has been a strategic and moral catastrophe. The US has paid a heavy price for its recklessness; losing over 3,000 servicemen while seriously undermining its standing in the world. A small cadre of Iraqi guerillas has demonstrated that it can frustrate the efforts of best-equipped, best-trained, high-tech military in the world. They have made Iraq an ungovernable quagmire which, by the standards of asymmetrical warfare, is the very definition of success.

But what if Bush’s plans had succeeded? What if his dark vision of "victory" had been realized and the US was able to subjugate the Iraqi people, control their resources, and create an "Arab façade" through which the administration could carry out its policies?

Is there any doubt that Bush would quickly march on Tehran and Damascus? Is there any doubt that Guantanamo and other CIA "black sites" around the world would increase in number and size? Is there any doubt that global warming, peak oil, nuclear non proliferation, poverty, hunger and AIDS would continue to be brushed aside by Washington’s corporatists and banking elites?

Is there any doubt that success in Iraq would further strengthen a tyrannical system that limits the decision-making on all the issues of global importance, even the very survival of the planet, to a small fraternity of well-heeled plutocrats and gangsters?

The "new world order" promises despotism not democracy.

Many people believe that America has undergone a silent coup and has been taken over by a cabal of political fantasists and war-mongers. But this is only partially true. The US has a long history of covert activity, black-ops, and other clear violations to international law. Perhaps, we are reluctant to accept the truth because it’s easier to stick our heads in the sand and let the marauding continue.

The truth is there’s a straight line from the founding of this country to the killing fields of Baghdad. That line may be interrupted by periods of enlightenment and peace, but it is still an unbroken stripe from the Continental Congress to Abu Ghraib, from Bunker Hill to Falluja, from Valley Forge to Guantanamo Bay. It all grows from the same root.

The United States now faces mounting resistance from all corners of the earth. Russia, China, and the Central Asian countries have joined together in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) to fend off US-NATO influence in the region. And in Latin America, an alliance of leftist governments has formed (Mercosur) under the leadership of Hugo Chavez. Africa still remains politically fragmented and open to western exploitation, although ham-fisted interventions in Somalia, Nigeria and Sudan suggest that the empire will face escalating resistance there as well.

These new coalitions are an indication of the massive geopolitical changes that are already underway. The world is realigning in reaction to Washington’s aggression. We can expect to see these groups continue to strengthen as the administration pursues its resource war through force of arms. That means that the "old order"--the United Nations, NATO and the transatlantic Alliance--will come under greater and greater strain until relations are eventually cut off.

The UN has already become irrelevant through its blind support of US policy in the Middle East. Its silence during Israel’s destructive rampage through Lebanon, as well as its failure to acknowledge Iran’s "inalienable rights" under the terms of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) has exposed the UN as a "rubber stamp" for US-Israeli belligerence. An attack on Iran will be the end of the UN, an institution that held great promise for the world, but now merely provides cover for an elite-western agenda. On balance, the UN facilitates more wars than it stops. It won’t be missed.

Afghanistan holds the key for understanding what’s in store for the EU, NATO and the transatlantic Alliance. There is no possibility of success in Afghanistan. If the men who planned the invasion had a grasp of the country’s history they would have known how the war would progress. They would have realized that Afghanis traditionally take their time to fight back; (Eric Margolis predicted that the real war would not take place until 4 to5 years after the initial invasion) measuring the strength of their enemy and garnering greater public support. Then they proceed with deliberate steps to rid their country of the invaders. These are fiercely nationalistic and independent people who have fought occupation before and know what it takes to win.

We are mistaken to think that the war in Afghanistan is merely a Taliban (or worse still) "terrorist" insurgency. The present conflict represents a general uprising of Pushtun nationals who seek to end foreign occupation. They know first-hand that US-NATO policy has strengthened the warlords, expanded the drug trade, reduced security, and increased terrorism. According to the Senlis Council Report, the occupation has triggered "a humanitarian crisis of starvation and poverty… US policies in Afghanistan have re-created a safe-haven for terrorism that the 2001 invasion aimed to destroy."

The Afghan armed resistance is resourceful and intractable and has a growing number of recruits to swell its ranks. Eventually, they will prevail. It’s their country and they’ll be there long after we’ve gone.

