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Europe - General videos pertaining to Europe and Europeans.

French Subway Beating - Brutal Arab Mugging on French Transit

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arabs, brutal, france, french, metro, muds, mugging, niggers, subway, third world thugs, underground

Title French Subway Beating - Brutal Arab Mugging on French Transit
Category Europe
Date August 28th, 2010, 06:04 AM
French Reality - To be white in France today - French public transport - Arab muslims attack a native white french men - It's a daily reality in France today
The video the french government (or any western government) doesn't want you to see.
Linking from rutube:
To find the correct URL (if it isn't in the url bar on your browser), Click the 2nd link under the video "Ссылка и код" which shows the correct url with the videos in it.

And learn cyrilic.
Hoster RuTube
Views 2,323
Comments 7
Added To VNN O*R*I*O*N

  Devere - (February 11th, 2012, 02:43 PM)

Note the inevitable pretty White mudsharks trying, as usual, to keep their uncivilizable non-white subhumans somewhat civil. If civil matters to mudsharks, why are they mudsharks? The stupidity of an ever growing number of White women -- which is to say their willingness or desire to place bestiality for their vagina above all other considerations -- continues to astound me.

On the other hand, White men's continued unwillingness to think of themselves as a racial tribe, to think and act racially, and to go quickly on the OFFENSIVE are an open invitation to the obliging subhumans to attack. Why shouldn't they attack such racially stupid humans? They should. They should attack and attack and attack until our braindead race WAKES UP AND FIGHTS BACK -- or, more likely, until the White race is no more.

And why would our women want such White "men" for their men? They shouldn't. They should mudshark and mudshark and mudshark until braindead White men WAKE UP AND TAKE THEIR WOMEN BACK AND GET THEM UNDER CONTROL AGAIN -- or, more likely, until the White race is no more.
  Serbian - (August 29th, 2010, 10:29 PM)

The French NS skins need to lift their game, this is disgraceful. Learn from the Russians.
  Derrick MacThomas - (August 29th, 2010, 12:28 AM)

What appalled and angered me more than the attack was the way that this Frenchman did nothing when the first piece of subhuman filth tried to rob him. That man was a snivelling coward who deserved the beating that he got.
Worse, when the white man was attacked the other white people on the train did nothing and at the first opportunity ran like frightened rats.
The only person who even came close to doing something was a young woman.
This video is another excellent example of why every white person who wants to survive needs to become proficient in some form of martial art.
A nigger/arab whatever touches you another white person in your presence, they freaking die!
I am a serious student of Shotokan karate. Just this week I underwent a grading, part of which involved fighting six people. One of them was a two-time Australian women's champion. Yes, she kicked my arse . . . but she had to work for it.
In true karate we have to hit someone only once to kill them.
Where I live, if you are attacked and the assailants are either armed or 'in company' as the legislation says, you can kill them as an act of justificable self defence.
  ZEK S 854 - (August 28th, 2010, 11:15 AM)

All as-yet-unradicalized Whites should be exposed to such realities to some degree until their consciousness has been sufficiently raised to cause them to respond favorably to the National Socialist slogan, "Nun, Volk Steh Auf und Sturm Brich Los!" (Now, People Rise Up and Storm Break Loose!")
  Hugo Böse - (August 28th, 2010, 09:35 AM)

A whole lot more whites need the liberalism beaten out of them, too bad the political and economic elite never ride their soooo highly praised public transportation.
  O*R*I*O*N - (August 28th, 2010, 04:31 AM)

French public transport - Arab muslims/niggers attack a native white frenchman - It's a daily reality in France today.
  O*R*I*O*N - (August 28th, 2010, 04:25 AM)

the video the french government (or any western government) doesn't want you to see.
Keep this video alive online by linking or hosting. does not store any of the following videos on our servers, we merely link to videos on other websites. That means no copyrighted and/or illegal material are stored by us. It is therefore not possible to hold the people behind Vanguard News Network or responsible for the material that is being linked to on these pages.
Please take any complaints of this video up with the website which hosts it and allows embedding.


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