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News Reports - News Reports

ALL rapes in Olso, Norway are by Non-Western Muslim Asylum Seekers

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immgration, muslims, norway, rape

Title ALL rapes in Olso, Norway are by Non-Western Muslim Asylum Seekers
Category News Reports
Date April 19th, 2012, 06:00 AM
Description Many Muslim apologists try to argue that the West is morally corrupt and that the West is full of rapes because the way that women in the West dress. Well oddly in Norway it has been reported by the news that ALL rapes were committed by non-Western males, the majority of of the non-Western males are asylum seekers from Muslim countries.

So the rapes are being committed by Muslims who come from sexually repressive strict Muslim countries who have moved to the West and apparently can't handle the culture shock of how Western women dress or the freedom that women have.

So to argue that Islamic countries are safer for women because they dress in a burqa, chador or hijb is bull, because police reports that the rapes in Norway are done by Muslims, not Western European men.

It is probably the mind set and culture shock coming from a strict religious and sexually repressive country into the West that is the cause of many of the rapes in Norway.. The rape statistics are very telling.

The rape victim explains what her rapist, who was from Pakistan, told her that he is following his religion on how to treat women. So it is not that wearing of the burqa or hijab that would prevent rapists but the mind set of the rapist because Norwegian men aren't the ones raping, but men who come from strict Islamic countries.

Norwegian reports that the majority of asylum seekers are from Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan and Kurdish areas which include Iraq. Many of the countries are strict Islamic countries.
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