An America defeat in Afghanistan could be the straw that breaks NATO’s back. The administrations’ global schema depends heavily on support from Europe; persuading the predominantly white, western nations to join the battle and secure pipeline corridors and landlocked energy supplies throughout Central Asia. Failure in Afghanistan would send tremors through Europe’s political landscape and give rise to a generation of anti-American politicians who will seek to dissolve relations between the two traditional allies. But a breakup seems inevitable. After all, Europe has no imperial aspirations and its economies are thriving. They don’t need to invade and occupy countries to get access to vital resources. They can simply buy them on the open market.

As Europeans begin to see that their national interests are better served through dialogue and friendship, (with suppliers of resources in Central Asia and Russia) then the ties that bind Europe to America will loosen and the continents will drift further apart.

The end of NATO is the end of America as a global power. The present adventurism is not sustainable "unilaterally" and without the fig-leaf of UN cover. America needs Europe, but the chasm between the two is progressively growing.

It is impossible to predict the future with any degree of certainty, but the appearance of these coalitions strongly suggests a new world order is emerging. It is not the one, however, that Bush and the neoconservatives anticipated. America’s involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan will continue to prevent it from addressing brush-fires in Latin America and Russia, further strengthening US rivals and precipitating macroeconomic changes that could crush the American middle class. The likelihood of a major economic retrenchment has never been greater as the administrations’ reckless defense spending, lavish tax cuts, and trade deficit have set the stage for the US dollar to be dethroned as the world’s "reserve currency". The three pillars of American imperial power--political, economic and military--rest on the crumbling foundation of the US greenback. If the dollar falls, as many currency traders now expect, then foreign (baskets of) currencies will rise, and America will slip into a deep recession/depression.

America’s military and economic unraveling is likely to take a decade or more depending on the situation in Iraq. If the Bush administration is able to exert control over Middle East oil, then the dollar will continue to be linked to vital resources and American supremacy will persist. If, however, conditions on the ground deteriorate, then Central Banks around the world will decrease their dollar holdings, Americans will face hyper-inflation at home, and the US will lose its grip on the global economic system. The Bush administration must, therefore, ensure that oil continues to be denominated in USDs and that the world economy remains in the hands of western elites, banking giants and corporatists.

The chances for success in Iraq are gradually diminishing. The US has shown that it is incapable of establishing security, providing basic social services, or keeping the peace. The guerilla war continues to intensify while the over-extended US military has been pushed to the breaking point. We expect the occupation of Iraq to be untenable within 5 years if present trends continue.

America’s military and economic unraveling will undoubtedly be painful, but it may generate greater parity among the nations, which would be a positive development. The superpower model has been an abysmal failure. It has wreaked havoc on civil liberties at home and spread war and instability across the world. The present system needs a major shakeup so that power can be more evenly distributed according to traditional democratic standards. America’s decline presents a unique opportunity to restore the Republic, restructure the existing global-paradigm, and begin to build consensus on the species-threatening challenges which face us all.
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Jozsef Horvath

The solution is relocation. Why waste time fighting a war that you can't win? In the PMR everything is ready and waiting. Also it is an ancient land of europeans. Not like the USA which is foreign. Check out the info on my links. You won't find a better solution. When can you begin relocation? How about summer 2007?
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Default The only solution from Frank Weltner
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Jozsef Horvath

Originally Posted by Billy Bob View Post
Seems like a smart guy but his camera view forces the viewer to stare up his nose at all that nasal hair. Kind of nasty. It is best to let the more clean cut presentable WN go in front of the camera. Those who are not only make us look bad. Plus there are too many projects to work on behind the scenes. Everyone has their place in the movement, and in front of a camera is not this mans ideal place.
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Originally Posted by Jozsef Horvath View Post
Seems like a smart guy but his camera view forces the viewer to stare up his nose at all that nasal hair. Kind of nasty. It is best to let the more clean cut presentable WN go in front of the camera. Those who are not only make us look bad. Plus there are too many projects to work on behind the scenes. Everyone has their place in the movement, and in front of a camera is not this mans ideal place.

Is that Weltner in a disguise? I have only seen a couple pics but I listen to a lot of audio.


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