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Secrets Of Control Of Humanity "Mertvya Voda" General K P Petrov Part 2

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Title Secrets Of Control Of Humanity "Mertvya Voda" General K P Petrov Part 2
Category Movies & Documentaries
Date November 14th, 2017, 11:48 AM
Description "In the early 1990s many theories flourished explaining why the West is so keen to destroy Russia. The most popular among them was the Public Security Concept “Mertvaya voda” (Dead Water - in Russian mythology the Dead water may revive dead and cure wounds) which convinced many otherwise sensible people’s eyes to the role of Judeo-Christianity in both destroying the human psyche and also in shaping a slavish mentality. This Concept, created by General Konstantin Petrov, argues that all Russia’s woes began with the adoption of Christianity (specifically, "Judaic Christianity"), imposed by the Jews. In the 1990s the Concept leaflets were disseminated in underground, self-published brochures, but by the 2000s its adherents were found in the Russian secret services and government bodies. “Taking a realistic view of the current sweeping expansion of the Satanic Global Predictor and its secret-agent network, it cannot be ruled out that a path to a future Planetary Bio-Defense Union lies through an accelerated creation of a Pan-Eurasian Defense Union as a geopolitical alternative to the ongoing expansion of the United States and NATO” - it is a characteristic quote from the Concept, which was discovered by the authors of this book in the draft memo, “Global processes: trends of developments in the world and Russia until 2020” prepared by the Systems Analysis Research Institute, a think tank under the Russian Audit Chamber, headed by Sergei Stepashin, chief of the FSB from 1994-1995. Nor was the Audit Chamber the only Russian government body infiltrated by the ideas of the “Dead water concept”. The official website of Concept's followers stated that the FSB had always supported the Concept." Series of lectures includes the presentation of the modern language of ancient philosophical and philosophical positions, hidden from mankind, and compare them with the existing ones. Exposed the false concepts and ideas, justified and proved true. From this perspective, the analysis of the history of mankind as a process managed and Russia's role in this process. Disclose the origin of mankind, its history and purpose of its existence. Details are bases of management of public processes at both the regional and global levels of government. The analysis of various faiths, religious cults and secular ideologies (including Freemasonry) in the management of social systems and processes . A detailed explanation of the mechanism of action and the noosphere egregors on people's lives and the course of social processes, describes the role of the mind in the heads of government. It is enough to detail the foundations of economic management and role in the global credit and financial system based on usury. Opened mechanisms cheating people settle just how to manage the economy. Finally, new information reveals the state of humanity, is a description of the current situation in the world and in Russia. The principles of equitable living arrangement and clearly formulated ways and means of its establishment. The course video lectures designed primarily for students of all profiles (as it affects the situation in all spheres of life), and will be a great help in writing term papers and dissertations. It will be useful to high school students thinking, seeking to obtain advanced knowledge that will be needed later in life, including in higher education. The course is a must faculty universities, colleges and teachers of secondary and special schools and more because those to whom they provide knowledge, very soon will ask questions to their teachers on issues of this video course
Hoster YouTube
YT Channel Tony Topping The World of UFOs
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