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Jews & ZOG - Jews and their lies

Jewish Radio host says Wallstreet is run by "His Tribe" so he's not angry at them

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host, jewish, radio

Title Jewish Radio host says Wallstreet is run by "His Tribe" so he's not angry at them
Category Jews & ZOG
Date November 25th, 2011, 03:47 PM
Description Bill Handel KFI AM640 in Los Angeles.

What we won't find among the Jewish protesters is any allusion to Jewish involvement on Wall St. Last Thursday I was driving to work listening to a Jewish talk show host discussing the protests. He said he was not angry with Wall St.?"It's my tribe that controls Wall St. Why would I be upset?" (followed by nervous laughter from his co-host).

Call the ADL! Notify the SPLC!

But of course, since he is a Jew, it's okay for him to say it; there will be no campaigns to get him off the air, although we shouldn't expect to see his comments picked up by the national media. On some topics, silence is golden.

In fact, of course, Jews do have a dominant position on Wall St., a fact that has not gone unnoticed even by Jewish scholars like Benjamin Ginsberg who noted in his 1999 book The Fatal Embrace: Jews and the State that 50% of Wall Street executives were Jewish. It's doubtless at least that high now. This general topic is discussed in TOO articles such as "Our unethical financial elite" and "Does Jewish financial behavior have anything to do with being Jewish?".

But don't expect that the OWS protesters will breathe a word of this?apart from a lonely guy who had to put with a lot of abuse for saying it.

And of course another irony is that the OWS movement has been embraced by the left and vilified by the mainstream right, even though Wall St. gives far more money to Democrat causes (see also here) than Republican causes?a stance that is entirely in line with the views of the mainstream Jewish community, 80% of whom voted for Obama.
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